Antisocial (2013)

Horror, Thriller
Michelle Mylett, Cody Ray Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic
Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world.
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To put it in internet slang: epic fail2/10
Luckily enough it rarely ever happens to me, but "Antisocial" was a film where I just had to leave the theater before it was finished… The dumb and derivative plot, the insufferable characters and – most importantly – the indescribable boredom that I miraculously struggled myself through for about three quarters of the running time just became too unendurable towards the ending. I like to consider myself as a patient and tolerant horror fanatic, but this was one of the single worst movies that I ever watched at a festival. The plot is a blatant imitation of "The Signal", in which a signal broadcast through communication devices like TV-sets and mobile telephones turns people into insane, emotionless and unstoppable killing machines. "Antisocial" replaces this signal with a subliminal message spread through a social media website (they call it Social Redroom, but it's clearly aimed at Facebook) that turns its users into aggressive zombies. The victims, all internet addicts that even spend the New Year's celebration with the phones and laptops in their hands, first suffer from bizarre hallucinations and subsequently start bleeding from their nose and ears. Perhaps in the hands of an experienced and talented director, the story could have resulted in a realistically tense and paranoid apocalyptic horror tale, but debuting director Cody Calahan erroneously focuses too much on the five (completely uninteresting) main characters and the intrigues between them. There are far too many dull, meaningless and repetitive dialogs in the screenplay, while the "action" sequences are tame and brief. It's really hard to explain how boring "Antisocial" is and how badly I hoped for all the protagonists to suffer quick and painful deaths. The morality lesson, spend more real time with your friends instead of from behind a social media profile, is quite laughable and pathetic. Like they say on the internet: epic fail…
Terrible, just terrible waste1/10
A group of university friends make a party to celebrate the New Year. However, a strange epidemic of violence erupts all around the world, apparently related to social networks, and they are forced to fight for survival as everything goes mad around them.

It sounds good, it feels good. My thoughts, as I first read about this film and started watching it, was that this could be like a 'Pontypool' type of zombie/outbreak film mixed with 'Pulse's technology based horror. A try at social commentary, which could work well with this horror style.

Well, I guess I shouldn't have been expecting an intelligent horror. The comparison to 'Pulse', rather than the much better and original 'Kairo', was the only of my expectations to be met.

The whole 'social network zombies' concept the film seemed aimed for (and some reviewers seemed to believe make it deep and original) ends up as nothing but a half-assed excuse to indulge on the usual horror cliches (in special, the zombie ones). Weak, drowzy acting cast performing stereotyped or disengaging characters prone to stupid and nonsensical decisions, together with a complete disregard for logic on the plot development or even in basic research (the way the 'virus' spreads... seriously?).

The set-up is relatively promising, and the concept could be developed nicely. A problem most modern horror makers do is believing everything needs to be fast-paced; 'Antisocial' ends up moving so fast it rushes through the good parts of the concept. Rather than doing like 'Invasion of Body Snatchers' or 'The Thing' and building up the suspense, playing with the whole paranoia situation the film could easily create, they instead rush through for the zombie gore and Resident Evil-like 'action girl fights zombies' 'action'.

As it turns out, the conflict and the tension are far too phony to work, the characters are both moronic and cannot bring the audience to care about them, and the only thing this whole film offers is the usual cliches rather than something new.

Some reviewers here are trying to defend the film with the 'argument' that it pretty much 'tries to be socially engaged, exploring new themes for an horror'. It is not exploring or engaged at all; it is just the same old with a half-assed excuse to try and hide the film's shallowness. Trying something new is good, but if you do so like 'Antisocial' it is better not to try at all.
Like the Pulse films if taken a bit farther. Not much more there.6/10
It is not awful. It is not quite full of anything. This is a nice experiment if nothing else. The main story is basically a complete mix of any viral outbreak film, and the Pulse movies. The ending is so Resident Evil, and everything in the middle is sort of Dawson's Creek- ish. There are some really neat new ideas mixed in with all of the same old, and the acting is (overall) very good, you might even be impressed with the complexity of the special effects, as they do a fair job with all of the different computer generated, and make-up effects. I Don't for two seconds buy that she can even lift that axe at the end though, there is just no way. The same one in the poster has been shrunk down to look more real. I guess in the end I Enjoyed this movie, and would recommend it to anyone who has already seen the Pulse movies, and would like to see a more contemporary take on that idea, or someone like myself who just needs to watch it all, otherwise I would say pass. If you only watch 30 movies a year, you don't have time for this one.
B Movie but watchable5/10
A satire like Dead Set.

Apparently, a social media site uses subliminal to draw members back. Unfortunately, that program mutates into a virus that affects human brains. Turning people delusional and violence. To the point where a tumour grows and some heads explode.

Lots' of frights and gore. As usual, the survivors barricade themselves in a house and fall one by one. As the survivors frantically check the social site for news, they are infected too.

Decent acting and pace. Not to be taken seriously like Walking Dead. Just enjoy the creepiness and horror.
It's worth a Watch7/10
I really don't get a reason to see such a low rating becoz this movie is definite worth a watch if you are into zombie or outbreak stuff.the idea was great and the treatment was different for a change.the story grips you in the middle but bit luck-warm at the beginning and bit at the end.the acting just was there but misses the spark a is good and camera work is OK too.I think a good 15 min can be cut off from it's entire length but overall it's a different and very innovative movie,yes it's not an excellent or mind blowing one but it will not disappoint you either.

If you have some free time in your hand and want to enjoy a decent and new idea film then it's for you but as I said don't expect an Oscar winning story just be with it and you may end up liking it.