2Spanishsubtitle Saw IV2014-08-12
3Spanishsubtitle Saw II2014-08-12
-1Spanishsubtitle Saw2014-08-12
5Spanishsubtitle Paths of Glory2014-06-21
7Spanishsubtitle Mr. & Mrs. Smith2014-06-21
0Spanishsubtitle Public Enemies2014-06-20
2Spanishsubtitle Lethal Weapon 22014-06-20
2Spanishsubtitle Lethal Weapon2014-06-20
1Spanishsubtitle Lethal Weapon 42014-06-20
2Spanishsubtitle Lethal Weapon 32014-06-20
1Spanishsubtitle Eastern Promises2014-06-20
2Spanishsubtitle We Own the Night2014-06-19
3Spanishsubtitle Zero Dark Thirty2014-06-19
3Spanishsubtitle Valkyrie2014-06-19
6Spanishsubtitle Up in the Air2014-06-19
0Spanishsubtitle Tropic Thunder2014-06-17
2Spanishsubtitle The Reader2014-06-17
8Spanishsubtitle Jaws2014-06-17
17Spanishsubtitle Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi2014-06-16
-1Spanishsubtitle Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith2014-06-16
12Spanishsubtitle Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace2014-06-16
10Spanishsubtitle The Social Network2014-06-15
4Spanishsubtitle Sleepy Hollow2014-06-15
0Spanishsubtitle The Thin Red Line2014-06-15
0Spanishsubtitle Scent of a Woman2014-06-14
8Spanishsubtitle Saving Private Ryan2014-06-13
2Spanishsubtitle Savages2014-06-13
2Spanishsubtitle Road to Perdition2014-06-12
0Spanishsubtitle Red2014-06-12
-2Spanishsubtitle Rain Man2014-06-12
10Spanishsubtitle Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End2014-06-11
0Spanishsubtitle Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2014-06-11
8Spanishsubtitle Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2014-06-11
12Spanishsubtitle Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest2014-06-11
14Spanishsubtitle Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl2014-06-11
2Spanishsubtitle Parker2014-06-10
2Spanishsubtitle Perfect Sense2014-06-09
1Spanishsubtitle Mulholland Dr.2014-06-08
0Spanishsubtitle Once Upon a Time in Mexico2014-06-07
3Spanishsubtitle Once Upon a Time in the West2014-06-07
0Spanishsubtitle Once2014-06-07
0Spanishsubtitle Ocean's Thirteen2014-06-07
0Spanishsubtitle Ocean's Twelve2014-06-07
5Spanishsubtitle Ocean's Eleven2014-06-07
3Spanishsubtitle Moulin Rouge!2014-06-07
4Spanishsubtitle Mission: Impossible2014-06-06
4Spanishsubtitle Mission: Impossible II2014-06-06
2Spanishsubtitle Moonrise Kingdom2014-06-06
6Spanishsubtitle The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo2014-06-05
10Spanishsubtitle Memento2014-06-05
10Spanishsubtitle The Matrix Revolutions2014-06-05
12Spanishsubtitle The Matrix Reloaded2014-06-05
4Spanishsubtitle Man on the Moon2014-06-04
3Spanishsubtitle Magnolia2014-06-04
1Spanishsubtitle The Lucky One2014-06-04
11Spanishsubtitle The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2014-06-03
6Spanishsubtitle Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2014-06-03
4Spanishsubtitle Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard2014-06-02
2Spanishsubtitle A Good Day to Die Hard2014-06-02
6Spanishsubtitle Die Hard2014-06-02
8Spanishsubtitle Looper2014-06-02
7Spanishsubtitle Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance2014-06-02
8Spanishsubtitle The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2014-06-01
-2Spanishsubtitle Juno2014-06-01
0Spanishsubtitle The Burma Conspiracy2014-06-01
3Spanishsubtitle Jarhead2014-06-01
1Spanishsubtitle Kill Bill: Vol. 22014-06-01
3Spanishsubtitle The Insider2014-05-31
6Spanishsubtitle Inside Man2014-05-30
0Spanishsubtitle In Bruges2014-05-30
1Spanishsubtitle Fearless2014-05-30
-1Spanishsubtitle The Hurt Locker2014-05-29
3Spanishsubtitle Frost/Nixon2014-05-29
7Spanishsubtitle District 92014-05-25
-2Spanishsubtitle The Departed2014-05-25
3Spanishsubtitle Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb2014-05-25
3Spanishsubtitle Dogma2014-05-25
5Spanishsubtitle Die Another Day2014-05-25
6Spanishsubtitle Unforgiven2014-05-07
4Spanishsubtitle The Curious Case of Benjamin Button2014-05-04
4Spanishsubtitle The Constant Gardener2014-05-04
4Spanishsubtitle Collateral2014-05-04
3Spanishsubtitle Crash2014-05-04
3Spanishsubtitle State of Play2014-05-04
2Spanishsubtitle War Horse2014-05-04
11Spanishsubtitle Children of Men2014-05-04
8Spanishsubtitle Casino2014-05-01
11Spanishsubtitle Batman Returns2014-05-01
9Spanishsubtitle Batman2014-05-01
12Spanishsubtitle Batman Begins2014-05-01
6Spanishsubtitle Batman & Robin2014-05-01
8Spanishsubtitle Batman Forever2014-05-01
11Spanishsubtitle The Dark Knight Rises2014-05-01
6Spanishsubtitle Carlito's Way2014-05-01
1Frenchsubtitle Be Kind Rewind2014-04-22
-1Spanishsubtitle Apocalypse Now2014-04-21
6Spanishsubtitle American Gangster2014-04-20
2Spanishsubtitle American Reunion2014-04-20
7Spanishsubtitle American History X2014-04-20
0Frenchsubtitle 50/502014-04-20