Cop Car (2015)

Kevin Bacon, James Freedson-Jackson, Hays Wellford, Camryn Manheim
A small town sheriff sets out to find the two kids who have taken his car on a joy ride.
Cop Car boasts a terrific premise and a grimly gripping opening act -- and for some viewers, that will be enough to compensate for the movie's uneven denouement.
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Quirky n Cute film8/10
If you like the quirkiness of films like Fargo or Blue Ruin you will enjoy this film. I found the 2 kids to be absolutely adorable and at times hilarious.

There's not really much to the plot but it actually works for a film like this. The cinematography and music are excellent and really captures the small town feel of the film.

Solid acting all around especially by Kevin Bacon. There are quite a few unbelievable/illogical moments in the film but to me they are forgivable.

Original, quirky, beautiful, funny and crazy. Loved it.
Solid film, the type I wish they'd make more of.8/10
Great characters. Their back stories are hinted at and your imagination fills in the gaps.

Great writing. The dialogue has weight and sounds natural.

Great scenery. It's on the outskirts of an old dusty town, way out in the back-roads of somewhere and it looks beautiful.

Great storyline and a great score all at a nice pace and under a one and half hour running time. It has no need for flashy, gimmicky explosions or a convoluted and overly-complicated plot.

This is the best film I saw this summer.

It's a simple original story that keeps you wondering what will happen next. I don't know how a film like this can get made any more.

Kevin Bacon was pretty great too.
Should be getting more attention10/10
First off, the whole movie is shot beautifully. The wide open locations provided a peaceful feeling amidst a gripping thriller of a movie. There is a particular long, continuous shot at the start of the movie that lets you know you're in for a visual treat on top of an original, compelling story. A lot of frames reminded me of No Country For Old Men and that's a major compliment. The way the kids act in this movie is more accurate than most movies depicting 10-year-olds. This feels like the type of movie you and a couple of friends could go out and make on a couple hundred dollar budget, only it's executed to perfection. The performances are all top notch including two of the best child actors I've seen in a while. Plus Kevin Bacon is as likable as ever. Cop Car manages to tell an extremely engrossing story with a cast of only 4 people. I can now sleep in peace knowing the Spider-Man reboot is in capable hands. This film needs way more recognition than what it's getting. Definitely check this one out!
A very good slice of Bacon7/10
I guess you would have to describe Cop Car as a high concept movie, i.e. a film whose story can succinctly be described in one sentence. This is essentially about a couple of kids who steal a cop car belonging to a sheriff who it soon transpires is a very bad man. Do not let the simplicity of the set-up put you off though, as this is a lean film with a lot of good things about it. Firstly, we have the two young boys who are a great central pairing; they really act like genuine kids and are very sympathetic and humorous throughout. Secondly, we have Kevin Bacon giving yet another good performance as the bad cop. Thirdly, this is well-paced and builds quite a bit of tension as events escalate to an ending that is a little surprising. Fourthly, it's a rather well photographed and scored affair, with the sparse Colorado plains scenery shot nicely in widescreen.

This is a very good example of a film that keeps things simple while never forgetting to entertain and surprise. It's well acted, photographed and directed. It has well-handled suspense and characters you actually care about. Can't say fairer than that really.
May seem sparse, but chock full of suspense.8/10
Edge of seat drama! The adults are suitably weird/ deranged, but the two young stars completely steal the show. It may have felt particularly compelling to me since they reminded me of some of the kids that I work with, but at any rate their performances felt totally honest. It's hard to know what to compare it to, but in terms of recent films, it feels cut from the same cloth as movies like Winter's Bone, Joe (the 2013 David Gordon Green film), or Mud (the latter two both also feature an excellent young actor, Tye Sheridan). Looking further back in time, maybe think of films like Stand By Me. Regardless, I would recommend this film even if you think you can't stand child actors...or Kevin Bacon...or cop films...or car chases. An exciting feature, hard to believe they packed so much in under 90 minutes. Not for the faint of heart, but if you like suspense, you'll enjoy the ride.