Embrace of the Vampire (2013)

Sharon Hinnendael, Kaniehtiio Horn, C.C. Sheffield, Chelsey Reist
Sharon Hinnendael stars as Charlotte, a timid and sheltered teen who has just left an all-girls Catholic school for a new life at a co-ed university...
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Nothing very special..... but watchable4/10
Well honestly there is nothing very special in Embrace of the Vampire and it wont make a difference if you skip it....

The movie is not scary or thrilling and the climax is quit predictable as well. If you are expecting a little bit of action then you are in for a disappointment. As far as the acting is concerned, its not bad at all..... Sharon Hinnendael who plays the lead as Charlotte has done a fine job (though sometimes she does try to act like Kristen Stewart in Twilight...lolz), the other cast has done a good job as well, I wont say great but good.... The girls in the movie including Sharon show quite a bit of skin so that keeps it a bit interesting ha ha.

The plot is simple, an Orphan girl goes to a top grade University for higher studies on scholarship, conveniently the university campus is in a beautiful hilly location, where an innocent Vampire just happens to be waiting for her for past 500 years or so...gah...

If you are watching this movie for the story, thrill, suspense or horror element then you will be disappointed. However, if you feel like killing your time or like me you are a fan of vampire movies you might find it watchable.

Overall nothing very special..... but I don't think anyone would get bored while watching it, for me this movie is a 4 out of 10.
Godzilla says this movie sucks, and so do I.1/10
So this is apparently a remake of some soft core porno, you know the industry stooped low when they are remaking porn. This movie is very boring, maybe it has to do with the one dimensional characters that ooze blandness every time I see them. Maybe it's to do with the fact that the first hour doesn't make any sense. Charlotte has issues, yeah okay. Maybe it has something to do with the WTF Pre credits scene, all I know is the film jumps back and forth between reality and dream land.

All that I got out of this film is college is a pretty gross place, the women are like some torture masters. They haze fresh-mens by forcing them to strip and drink hard liquor, and if they don't comply, they are beaten. And if that's not the worst part, Charlotte is molested by some lesbian rapist, this right here showcases the soft core source material, that and about a dozen other sex and nude scenes. Then she's got this pervert co-worker breathing down her neck, he gets touchy feely and even stalks her. At this point the film showcases how unlikable all of the characters are. So Charlotte succumbs to the basic human need for sex, and lets Chris(her co worker) do the deed. But he gets killed before he can do it, was I supposed to care, I'll admit I laughed a little. At this point in the film it's pretty much twilight with all the love and BS drama between the girls and boys. So when will this end, oh another 20 minutes, I'll just skip to the end. And that's it, she kills the vampire and has a good cry, because she is going to be the new vampire, or something like that.

It's a terrible film straight from Canada, I knew that before the credits ended, it had a Canadian feel to it. I gave it a 1 out of 10, more so because it wasted my time, every thing about it is bad, and it's just a bland and uninteresting story. Gunga Gee Ga Gunga, as Elpresador would say, it's terrible people.
More Stefan, please4/10
Simply put: Less T&A and more Stefan. Victor Webster plays a fang-tactic vamp, but I wish he was in the story more. It would've been nice to see him shirtless to make up for the T&A heavy movie.

This remake is not quite as erotic as the original. It's actually borderline softcore porn at times. If I recall the original, there were plenty of dream sequences between Alyssa Milano and Martin Kemp, which helped build anticipation. This film, on the contrary, didn't build that anticipation enough. There was hardly any chemistry between Stefan and Charlotte. Also, Charlotte's constant delusions and/or flashbacks took too much time from the movie.

The scenery, although beautiful, seems heavily influenced by the Twilight films -- rain, dense forests and mountains minus a pack of wolves.

It's a decent effort compared to many recent vampire flicks( Kiss of the Damned might be the best one released in the last decade). Victor Webster made this film enjoyable, but barely.
Don't waste your time on this movie2/10
This movie was awful basically an excuse to see small breasted white women topless. There was an added lesbian scene to spice things up that's why IO gave the movie at least a two but she didn't remember she was with the girl, then she almost loses her virginity in the woods no less but the vampire spoils that. Then she goes over to the vampires house after he slaughters all her friends and they proceed to make out and she stabs him then he bites her she opens the curtains he burst into flames then she just lays there gushing blood end of story. This movie was a flipping waste of money. Again just an excuse to see a bunch of small breasted white women topless just watch porn.
Worthy remake8/10
In the 1700s in Eastern Europe a woman arrives at a house where a screaming girl is being held on a table. The woman cuts the girl's arm, pronounces some spell and drips some blood from a vial in the girl's wound. She then places a necklace on her in time when a female vampire attacks and bites a man who's also in the house to protect the girl.

In the present, Charlotte arrives at college. She's very shy, reserved, downright repressed. She's there on a fencing scholarship and has to perform or else she's out. Her parents are dead. She inherited a blood disorder that killed her mom and also has creepy visions. Her roommate is nice to her, but her friend hates Charlotte, who starts working at a coffee shop where the owner develops feelings for her. Some type of psychic also notices Charlotte. And a creepy administrator also takes an interest in her.

Charlotte is taking a literature class that is dealing with mythology-- monsters and the like. The male professor for some reason is also the coach for the female fencing team. While Charlotte tries to stay out of trouble one night she's taken out for the fencing team rookie hazing, where she's made to drink. She's never had alcohol before. That night she also sleeps with another girl. Now her life goes into chaos. She can't fence right, her visions intensify and become more terrifying, she rejects the help from her friends. When she finally visits the psychic lady, things are revealed to her. She's from a line of vampire hunters, as was the girl on the table in the intro. The lady on the other hand is a descendant from the woman who was treating the girl. Charlotte even inherited the necklace from the intro. And it's burning into her skin which means a vampire is near. Charlotte will have to accept her destiny and face the vampire, a vampire who seeks to become human if he only can get ahold of a virgin--like Charlotte.

Embrace of the Vampire has an attractive cast that shows plenty of skin. The location of the college is stunning. The direction is excellent. The story perhaps could have used some work. But at the same time it's not predictable. It's not the usual simplistic evil vampire against some innocent victims story until some hero appears. For a while the story just focuses on on Charlotte and sets the vampire aspect aside, so we could have used some more vampire action. The ending is sudden and strange. But it sets up things for a sequel which I'm looking forward to.