The Goob (2014)

Drama, Romance
Sean Harris, Sienna Guillory, Hannah Spearritt, Marama Corlett
A long hot summer in rural Norfolk and a rough coming of age for Goob Taylor,fighting with brutal,womanizing stock car racer Gene Womack for his mother's attention ,and falling for the exotic charms of a pretty foreign field worker.
  • 29 May 2015 Released:
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  • Guy Myhill Writer:
  • Guy Myhill Director:
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Guy Myhill's coming of age film is edgy and impressive8/10
Director Guy Myhill's coming of age film is edgy and impressive, with an eye-catching turn by Liam Walpole matching Simon Tindall's eye- catching photography of a depressing, down-at-heel part of Norfolk. Myhill's feature debut stars Walpole as 16 year-old Goob Taylor, who returns home to his mother (Sienna Guillory) for the summer in rural Norfolk where he grew up. The material in many ways is pretty familiar, but Myhill brings it up entirely fresh, as though this is the first time this kind of story has ever been told, making it feel unique. It's just 80 minutes, but it's got all the story you need packed in there.
Life in The Fens, realistic story and new faces8/10
There is an awful lot of popcorn pap that comes out of Hollywood that doesn't deserve the attention given, so it is refreshing to see a film that has no fuss.

The Goob is a wonderful film, very much in the tradition of Tyrannosaur and Fish Tank and tells a local story of life in the Fens. Some new faces and the lead is mesmerising and convincing as a young man on the edge of manhood.

Very reminiscent of Tyrannosaur with some tough acting, characters and life in the raw, sometimes not pretty but recognisably real.

Go see it, this is a good story, fantastic acting and the Brits have the best nutters!