0Dutchsubtitle Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle2015-09-22
0Dutchsubtitle Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory2015-09-21
1Dutchsubtitle We Still Kill the Old Way2015-09-21
0Dutchsubtitle Violet & Daisy2015-09-21
0Dutchsubtitle Two for the Money2015-09-20
2Dutchsubtitle Thunderball2015-09-20
1Dutchsubtitle The Last King of Scotland2015-09-20
-1Dutchsubtitle Total Recall2015-09-20
1Dutchsubtitle Thir13en Ghosts2015-09-20
1Dutchsubtitle Trick 'r Treat2015-09-20
1Dutchsubtitle Tombstone2015-09-20
0Dutchsubtitle Turistas2015-09-20
0Dutchsubtitle Tootsie2015-09-20
0Dutchsubtitle The Three Stooges2015-09-18
0Dutchsubtitle The Spy Next Door2015-09-18
2Dutchsubtitle The One2015-09-16
0Dutchsubtitle The Pacifier2015-09-16
0Dutchsubtitle The Pagemaster2015-09-16
0Dutchsubtitle The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes2015-09-16
0Dutchsubtitle The Legend Is Born: Ip Man2015-09-13
0Dutchsubtitle The King Is Dead!2015-09-13
1Dutchsubtitle The Man with the Iron Fists2015-09-13
0Dutchsubtitle The Muppet Movie2015-09-13
2Dutchsubtitle Manglehorn2015-09-13
0Dutchsubtitle The Happening2015-09-12
0Dutchsubtitle The Dinosaur Project2015-09-12
1Dutchsubtitle The Amityville Horror2015-09-12
2Dutchsubtitle The Grudge 32015-09-12
1Dutchsubtitle The Campaign2015-09-12
0Dutchsubtitle The American2015-09-12
0Dutchsubtitle The Collector2015-09-12
0Dutchsubtitle The Animatrix2015-09-12
0Dutchsubtitle Silent Hill2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle Soldiers of Fortune2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle Some Guy Who Kills People2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over2015-09-11
2Dutchsubtitle Skyfall2015-09-11
1Dutchsubtitle Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle Stage Fright2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle The Wanderers2015-09-11
1Dutchsubtitle The Medusa Touch2015-09-11
0Dutchsubtitle Conquest of the Planet of the Apes2015-09-10
0Dutchsubtitle A Nightmare on Elm Street2015-09-10
1Dutchsubtitle Cinderella2015-09-10
1Dutchsubtitle Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter2015-09-10
1Dutchsubtitle Friday the 13th Part III2015-09-10
1Dutchsubtitle Friday the 13th Part 22015-09-10
0Dutchsubtitle Arabesque2015-09-10
0Dutchsubtitle A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master2015-09-09
0Dutchsubtitle A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors2015-09-09
0Dutchsubtitle A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge2015-09-09
0Dutchsubtitle A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child2015-09-09
0Dutchsubtitle Desperately Seeking Susan2015-09-09
1Dutchsubtitle Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare2015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle Natural Born Killers2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Nemesis2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Kingpin2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Chicken Run2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Assassins2015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle Lilo & Stitch2015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle Pocahontas2015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle Mulan2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Robin Hood2015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle The Hound of the Baskervilles2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Class of 19842015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle The Third Man2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Tom and Jerry Blast Off to Mars!2015-09-08
1Dutchsubtitle The Order2015-09-08
0Dutchsubtitle Dead Rising: Watchtower2015-09-07
1Dutchsubtitle Mononoke-hime2015-09-07
0Dutchsubtitle Life Stinks2015-09-07