2Greeksubtitle Touching the Void2014-12-01
0Greeksubtitle Lolita2014-11-20
-4Greeksubtitle The Babadook2014-11-18
2Greeksubtitle The Anomaly2014-10-24
2Greeksubtitle Frontera2014-10-24
1Greeksubtitle Battle Los Angeles2014-10-24
2Greeksubtitle Contact2014-10-21
0Greeksubtitle Life of Crime2014-10-15
0Greeksubtitle Coherence2014-09-25
1Greeksubtitle The Maiden Heist2014-09-23
1Greeksubtitle In Bruges2014-09-04
2Greeksubtitle A Million Ways to Die in the West2014-09-03
0Greeksubtitle Goodbye World2014-05-15
0Greeksubtitle Ghost World2014-05-14
0Greeksubtitle The Little Rascals Save the Day2014-05-14
2Greeksubtitle Trespass2014-05-07
1Greeksubtitle Stolen2014-05-07
0Greeksubtitle Snake Eyes2014-05-07
1Greeksubtitle The Frozen Ground2014-05-07
0Greeksubtitle And Now for Something Completely Different2014-04-26
0Greeksubtitle Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa2014-04-26
0Greeksubtitle Revenge of the Nerds2014-04-26
0Greeksubtitle Bachelor Party2014-04-26
2Greeksubtitle Vantage Point2014-04-24
0Greeksubtitle Reality Bites2014-04-24
0Greeksubtitle Exit Wounds2014-04-13
1Greeksubtitle The Outsider2014-03-24
1Greeksubtitle Inside Job2014-03-24
1Greeksubtitle The Golden Compass2014-03-24
1Greeksubtitle Friday2014-03-24
1Greeksubtitle Happy Feet Two2014-03-13
-1Greeksubtitle Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs2014-03-12
0Greeksubtitle Rio2014-03-12
1Greeksubtitle Lilo & Stitch2014-03-12
0Greeksubtitle Open Season 32014-03-12
0Greeksubtitle Open Season 22014-03-12
0Greeksubtitle I Will Follow You Into the Dark2014-03-11
0Greeksubtitle I Will Follow You Into the Dark2014-03-11
0Greeksubtitle Closed Circuit2014-03-11
0Greeksubtitle Night of the Demons2014-03-11
1Greeksubtitle The Human Race2014-03-11
0Greeksubtitle The Bag Man2014-03-11
0Greeksubtitle The Bag Man2014-03-11
2Greeksubtitle Reasonable Doubt2014-03-05
0Englishsubtitle Reasonable Doubt2014-03-05
1Greeksubtitle Somewhere in Time2014-03-05
0Englishsubtitle The Best Offer2014-03-05
4Greeksubtitle The Best Offer2014-03-05
1Greeksubtitle August: Osage County2014-03-04
0Greeksubtitle Lord of Illusions2014-03-03
1Greeksubtitle Saving Mr. Banks2014-03-03
0Greeksubtitle The Lone Ranger2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Troy2014-03-02
3Greeksubtitle This Means War2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Bad Ass2014-03-02
1Greeksubtitle Red Planet2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle 127 Hours2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Leap Year2014-03-02
3Greeksubtitle A Clockwork Orange2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle The Island2014-03-02
1Greeksubtitle The Green Mile2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle The Eagle2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Get the Gringo2014-03-02
4Greeksubtitle American History X2014-03-02
-3Greeksubtitle Death at a Funeral2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Antichrist2014-03-02
-1Greeksubtitle Dark Shadows2014-03-02
1Greeksubtitle Deep Blue Sea2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Prometheus2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle The Rebound2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle U-5712014-03-02
1Greeksubtitle Next2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Outlander2014-03-02
-1Greeksubtitle Meet Dave2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle Ted2014-03-02
0Greeksubtitle The Odd Life of Timothy Green2014-03-02
1Greeksubtitle Looper2014-02-28
-1Greeksubtitle The Day2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle Stargate2014-02-28
2Greeksubtitle Taking Lives2014-02-28
-2Greeksubtitle Killing Them Softly2014-02-28
-3Greeksubtitle El Gringo2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle I Love You, Beth Cooper2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle Smashed2014-02-28
1Greeksubtitle The 13th Warrior2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle Life of Pi2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle The Evil Dead2014-02-28
-1Greeksubtitle Django Unchained2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle Rumor Has It...2014-02-28
1Greeksubtitle The Last Stand2014-02-28
3Greeksubtitle G.I. Joe: Retaliation2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle I Give It a Year2014-02-28
4Greeksubtitle Eyes Wide Shut2014-02-28
-1Greeksubtitle A Good Day to Die Hard2014-02-28
-1Greeksubtitle 21 Grams2014-02-28
0Greeksubtitle Scent of a Woman2014-02-28
1Greeksubtitle The 6th Day2014-02-28
-2Greeksubtitle Gallowwalkers2014-02-28
-1Greeksubtitle Hick2014-02-28
2Greeksubtitle Bedazzled2014-02-28