13/13/13 (2013)

Trae Ireland, Erin Coker, Jody Barton, J. Scott
For millennia, calendars have added an extra day every four years. In doing so, they violated the ancient Mayan calendar. Now we are in the 13th month of the 13th year of the new millennium...
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I went into watching this movie with some high hope thinking that this movie would be good after all the other garbage that we had to watch this year. But this movie was a complete let down. The cast I will leave alone cause I saw no one that I can relate to....plus the acting could have been better. The whole world coming to an end and we all turn up acting like crazies is like ...What is happening right now or these guys just rip headline news stories and try ( and rather poorly) to convince me (the viewer) that this what's going to happen? NOPE! Save your money and your download time for something better I give it 1 star.
I cannot recommend in any way this zombie-crazies or whatever lunatic concept they tried on 13/13/135/10
You can see from the very first minutes that the production values of this film are very bad, as the movie goes on, (with the exception of Erin Coker) we see that none of the actors have an ounce of talent for a long feature film. But curiosity got the best out of me, since at the beginning gave me a little jump, I decided to give it a chance, thinking "as soon as I get bored I will stop watching it".

I remember "The happening" from M. Night Shyamalan, one of the biggest missed opportunities for weird circumstances, and 13-13-13, with all the bad acting, low budget, and else, and being a poor man's film, was being better than Shyamalan's failed attempts to recover and prove himself as a good writer and director. Yes, the lines and situations are absurd, but as a viewer you feel compelled to keep on watching, why? You may ask; well, I have watched some many movies, that for me is so difficult to find something interesting and driven, and tired of the "regular" zombies, criminals, and scripts full of dirty jokes, I look for something that can keep me from snoozing off. But… oh, disappointed again! One of the major flaws is the overacting from Trae Ireland, he plays the "state the obvious", over-thinking, bossy, overprotective "hero", too slow to realize the gravity of the situation, wasting time when he should be running for her daughter's safety and definitely I also blame this on the terrible direction. Phrases like "nice catch" and other witty lines made me smile in mockery, really I wished that he have been killed on the hospital's hallway so "Candace" gets to deal with the whole situation, this way the unnecessary characters of Quentin and Joe could have been eliminated from the script. I cannot recommend in any way this zombie-crazies or whatever lunatic concept they tried, and one thing is for sure I will never watch another film where Jody Barton (Quentin) is involved with.
This movie is absolutely horrible. With a nonexistent plot and two dimensional characters made this file impossible to follow, let alone enjoy .i would not recommend this movie to anyone. If I could give it less than one star I would. I really do wish that I could have those two hours of mine and boyfriends life back. The only thing this movie has is ogre and not even that makes up for how crappy the story really is. The acting was more comedic then it was scary and seemed like it was trying to be a mix between a horror film and one of the satirical Scary Movie films. It seemed to be a wanna be zombie movies and failed miserably at it. Please save your time, money, and rental. Pick a different movie and don't give this one a second glance.
Don't even bother watching it1/10
To be honest this is the first ever review I have ever written, and I am only doing it in the hope that I can stop a few people wasting a couple of hours of there life and few quid, this movie isn't even worth a pirate download.

From the moment I started watching this movie I was inclined to switch it off but as I had just paid for it I thought I may as well continue in the hope that something might happen, even one or two minutes of fun would have helped here but I got nothing.

The acting was some of the worst I have seen in my life, I mean I can't imagine any of them getting paid to be in this pile of rubbish and the ones who was in here must have been so desperate for work to accept in the first place, the only thing that was good here was the front of the DVD case, which was what made me pick it up, so don't ever judge a book by it's cover LOL.

The directing was absolute garbage, there was so many goofs that i couldn't even start to count them up so I guess they didn't even edit this at all. The music was tacky.

I won't really bother saying much more here as I have only really posted this in the hope that I might be able to save a few of you from wasting your money and intellect.

To sum this up if I could give a zero here I would. There is not one thing that can be written here to give it any sort of credit, so the person who wrote the review with full stars must work for Asylum or somewhere he will be making money, as there is no possible way that anyone could find this entertaining.

Please please please stay away from this at all costs, or if you are tempted please come back to me after so I can say "I told you so" LOL

You have been warned.
A struggle to sit through1/10
That 13/13/13 had a decent enough premise was the main reason for seeing it in the first place. With the right execution the movie may not have been too bad, though seeing as this is The Asylum we're talking about that was going to be unlikely. And sadly 13/13/13 joins the endless list of movies that have "good premise but bad execution", and is yet another movie that shows why Asylum movies are hated on so much. The production values throughout are really cheap, the whole movie is very dully lit, the editing is abrupt-looking and sloppy and the photography never rises above amateurish TV quality. The special effects and the like are at best risible, and the make-up is fancy-dress sort of fashion. The script and story are also major debits, as well as the direction and acting. The script is very, very weak, it is very stilted and has no subtlety of any kind. It is also littered to the brim with cussing, some of it gives it some flavour but it's overused and quickly gets tiresome, reading often of being there for the sake of it. The story is to sum it up in two words dull and predictable with a touch of annoying over-silliness too, if you're looking for any thrills, tension or fun look for another movie because they're not anywhere in 13/13/13. The direction shows no sense of character or style, the external review said along the likes of it being too reliant on the acting than on the dialogue and that sums it up perfectly. Unfortunately, apart from Erin Coker who is reasonable, the acting is pretty terrible, especially from Trae Ireland who overacts and is also a bore. With Tiffany Martinez, there is shades of talent that are not used well here, where all she's talented at or is made to do is cuss with conviction. This she does but the performance is never anything more than that. Jody Barton and J. Scott suffer from not just being annoying but that their characters, none of which in 13/13/13 are you able to root for, serve no real point. The music is generic and at times over-bearing and the sound effects and quality are bizarre and lowly-mixed. Overall, initially 13/13/13 may not have been so bad judging from the premise but from the way it was executed on screen it ended up being a real struggle to sit through. 1/10 Bethany Cox