Adventures of Aladdin

Adventures of Aladdin





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bramh on 7. October 2019.
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GeniusGamer5 on 6. June 2019. have their content copyrighted. You have no rights to upload the copyrighted content here. You have just violated copyright rule.
RxB on 1. July 2019.
I suggest you check the 'subtitles' link on Yts.LT page, which actually leads to this site and even the movie's page on this site.

Besides YTS (be it .AM, .AG and now .LT) does not release subtitles with their releases (which is damn inconvenient, but still, they don't) so subtitles here could not ever be copyrighted by YTS, because they never released subs.

Furthermore YTS themselves do not own the copyrights of the movies they release, those belong to the various rights holders of the movies themselves, so they could not possibly copyright them or associated content.

And finally YTS sources are often recodes of other groups releases, recoded for downsizing, so in those case even the source material had been previously unlawfully released.

I'd say, in regard of this your argument lacks merits, and were I you I'd rethink the 'Genius' part of your handle to something more... humble.
As is it's clearly false advertising, and I do believe there are laws against that too. :-D