Bad Asses (2014)

Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, Andrew Divoff, Jacqueline Obradors
Frank Vega teams up with grumpy old agoraphobic Bernie Pope to kick ass and clean up the streets of L.A.
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It doesn't get much better than these grumpy old men. Watch out trouble here they come.9/10
You might not remember a little movie from the summer of 2012 called Bad Ass, but think back just a bit, and it will come to you. Danny Trejo was on the bus minding his own business after another long day slinging hot dogs on the street when these hoods started making trouble, and thought that he was just another old guy they could push around. You remember now, they were very wrong, and this all led to our BA taking on the gangs, and bringing justice to the streets. Well here we are in 2014, and just a few weeks ago I can remember thinking "I wonder what Danny Glover is up to?" then this nice little surprise drops into my lap. The action hero who was "gettin to old for this" 30 years ago is back to provide just the right level of support both physically, and comically. This is a decent movie that has been filmed well, and is built on a great foundation however fantastical it may be. I can recommend this to anyone, and feel good doing so. You have the fantastic new team up of Trejo, and Glover who are so good at being old, then just as good at swinging with the best of them a moment later. You have a decent story that is family friendly(if you have a pretty tough family), a bit of language and though there is killing it is not done in a flashy gory way, there is a lot of good hearted humour in there too, so give this piece a chance.
Great Action Comedy10/10
I enjoyed the first one but really didn't know what to expect with the second one... but sure enough it delivered and it delivered hard. One of the better action comedies I've seen in a long time. Good story, well choreographed action scenes and solid cast but most of all this movie had heart. Trejo and Glover are hilarious together. What I love best is that this movie doesn't take itself seriously as it takes a page out of some of the great '80's action comedies complete with tongue in cheek one liners. Loved that they cast Jonathan Lipnicki ("Jerry Maguire") and the addition of Loni Love takes the comedy to a whole other level. Was very excited to hear that they're making a third installment of the film with third Bad Ass John Amos. "Expendables" got nothing on this movie.
An Enjoyable Low Budget Action Comedy6/10
I thought I would watch this given the fact that I've seen the first one which even though was not great was at least watchable. The sequel in my opinion is better than the first one.

Danny Trejo as Frank Vega & Danny Glover as Bernie Pope are an entertaining couple of grumpy hard-cases who take it upon themselves to avenge Vega's boxing Protege who got involved with drug dealers and was murdered as a result. The movie is basically about them finding out who was responsible.

The good points about the movie are that Trejo and Glover work well on screen. Sure, it's not equal to great buddy cop comedy action movies like Lethal Weapon, but given the story and budget it's still entertaining. There are humorous situations, like the two riding a bus in pursuit of justice, or taking a taxi to trail the main criminal whilst wearing what can only be described as ridiculous outfits (fanny packs included). Danny Glover''s character hitting on a college student about 50 years younger than him was funny as well.

The bad points are that the movie is predictable, implausible, and has a lot of plot holes which distract from the story. At times there are even contradictions, like Vega telling a bunch of kids that drugs are for losers and then bribing a security guard with a bag of weed. The effects of the explosion in the movie are pretty bad too. The ending feels rushed and has a fairy tale ending feel to it. The fact that this is also predictable takes the movie down a notch.

Overall though I would give it a generous 6/10 as it's not the worst way to spend 90 minutes if you don't have anything better to do. Just don't expect your brain to be engaged in the experience at all.
Just as entertaining as the first movie...5/10
If you enjoyed the first "Bad Ass" movie, then you will definitely like "Bad Asses" as well, because it is just as entertaining and out there as the first movie was.

The storyline is much similar to the first movie, sure. Frank Vega (played by Danny Trejo) is now trying to live a fairly quiet life after his semi-famous attention he got in the first movie. Living in a quiet neighborhood, he frequently visits the nextdoor liquor store run by Bernie Pope (played by Danny Glover). Frank is training local youths in the boxing center, when Manny (played by Jeremy Ray Valdez) gets killed because of drugs. Teaming up with Bernie after he saved Frank's life, the two men set out to find out to clean out the dirty seed in the community.

Actually the storyline was good, despite it being corny and full of cliches. But there was just something fundamentally entertaining about it. And the movie really flourished because of the talents that were in the movie. Both Danny Trejo and Danny Glover were excellent cast for their particular roles. But I will say that Andrew Divoff really was well cast for the role as Leandro Herrera, and he played the character well.

There is a good amount of action in the movie, and despite being up well in their ages, both Danny Trejo and Danny Glover do show that they still got it. And Danny Glover did bring a comedy relief to the movie, that actually worked out quite alright.

So, for those who enjoyed the first "Bad Ass" movie, you don't want to miss out on this one.
If you liked the first movie...5/10
I enjoyed the original "Bad Ass" movie, so I looked forward to this sequel when I heard about its release. I had to search for it in several video stores in my city, but I eventually found it. Was it worth the wait? Overall, I would say yes. The sequel has the good idea of giving the lead character an equally old and grumpy partner, and the two Dannys (Trejo and Glover) playing the leads manage to generate some great chemistry. It also helps that their characters have been written to be very likable not just together, but apart. The movie has generally good production values and moves from scene to scene fairly quickly, so there are no boring parts. Don't get me wrong, this movie is not perfect. The movie cheapens out at one point by extensively using footage from the 1990 movie "Narrow Margin". Also, the movie's mix of yuk-yuk comedy with hard violence does give the movie an inconsistent (and weird) feeling at times. Fortunately, there's more good stuff than disappointing material here. So if you liked the first movie, chances are you'll like this sequel.