Vice (2015)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Ambyr Childers, Thomas Jane, Bryan Greenberg, Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis stars in this Sci-Fi thriller about ultimate resort: VICE, where customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look like humans.
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Top Candidate for Mystery 3000 Revival1/10
Porno quality acting, porno quality actresses, porno quality dialog. gigantic plot holes, zero internal logic, ridiculous overuse of automatic weapons, bad science and disrespect for the laws of physics, poor CGI, rotten set design, bad lighting, yada, yada.

Oddly enough, the sound,editing,and cinematography were professionally acceptable.

The makers of this film have no respect for science fiction and were just attempting to make a cheap comic book movie. Unfortunately, they didn't have the funds or imagination. The result compares unfavorably with the average movie made for the syfi channel.

Thomas Jayne was obviously embarrassed to be in this since he obscured his looks in shambling meth addict wardrobe and makeup. Bruce Willis didn't have that luxury so he was forced to show his disdain by delivering his lines deadpan like a first table reading of the script.
Worst Movie of The Year.1/10
On 1/1, the first day of 2015, I saw the worst movie of the year. And probably one of the worst ever made.

I have no idea how this movie got green lit by a studio executive! 1 1/2 hours of a boring chase after chase in which everyone gets shot except the leading actress. She just runs in zigzag and avoids every single bullet coming at her!

If you see this movie. Keep notice of how the music is being used to heighten the suspense of many awful scenes. Absolutely hurried/horrid in every aspect. Directing, story, acting, editing, screenplay, music, and stunts/action. Avoid at all costs. Even for free!
Typical fare of a "under $ 5 DVD bin at Walmart"1/10
But it is worth no more than 50 cents.

Dumb artsy-fartsy sci-fi with a feeble attempt at some sort of social commentary.

I am not sure whether "Vice" suggests that all men are potential murderers of defenseless women, whether it criticizes the virtual reality of video game and that these games lead to a violent society or whether men are misogynistic monsters. The story is a messy, sticky mix of many other stories...

Anyways, it is one of those films that fails in all fronts, from poor acting (Bruce Willis seems to be in a trance), wasted talent (T. Jane is lost), plot, direction. Visually it is bland, dull.

Vice will for sure be one contender for a Golden Raspberry Award in all categories.

Do yourself a favor and avoid it. It is horrid.
A very bad B movie2/10
When I watched this movie it had a 4.7 rating. I thought it couldn't be that bad - it starred Bruce Willis after all. Turns out Willis must have owed someone a big favor, because this movie is really terrible. Poor acting, poor script and poor directing.

And what's up with the artificial smoke? It's everywhere. This movie is everything Blade Runner wasn't and I mean that in the worst possible way.

I rate it 2 because Willis doesn't act quite as bad as the rest of the lead cast.

In short, this movie was a major disappointment and I wonder what it was that made Willis say yes to play a part in it.
Don't believe the good reviews1/10
***Don't believe any of the positive 5-star reviews for this horrible "movie." It is clear that they are either fake or being put up by friends or family members of the people involved in the making of this movie.***

Bruce Willis has done a few movies lately where he shows up for about three short scenes, often shot in one location. It is clear that he was hired for a single day's work for a lot of money. This is one of those movies. His name and face is being used to sell, what is otherwise, a film without any hope of recouping whatever little money that was spent on it.

Where to start? Awful acting. Any acting student from a local community college drama class could act better than all the leads in this film. The woman lead was awful. The man playing the cop was awful. Every actor was sleepwalking through the film. The movie has no plot. It is done on a super low budget (most of the money went to Bruce, I am sure.)

What was disappointing was that this is a Lionsgate film. Lionsgate makes really good movies. But it was clear from the credits that this movie was hacked together by a conglomerate of foreign financing and production.

Complete waste of time.