Against the Wild (2013)

Adventure, Family
CJ Adams, Erin Pitt, Natasha Henstridge, Ted Whittall
Two siblings and their devoted dog become lost in the wilderness and must learn how to combine their skills, trust their instincts and navigate a terrain as beautiful as it is untamed.
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Could Have Been Rated G6/10
I saw this film on demand. It was an OK film, I'd agree that it wasn't bad, but not that good either and a film maybe worth seeing once, especially if you're going camping or going out in the middle of nowhere, because this film will make you feel like you're in those areas. The film is somewhat enjoyable, but it won't be your favorite movie and it is definitely an appropriate family film you could watch. It could have and should have been rated G as there was nothing really PG about this film except maybe blood in the plane crash. It didn't have any curse words in the movie, and despite the kids being out two days in the middle of nowhere, there is not one mention of them having to pee in the woods which we frequently think about if we're camping or in the middle of nowhere. The kids also appeared pretty clean in 2 days in the same clothes. Their hair was always straight and they weren't that dirty, when anybody who's been camping knows how dirty you get. There also wasn't much action, the action scenes they have weren't that big or long. Also, there could have and should have been a better conclusion because the conclusion seemed all of a sudden with little explanation. However, this movie was somewhat enjoyable, again getting a setting in the wilderness. The kids in the movie were likable characters. The characters Zach and Hannah are brother and sister and they get along for the most part and are especially protective of each other in the wilderness. It seems like it's Hannah that picks more of the fight than Zach when they argue. Zach seems more laid back and his scout techniques put him to good use. So, yeah you could watch this movie if you want an easy family friendly adventure film.
Natasha Henstridge is very good in the film6/10
Written and Directed by Richard Boddington, "Against The Wild," is a story about two young children and their Alaskan Husky who have to survive in the wilderness following a plane crash.

The film itself, which screened at the recent FLICKERS RIFF, is okay, but I really enjoyed the performance of Natasha Henstridge, playing the distraught mother of the children. She is at a higher level than many of the other actors, but this is a reason to see this film.

It is both interesting and still family-friendly film worth seeing. In addition to Henstridge, there are some great shots of the wild-life in the film, and the animals are almost characters in this film.

Against The Wild is not for everybody, but it will fit a certain audience. And, if you like animal-driven children's films OR Natasha Henstridge, you already have a reason to see this film.
Better Family Movies Out There2/10
This is a low-budget film, supposedly $2M Canadian, but I'm not sure where they spent the money. Writing is not good, cinematography is not good, editing is horrible, acting is bad. If you watch it with your 6-9 year old, then it's probably okay. Older kids than this will laugh at the movie (adults will too). This particular director and writer specializes in these family films with pet dogs. Good clean family movie though. But, I'd say spend your money elsewhere. Dialogue is very abrupt and awkward in many parts. The film has a decent beginning and middle, but ending happens very suddenly and is very contrived. If your kids like animals, then they will probably like this film - aside from the dog, there is a bear, raccoon, wolves and salmon!
Against the wild1/10
Very predictable in every way the plot was a dead give away. The cinematography was lacking in every way. the way they used the radio was lacking in radio procedure IE the lack of call sign or unit number. also the seen where the bear was after them and all it took was one bite from the dog to scare that 200 pound bear way, totally UN believable. the dialog was very weak and had no depth to it the acting was sub par at best this movie is a good waste of time for an hour but that is all it is worth, I have never been so disappointed in a movie in my life this film earned a 0 out of ten Stars . a total looser and a waste of time I would say don,t waste your time with this film. leave it on the shelf and walk away.
overall it wasn't that bad but its was very predictable in my opinion.6/10
I think that overall the movie wasn't that bad. I watched it with my sister and we predicted almost everything that happened we predicted the plane crash that something was going to happen to the girl while the boy went to get wood and that the parents were going to get back together. I also thought that the acting quality was slightly poor but it wasn't that big of a deal. I would recommend as a good movie to watch as a family. It was kind of boring to me but that might have been because I'm 15 years old I would recommended it to a younger audience though I think that they would enjoy it more. I think it could have been better the music was one of the reasons it was predictable like how it is in some horror movies. I would like to apologize for how crappy this review is with the lack of punctuation and grammar I'm not the best when it comes to those kinds of things. Thank you for reading my review I hope it helped you out.