Left Behind (2014)

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Lea Thompson, Nicky Whelan
A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.
Yea verily, like unto a plague of locusts, Left Behind hath begat a further scourge of devastation upon Nicolas Cage's once-proud filmography.
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Secular and Christian Critics AGREE! "Left Behind" Stinks!1/10
When you start reading the reviews of a film, and it's compared to "Sharknado", "Birdemic" and that 1970 groan-worthy classic "Airport"….you have to wonder what the hell Nic Cage was thinking, and just how broke he was to accept this painfully bad pay check.

Ah, but it's just those nasty secular critics that are panning the film because it's wholesome and religious, right? WRONG! Christianity Today's Reviewer gave Left Behind one-half of one star, a four page review of everything that was wrong with it…and this warning in bold print: "I will bold this next point so that readers now searching desperately for the vanished comments section can take note: Left Behind is not a Christian Movie"

When you read a group of movie review slug lines like these, your eyebrows go up (and your money tends to stay in your pocket)

"Score One for Satan" -Toronto Star "Left Behind seriously could have used some divine intervention." -USA Today "Featuring local-cable production values and dialog that seems written by a crack team of Sunday schoolers" -New York Post "The movie is just too silly, roundabout, and bungling to feel anything other than a little pity for it." Top Critic Rotten Tomatoes "You expect this kind of shoddy work from a movie with the guy from 'Growing Pains,' but not with the guy from 'Bangkok Dangerous.' " -Metro "At best, Left Behind is shoddily made sensationalist propaganda-with atrocious acting-that barely registers as entertainment. At worst, it's profoundly moronic."-Entertainment Weekly "You'll be praying for salvation from this awkward apocalypse" -Film Racket "The Rapture won't come soon enough for the unfortunate souls forced to suffer through Left Behind." –Hollywood Reporter "With a Sharknado-inspired visual style and a deeply weary lead performance from Nicolas Cage, Left Behind is cheap-looking, overwrought kitsch of the most unintentionally hilarious order." -Variety

So what's the back story here? How did this hot mess come to be? Apparently, it all started with a series of 16 books that were popular nearly two decades ago, that feature gratuitous violence and political whodunits in a loose Christian End of Times wrapper.

The books did well, so why not make a movie? They did…in 2000…starring Kirk Cameron. It flopped rather miserably and went the way of direct to video bargain bins. Could this be a prophecy of future events involving Left Behind 2014? Time will tell.

But despite all this bad press…there IS an up side: Credit where credit is due!!! At a very divisive time in American History…Left Behind has managed to make the Secular and Religious UNITE in a wincing groan and forehead smack of appalled disappointment.
I want my money back1/10
This movie was simply AWFUL. Really, really bad. And to those who are going to argue that the reason why this movie is rated so low is because people are becoming "anti- Christian", NO. The acting was terrible, the script was horrendous, seriously. A group of high school kids in drama club could do better. It was deathly boring, i thought I was in there for more than three hours.

Worst of all is the message its trying to send. Isn't it curious that the movie tried so hard to portray all of those that were left as bad messed up people? So is that supposed to mean that those who don't believe in the Christian God are all either cheaters, flirts, gamblers, thieves, drug addicts and just generally messed up? Because that's what I saw. Don't think I wouldn't catch that. I get that its a Christian movie but its still a pretty offensive way of showing off your faith.

Even in the Philippines, which is predominantly made up of believers, people in the theatre couldn't help but laugh at how absolutely ridiculous everything was. Worst movie EVER
Cage Left Behind by good movies1/10
Was it the money? Did he owe someone a favour? Cage why are you in this terrible movie ? Left Behind is even worse than the Kirk Cameron version ,which also sucked. The book I am sure is better, since many have read it. This movie is a career killer ...it is sad to see Cage left behind by Hollywood. The acting is bad , Cage tries hard to make work out of a script that was seemingly penned by 8 year old's . I mean the dialogue is terrible. Why waste your money making a film that is just bad. Cage needs to really rethink his career . Honestly I felt ashamed for Nick . Wild at Heart , Leaving Las Vegas, and Oscar winner... My God man have you no self respect? Nick you are better than this.
When some other people walked out, we 'left behind' them.1/10
This movie epitomizes the problem with religion in general.

It starts with a conclusion, so it's tediously predictable & boring boring boring, strictly by-the-numbers fluff for the easily entertained.

As demonstrated the featured review, the only people who will like this dog are those who take a creepy satisfaction in their belief that they alone will get sucked up to heaven while everybody else fries in hell.

As a result, it's aimed at a narrow audience of knee-jerk true believers who would like it no matter how awful it is.

And this was awful, folks. The script falls so flat I even lost my taste for popcorn. Even my daughter, who wanted to see it, got bored pretty quickly.

So when some other people walked out, we 'left behind' them.
Soul Sucking1/10
This film is so banal it takes the banality out of The Banal. The premise is absurd. The unravelling of the plot is absurd. The performances are, at best, distracted as is the direction. Even the actors seem unconvinced. I'm still kicking myself for watching this film. Sin and purity are depicted with juvenile simplicity. Religious bias is arrogantly displayed (but I'll leave that to the unfortunate viewer to spot). Complex ideas like forgiveness, atonement and judgement are reduced to idiocy at an atomic level. I apologise if this sounds too much like a rant but for someone who watches well over 15 films a week, I have never subjected myself to anything this offensive (to the senses) in over 25 years.