Survivor (2015)

Action, Thriller
Milla Jovovich, James D'Arcy, Pierce Brosnan, Antonia Thomas
A Foreign Service Officer in London tries to prevent a terrorist attack set to hit New York, but is forced to go on the run when she is framed for crimes she did not commit.
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Best Movie Of 2015.Ignore the haters and Judge It Yourself.10/10
When A Foreign Service Officer Played By The Irresistible Lady (Milla Jovovich) gets mixed up in a terror attack, she becomes the target and the center of an international manhunt. Now she must urgently avoid all the men who want to kill her and get rid off her while clearing her name by tracking down "The Watchmaker" (Pierce Brosnan), one of the world's most deadly assassins.

This movie deserves to win 5 Oscars: for best story,best acting,best direction,best action and best movie of 2015.

I really loved the great acting of the sweet lady (Milla Jovovich). This movie is Milla's best role.

I advise everyone not to skip this terrific movie!.
Definitely A Great Spy Thriller Movie.10/10
Survivor is a great British-American spy thriller film directed by James McTeigue and written by Philip Shelby. The film stars Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan and Dylan McDermott.

Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich), a Foreign Service Officer newly posted to the US Embassy in the United Kingdom, is on the run after she is framed for crimes she didn't commit. She is chased by not only the police but a vicious assassin named The Watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan) who attempted to eliminate her during one of his bombings, and is bent on orchestrating an attack in New York City.

A Great Must See Spy Thriller .
A Real Thriller9/10
I am shocked at some of the reviews. The movie grabs you from the start and keeps you involved and waiting for the next action packed scene. Brosnan is truly believable in his role and so are all of the other cast members. Yes it does have some..well in real life it might not happen this way..but overall a cliff hanger..Demonstrates the corruption that can lead to terrorist attacks in our system. And how easily the person who is the most patriotic can be turns on and condemned and sees as a problem instead. I was on the edge of my seat..great acting and a great script. Okay I'm a Brosnan fan and loved the fact that he could play this role with such conviction and good acting..Obviously he should still be James Bond instead of you know who.
Even with a stellar cast, Survivor defies all logic from its story to its execution.4/10
No one ever said that a film has to be Nolan era cryptic to be appreciated. But that doesn't mean there should be a critical lapse in logic either. In the wake of increasing terror attacks around the world, Survivor might have timing on its side but precious little else when viewed as a straight-up action thriller.

A bulk of that problem lies with the severely disjointed story of a girl that cried wolf. That girl is Foreign Service Officer Kate Abbott (Mila Jovovich), newly stationed at the American Embassy in London. Abbott comes with an impressive resume but despite her commendable experience in profiling terror suspects, can't seem to convince her boss and Ambassador to the UK (Angela Bassett) that certain visa applicants to the United States have diabolical motives. One such applicant is a Romanian doctor who calls The Watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan), an accomplice and hit-man, to eliminate Abbott. Their plan – bomb a restaurant she's dinning at. Of course, Abbott survives, and just minutes later, appears to have killed an embassy official thanks to social media. It's the first of several laughable face-palm moments. Now going from the frying pan into the fire, Abbott is targeted by British authorities, American authorities and The Watchmaker himself, before trying to single-handedly foil a massive terror attack on US soil.

By now you must have noticed a string of inconsistencies that are not only illogical but absurd. Why would a skilled hit-man blow up a restaurant just to kill an unarmed office worker with no field experience? With CCTV coverage at every nook and cranny in London, why would the US Embassy implicate one of its own without a shred of evidence? As an Embassy officer with diplomatic immunity, why is Abbott hiding? Even if there are justifiable theories to those questions, nothing can prepare you for the ludicrous nature of how the entire story is penned. Pacing is an even bigger issue coming from James McTeigue, the same director responsible for the fantastic V For Vendetta. Except for Abbott's unbelievable escapes every time The Watchmaker strikes, the rest of the film comprises of time filling goose chases from one plot point to another. It doesn't register and neither does Brosnan's villain who goes from brutal to clumsy in direct reference to the title.

Documenting a movie experience is never easy when you have certain expectations, only to be let down by poor execution, lazy scripting and wooden performances. At best, Survivor is a film with a bunch of talented actors struggling to bring out an honorable tribute to law enforcement agencies thwarting terror attacks since 9/11. Although that message is intrepid, the film isn't and anyone watching this film won't remember what it stands for.
Great film! Glad I took the time to see this gem!8/10
I was a little leery after reading so many negative reviews but decided to give it a chance. I am so very glad I did. All the actors, many I am sure you've loved in other works, were excellent in this action thriller. I have always been a fan of Pierce Brosnan, and he has delivered once again. Milla Jovovich is as talented as ever, and the list of great stars is huge! Please, don't listen to all the haters who have bashed this film. I think that many of the negative reviewers must not have watched the same piece of art that I did. If you are an action thriller fan you will not be disappointed. Watch it. Judge for yourself. I promise you will at least like if not love this movie.