4Dutchsubtitle The Matrix Revolutions2014-02-16
5Dutchsubtitle The Matrix Reloaded2014-02-16
3Dutchsubtitle The Recruit2014-02-16
2Dutchsubtitle The Italian Job2014-02-16
11Dutchsubtitle Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets2014-02-16
1Dutchsubtitle Reign of Fire2014-02-16
3Dutchsubtitle Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2014-02-16
1Dutchsubtitle Gangs of New York2014-02-16
2Dutchsubtitle The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2014-02-16
2Dutchsubtitle Minority Report2014-02-16
2Dutchsubtitle Bad Boys II2014-02-16
6Dutchsubtitle The Bourne Identity2014-02-16
0Dutchsubtitle Men in Black II2014-02-16
3Dutchsubtitle Finding Nemo2014-02-16
3Dutchsubtitle Kill Bill: Vol. 12014-02-16
2Dutchsubtitle Die Another Day2014-02-16
0Dutchsubtitle The Santa Clause 22014-02-16
-1Dutchsubtitle Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl2014-02-16
1Dutchsubtitle Identity2014-02-16
0Dutchsubtitle Austin Powers in Goldmember2014-02-16
1Dutchsubtitle Hulk2014-02-16
0Dutchsubtitle The Mummy Returns2014-02-15
9Dutchsubtitle Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Hours2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle Gone in Sixty Seconds2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Jurassic Park III2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Terminator Salvation2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle Black Hawk Down2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Black Hawk Down2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Underworld: Awakening2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Knight and Day2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Takers2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Red Planet2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle The Other Guys2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle Space Cowboys2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle The Fifth Element2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King2014-02-15
4Dutchsubtitle The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle The Taking of Pelham 1 2 32014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Shallow Hal2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle A.I. Artificial Intelligence2014-02-15
-1Dutchsubtitle Skyfall2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Chocolat2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle Jack Reacher2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Beautiful Creatures2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Salt2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle The Pink Panther 22014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Stand Up Guys2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps2014-02-15
5Dutchsubtitle A Good Day to Die Hard2014-02-15
-1Dutchsubtitle Erased2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle The International2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle Pretty Woman2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Notting Hill2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Morning Glory2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle G.I. Joe: Retaliation2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Cobra2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Admission2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle The Longest Day2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Scary MoVie2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle 21 & Over2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Empire State2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Open Range2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Sexy Beast2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Arthur Newman2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle The Bling Ring2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle So Undercover2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Shall We Dance2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Clear and Present Danger2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Convoy2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Closer2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Surviving Christmas2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Vertigo2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Four Rooms2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle My Big Fat Greek Wedding2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle The War of the Roses2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Surrogates2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Freelancers2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Cast Away2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Snow White and the Huntsman2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle National Treasure2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Ghost Ship2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Enemy at the Gates2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle The Bone Collector2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle The Invention of Lying2014-02-15
3Dutchsubtitle Up in the Air2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Stolen2014-02-15
2Dutchsubtitle Cop Out2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Paul Blart: Mall Cop2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle The Watch2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Mission to Mars2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Trouble with the Curve2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Unbreakable2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Charlie's Angels2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle What Women Want2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle The American2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle Killers2014-02-15
0Dutchsubtitle MacGruber2014-02-15
1Dutchsubtitle Shoot 'Em Up2014-02-15