Last Knights (2015)

Action, Adventure
Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman, Aksel Hennie, Daniel Adegboyega
A fallen warrior rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.
As blandly unimaginative as its title, Last Knights revisits well-worn sword-and-sandal tropes without adding anything new -- or interesting -- to the genre.
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  • 03 Apr 2015 Released:
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  • Michael Konyves (screenplay), Dove Sussman (screen Writer:
  • Kazuaki Kiriya Director:
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what the hell did i just saw?3/10
Far away, in the land of Fog, there is no color to be found, except a pinkish red here and there and lots of gold tones in the Palace of a wuss landlord, that looks like a Chinese guy, with the face of a Swedish with a wig. In this far away land, people have no past or bother to tell it anyway, except for a drunkard of a leader, who commands a bunch of swordsmen mercenaries, with a honor code. Now this swordsmen must have found the secret of the ultimate sword, because the swords both seem Oriental and Occidental at the same time and have no hand-guards... who needs them? Milleniums of evolution in sword-making must have resulted in this ultimate weapon, a sword without a hand-guard...

Now to put a story in one page, wuss landlord manages to get the drunkard's master killed, ordered by a Hindu looking puppet Emperor. Drunkard goes away in shame, pretends to drink his life away but in the end gets his revenge, together with his nameless, multi-raced warriors. Oh they have a name, I just don't think i cared, or listened. Characters in Fog land are bland, without history or soul, just like pictures in a book, a black and white book where every race comes around, Oriental, Occidental, you name it.... i wonder what the cultural roots are in this land, did they all come from a multi-race Pandora box?

In the end, I could care less if the drunkard died, if the wuss was going to have another panic attack, if there was honor or not involved... the movie lacks spirit, soul, charisma & interest.

It seems in Fog land, after climbing a wall, you can immediately attack from the sky, make impossible moves during fights and brandish weapons like toothpicks.

Clive seems to have fallen from Arthur, but alas, his acting skills together with Freeman's usual charisma can't hold a candle to a lousy script, terrible character development and movie pace.

Fantasy or reality, Oriental or Occidental, even the swords don't seem right.... movie tries to do everything and accomplishes anything but sheer boredom.

2 Stars for Freeman +1 for the achievement of getting this fine actor in such a lousy picture.

Next.... in color please
Pretty good medieval action drama flick8/10
I am compelled to write my first review after 4 years on IMDb due to the bad reviews by critics. First off, I completely enjoyed this movie. I loved the initial setting which took about an hour which others complained to be too long but I felt that laid a good foundation for the plot to continue.

The second half could've been better but I'm not complaining. This was much better than Ridley Scott's Robin Hood when compared to a medieval story. What lacked in this movie was more character development and overall depth to both the story and characters. The details of storming the castle are also just gone through quickly without any importance. I feel like this could've been a 3 hour saga of excellent medieval story had the director gone with it. A fully developed story with multidimensional characters would've been perfect. Both Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman gave wonderful performances and as someone who loves their movies I felt satisfied just to see them in these particular roles.

Overall, don't miss this one just because of some harsh critic ratings. I felt entertained and this is one movie which did not let me down at all when compared with other medieval stories of the past few years.
The familiar samurai tale told in the exact same way, but with knights4/10
"The code was simple: Possess an absolute devotion to one's Master."

Last Knights is Japanese director, Kazuaki Kiriya's third feature film,
but his first one with well known Hollywood actors. What he attempts to
do here is blend the familiar story of the 47 Ronin and adapt it to the
Medieval world of knights. Why would you want to trade samurai soldiers
for knights? I have no idea because it actually doesn't work. You have
these men living by a code of honor similar to the samurai, but there
is nothing fresh or unique about the idea because the entire story
becomes completely predictable and generic. During this feudal world,
Captain Raiden (Clive Owen) is completely devoted to serving the house
of Bartok (Morgan Freeman), his wealthy and caring Master. Second in
command is another loyal knight, Lt. Cortez (Cliff Curtis). These
knights live by a strong code of honor and respect for their Master,
but when Bartok is dishonored by the Emperor's corrupt adviser, Gezza
Mott (Aksel Hennie), the knights are dismantled. Will the knights be
able to rise again and avenge their Master or will they fall into
despair and go back to their old ways? If you've seen any samurai movie
you probably know what to expect.

The greatest issue I had with Last Knights is its lack of originality.
We've seen the film played out many times before and that makes the
pacing of the film feel incredibly tedious because we know what is
going to happen next. Kiriya tries to take his time establishing the
setting and building the characters, but since we've seen this world
before it doesn't do anything for the audience. Clive Owen is a fine
actor, but he's even played this role before in King Arthur, a knight
who is completely devoted to the cause. Morgan Freeman is one of those
actors who you could close your eyes just to hear him speak and that is
basically why he's in this, to narrate the introduction of the film and
set the premise. Last Knights can easily be divided into three acts,
the first being the introduction of each character and the injustice
they must face, the second which takes up most part of the film centers
on the build-up of each character, and the third part of the film and
by far the most exciting is the climax where vengeance is coming. The
problem is that neither the introduction or the character development
manage to engage the audience and everything is taken way too seriously
for us to be entertained by it.

The characters are completely one dimensional. Only Clive Owen gets to
play a meaty role, but everyone else is simply playing a stereotypical
character in a film like this. And even watching Owen on screen you
can't help but feel the familiarity of having seen him play this role
before. The villain is perhaps the best example of how stereotypical
the characters in this film are. You couldn't have Aksel Hennie play a
more evil or sadistic man than he is here: he beats his wife, abuses
people, accepts bribes from other noble men, and to top things off he
hurts animals. He's also a coward who surrounds himself with thousands
of guards and a heavy fortified home. That is what actually makes the
final climax scene quite entertaining. The action is delivered quite
well and it makes up for some of the tedious pacing during the first 80
minutes of the film. Is it enough to recommend the film? Not even
A Movie Worth Watching7/10
I just watched this film and, honestly, I find the single review posted here to be wholly ludicrous - one star indeed.

There's a sizable group of talented actors and actresses in this film that give some very respectable performances. If fighting scenes are all you look for in a film like this then yes, it might feel boring to you. But for most others you'll find a well executed story that portrays honor in a time when honor was everything.

Production was accurate, continuity is good, and the story keeps you interested. It's not, by any means, a fresh story line - but there's a reason it's an old standard. Casting was well done, and Clive Owen, as always, does not disappoint. In fact, the entire cast did a commendable job and that can not be said for the majority of contemporary films.

So, to wrap up; if you're strictly an "action" viewer, you may not enjoy this movie. But if you enjoy a good story that isn't entirely predictable, you might just enjoy this film.
Like a really good whiskey diluted with half water.4/10
Good actors and they did deliver. Good camera work and OK action scenes. Director has done a good job with what he had to work with. Unfortunately the whole story was thin. If filmmakers can take a comic book issue and make a good movie based on the story, I wonder, was this script written on the inside of a matchbook? The story begins and ends but that's basically it. It's boring, slow and unimaginative. It does not hurt to watch the movie, it's a pretty beautiful illustration but it leaves no lasting aftertaste. Do not pass this movie if you like the genre but save it for a bad weather day. Feels awkward to say that I give this movie 4 because it was well made so I rather put it that this movie lost 6 stars because it was boring.