Taken 3 (2014)

Action, Thriller
Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace
Ex-government operative Bryan Mills is accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed. As he is tracked and pursued, Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer and clear his name.
Hampered by toothless PG-13 action sequences, incoherent direction, and a hackneyed plot, Taken 3 serves as a clear signal that it's well past time to retire this franchise.
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  • 09 Jan 2015 Released:
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  • Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen, Luc Besson (charact Writer:
  • Olivier Megaton Director:
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Not a bad end to a fun trilogy7/10
Taken 3 is a step down from Taken 2, itself a lesser film than the original. But that is to be expected and forgiven. The title could be considered an unimaginative misnomer, but it makes marketing sense.

Aside from the part of Stuart (husband to Famke Janssen's Lenore), the casting is consistent. The addition of Forest Whitaker as a smart cop is for me something of a saving grace since Taken 3 offers up absurdities without question. On reflection, however, the plot has enough coherence to do the trilogy justice. Moreover, it is a joy to see Liam Neeson in this role again.

The director Olivier Megaton has an irksome penchant for frenetic, up-close, disorienting action sequences whereby shots are rarely longer than two seconds. He was a little better in this regard for Taken 2, which had the benefit of superior choreography.

Another personal point of contention is the casting of Sam Spruell as the top Russian villain. He has not an imposing physical constitution and quite frankly brings to mind Jim Carrey, who sported the same haircut in the Dumb and Dumber movies. Not at all what I want in a villain.

I generally enjoy the films I see, and this one—notwithstanding the negatives—is no exception. However, I would not recommend it for people who are more stern in matters of taste.
So terrible it was actually funny3/10
3 stars might be a little harsh seeing as I did enjoy this film, but I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons. Seemed like a movie made by idiots for idiots. Anyone who is mildly intelligent will find it laughable.

Where do I start, the way this film was shot was poor at best, no scene lasted longer the 3 minutes to try and achieve the same relentless pace we enjoyed from the first Taken movie. This was even worse during any action sequence where there would be about 20 different shots in a space of 30 seconds showing pretty much the same event from pointless angles.

The dialogue, so cheesy, they put in every cliche line from any action movie you can think of, one dimensional characters sounding like idiots. There was a moment in this film where Mills plugs in a USB into a LAPD computer and the computers voices says "You are currently accessing the LAPD hidden files" just in case people in the cinema missed this.

This movie treats its audience like they are slow, and I feel you actually have to be to enjoy it for what it is. Some of the actions sequences were so unrealistic even a 9 your boy would find it a push to believe let alone us adults. Poor way to end a dying trilogy. Hopefully it will now stay dead.
A shockingly disappointing finale, 'Taken 3' is a disgrace to its star Liam Neeson and an appalling display of ineptness by its director Olivier Megaton3/10
To set the record straight, no one gets taken in 'Taken 3', a condition that its principal star Liam Neeson laid down before he agreed to return for this third and presumably final instalment. That is perfectly fine with us; after all, how many times can ex- Special Forces operative Bryan Mills find himself having to deploy his very particular set of skills after a member of his family is taken away from him? Indeed, that is not the issue we had with this utterly disappointing third outing, which totally squanders what audience goodwill the first movie had accumulated and its immediate predecessor had not yet depleted.

Produced by French-based EuropaCorp, the Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen-scripted 'Taken' was one of the most notable action films in recent memory when it was released back in 2008. Key to its success was Neeson, whose viciously efficient qualities as the former CIA badass were excellent complement to the actor's natural gravitas and air of gentleman nobility. The inevitable sequel that followed four years later was a letdown to say the least; not only did it slavishly repeat the original's formula, it toned down the former's no-holds-barred brutality to make it more accessible to a younger audience, and in the process losing the former's gritty, visceral, and even transgressive edge.

Unfortunately, fans of the original hoping that the series would go out on a bang will be sorely disappointed to know that 'Taken 3' is cast in the same mould as the sequel. There are plenty of gunshots but no sight of blood. There is hand-to-hand combat that plays out more like a playground brawl between teenagers. Even a torture scene that sees Neeson waterboard fellow co-star Dougray Scott is extremely tame in comparison with a similar and brutally memorable one in the first movie, that if one recalls involved the use of electric clamps that Neeson stabbed into his nemesis' thighs. Not that we relish the portrayal of extreme violence, but 'Taken 3' seem to know not the difference between being restrained and being dull.

