Poseidon Rex (2013)

Action, Sci-Fi
Brian Krause, Anne McDaniels, Steven Helmkamp, Candice Nunes
A small, secluded island off the coast of Belize suddenly finds itself terrorized by a deadly predator from the planet's distant past when deep sea divers accidentally awaken an ancient evil.
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A delightful lack of Sharks5/10
As a big fan of B Movies, I've seen my fair share of films about marine based dinosaurs, normally their shoehorned into being about the Loch Ness Monster, but the crew of Poseidon Rex blew most of their budget on a more exotic location, so this time we're off to Belize for our prehistoric nonsense.

The plot, following a thoroughly uncharismatic swashbuckling rogue of a treasure hunter (played by Brian Krause. I've no idea what I've seen Brian Krause in before, but his appearance prompted me to blurt out "oh **** off not him again") who manages to accidentally free a hitherto unknown prehistoric predator while searching for Mayan gold. He finds himself teaming up with the Coast Guard, a busty marine biologist, 2 holidaymakers and their diving instructor to put an end to the menace before it destroys Belize.

It's largely by the numbers stuff, with the only real surprise being how brutal it is with some of the main cast's mortality. We've got a villainous human more concerned by chasing Jax for his gold than the fact there's a bloody great man eating dinosaur tramping about behind him, the race against time as the military threaten overly aggressive action and the stock 'shock' ending that anyone with an ounce of self-awareness will see coming, but it's really not all that bad. I mean it's stupid (the P-Rex apparently has a mean pair of stilts to let it stand at full height over a boat in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN) the CGI is pants and the acting is average at best, but it has a certain honest charm to it. It knows what it is and doesn't try to do anything smart.

I'd be lying if I said I ever wanted to see Poseidon Rex again, or will even really think about it the minute after I hit 'Submit' on this, but the fact it knows its place as a film about a bloody great dinosaur attacking a secluded community, yet doesn't degenerate into a horrible semi-parody that winks at the audience in a "we know this sucks, but isn't it funny?" way like the 300 Shark-variation films on the market right now really endears it to me. If you like B Movie nonsense, there are worse ways to spend a night, but at the same time you probably would be better off digging out Godzilla or The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.
One of the better SyFy movies, but that's not saying much3/10
I have a bad addiction to SyFy original films, and I unfortunately see almost all of them. This one actually had a decent plot and could have been done VERY well if it had a Hollywood (really anything but TV) budget. Out of all of the SyFy movies I have seen, it followed the same basic plot, a giant monster of some kind comes out of the ocean and attacks crappy actors, who were written by crappy writers and directed by a crappy director. But this one wanted SO BADLY to be GOOD! The T-Rex was actually ALMOST really cool looking. It ALMOST didn't look like a teenager in a computer class made him. All in all, it was a decent film, almost like a tribute to Godzilla, not a rip off mind you, because this actually was worth a watch. Three stars out of ten is fair for this, and it should be kept in mind before watching this. Any fan, or not fan, of SyFy, should check this one out!
Enjoyable for those with a love of "so bad it's good" movies6/10
First of all, I need to clarify - no this is not a masterpiece. But if you are on this page, you have probably seen Sharktopus, Sharknado, maybe Age of Dinosaurs....something of that ilk. If not, welcome stranger to a whole new world! Poseidon Rex is about an aquatic dinosaur that is woken from its slumber to kill people in a not overly gory CGI way, usually by wiping out their boat along with the passengers. Some of the acting is somewhat poor, but this is partly some of the movie's charm. You chuckle at the awfulness. Basically, the storyline is.....who cares? You have an aquatic dinosaur on the loose, coming onto land, killing people whilst a beautiful female scientist and her chums seek to do something about it. The CGI is at times terrible, the acting at times worse than terrible, but the locations are nice, it's a fun and cheap movie for a Friday night when you fancy (and will likely need) an alcoholic beverage. I can't believe the low score it's getting. I love it and have it twice in 7 months. yes really. So, if you want decent characterisation, well, lets face it - it's called Poseidon Rex. If you want a great story...same answer. But it's undeniable fun if you like cheesy cheapfests like the aforementioned Sharknado etc. I loved it. Give it a try, you might too. if you don't, then sorry for your loss of 80mins but if you do enjoy it, it will make your life so much better won't it.
Even worse than the usual sci fi junk.2/10
I can enjoy even the worst of any "the Asylum" movies and they usually give me a chuckle or two. Thos one however have no quality whatsoever, you might possibly enjoy the nice weather and great waters of Belize, but story, acting or action is something you have to seek somewhere else. I can understand if the lead actor "phone it in" with a movie like this, but how do you manage to make everybody involved to not care at all ? If you are thinking of watching this, try and find some of the old monster movies that they made 60 years ago, equally crappy monster, but they had better story and better actors. You can watch both "It came from outer space" and "Invaders from mars" for free on Youtube... much better spent time.
Really should have been left down at the bottom of the sea2/10
Poseidon Rex is one of those movies where you can tell that you shouldn't be expecting much from it. Even when that was taken into account, from a personal perspective it was still a load of rubbish that only has some nice scenery and underwater shots going for it. The creature, who is basically a half-dinosaur and half sea-monster, is another entry in the long line of terrible-looking SyFy creatures. There is a complete lack of fluidity in movement, texture or anything convincing in the design, and the it isn't menacing either with its "towering" presence most likely made possible by stilts. The scenes in which it appears in suffer from being hurriedly edited(in fact the whole movie looks rushed and murky-looking) and from having too much unintentional humour rather than genuine tension. The dialogue is at best trite and stilted, with the "snappy" banter marred by excessive cheesiness and wooden line delivery(the worst of them are absolute howlers). The story is very unexciting- with a fair amount of filler than could have been trimmed down or cut- and predictable stuff, anybody can smell the ending a mile off and any action comes across as heavy-handed and with overuse of fire-power. The characters are poorly developed and cardboard, they are just there and you don't know why, and some of them do some stupid things that make them even less easy to root for. The acting is very poor, with Brian Krause's lead performance lacking any kind of charisma(reading of a very last-minute replacement, Corin Nemec would have been a much better choice if it weren't for his terrible accident) while on the other side of the spectrum the obligatory stereotypical villain is played in a "hamming-it-up" style that's pretty embarrassing at times to watch. In conclusion, not the worst there is but it did come across personally as a rubbish movie- regardless of how low my expectations were- that should should be left uncovered. 2/10 Bethany Cox