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KaoCar on 19. May 2015.
Dobar je prevod, ne smarajte
bramh on 7. October 2019.
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Cp6a on 18. May 2015.
Jes, it is wrong language. Basically, the Serbian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Would they agree to the Croatian, "Bosnian" and "Montenegrian" to use Cyrillic? They also understand.
bolt1909 on 16. May 2015.
Wrong language...some example:
SRB modifikovan - CRO modificiran
SRB zainteresovati - CRO zainteresirati
SRB domet - CRO doseg
SRB želiš da ideš - CRO želiš ići
SRB koristićemo - CRO koristit ćemo
SRB razumeću - CRO razumet ću
SRB kiseonik - CRO kisik

Please do not post (copy/paste) Croatian language under Serbian!!!!
const on 16. May 2015.
Ah, come on... Wrong explanation, politically biased and simplified, not taking into account dialects and complexity of serbo-croatian language evolution... Language differences between Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrian are neglectable, and people speaking any of those would understand each other withnout any "translation". Differences are politicaly made rather than linguistic. Title is understandable and synch is good, hence title is valid, upvoting this one, call it whatever you wish it is basically same language and you can't really "tranlate" between them...