But the deadened violence isn't quite the movie's most critical flaw; that belongs unquestionably to its director Olivier Megaton. A Besson regular since 'Transporter 3', Megaton took over the reins from Pierre Morel on 'Taken 2' but has apparently learnt nothing from his previous directorial duties. If there was already a worrying ineptness to his ability to craft a proper action sequence in 'Taken 2', then this follow-up shows Megaton at his most incompetent.

Clearly influenced by Paul Greengrass' frenetic shooting of the 'Bourne' movies, Megaton insists on flailing hand-held camera-work, frantic over-editing and claustrophobic close-ups to ruin every single action sequence in the entire f**king movie (and yes, it is indeed that frustrating to watch). A freeway car chase is reduced to a flurry of close-ups and rapid edits that bear no continuity or coherence. A confrontation in a liquor store between Neeson and some of the Russian mobsters who took his ex-wife's life is shot in such close-ups it is impossible to make out who is doing what. And worst of all, there is no climax to speak of – not when a shootout between Neeson and another group of Russian mobsters protecting their boss Oleg Malankov (Sam Spruell) is so poorly staged it makes not a single iota of sense, or when a race between a Porsche driven by Neeson and a private plane ends in an collision that takes out the plane's front wheel but leaves no one hurt.

It is even more infuriating to think that Megaton manages to f**k up every single sequence when there aren't that many to begin with. Eschewing the simple set-up of the previous two films, Besson and Kamen have instead opted here for a more plot-driven narrative, setting Neeson up against Forest Whitaker's LAPD Detective Franck Dotzler even while the former hunts down his wife's killers. That certainly recalls the dynamic between Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in 'The Fugitive', but 'Taken 3' is nowhere as smart and Whitaker nowhere near as keen as Jones' ever was. Though Besson and Kamen's script opts for double-crosses, hidden agendas and whodunits to keep their audience's attention, it is quite clear right at the very start just who has been pulling the strings, a mystery that once solved makes the rest of the proceedings unnecessarily protracted.

Not that it actually matters – while Neeson went about methodically tracking down his kidnapped family in the first and second movies, he rarely exhibits the same kind of discipline clearing his name here. Too much time is spent on emotionally hollow character relationships in the first act, i.e. between Bryan and his young adult daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), or between Bryan and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen), or between Bryan and Lenore's current husband Stuart (Scott), while the second act is equally wasted on Bryan's strenuous efforts to contact Kim who is placed under the close watch of the LAPD. By the time Bryan actually gets down to investigating, almost everyone involved looks more keen on getting it over and done – none more so than Neeson, who looks tired and completely uninterested from scene to scene.

Perhaps Neeson is all too aware that the 'Taken' franchise has completely sputtered out; indeed, 'Taken 3' plays almost like a parody of the original movie, which was to action fans a sheer unbridled delight for its realistic stuntwork and hand-to-hand combat. Both these elements are sorely and sadly missing from a movie that can't even get its priorities right, no thanks to the utter shocking ineptitude of its director. Like we said, no one in the movie gets taken, but little did we know that the title was meant to be a joke on its audience, who are literally taken for a ride here. Spare yourself the agony, frustration and disappointment, and just NOT get on in the first place.
a great Sequel and Hopefully not the end of the Franchise.10/10
Yesterday was finally the big Premiere of Taken 3 in Dubai. The Venue was the Novo Cinemas Cineplex. This was probably the taken_3_movie_poster_1biggest Movie Premiere that has ever happened in Dubai. Around two thousand (2000) people attended the Premiere which took place at the same time in all 10 Cinemas of the venue.

Liam Neeson himself who stars in the movie as main character was present as well which gave the whole Premiere an amazing Charisma. He took lot of pictures with Fans and even visited every screening to say a few words. A really cool guy.

Biggest difference to the first two parts is probably that initially nobody is really Taken, that does change in the final of the movie, but initially Bryan tries to uncover who has really murdered his wife.

An interesting addition to the third installment is Forest Whitaker who plays Franck Dotzler the Police chief. He brings a lot of fun and entertainment to the movie. I personally found it really funny how he played with the rubber band throughout the full movie until finally using it to close the file.

While in the beginning of the Movie quite some time is taken to explain the situation between Bryan and his ex wife and her new husband as well as his now pregnant daughter shortly after the action takes over and does not stop until the movie finishes.

Unlike the first two Taken Installments Taken 3 comes up with a not really expected Plot Twist towards the end which is changing everything. or better said Bryan has to hunt down one more person that was not on his list initially...

Being the last installment of the Taken Series (until another one is announced , Taken 2 was as well the last one before) I have really enjoyed it. It is not often that a third installment reaches the same or in this case a better level than the previous installments.

This is certainly one to watch and such a great movie early in the year makes a lot of hopes for a great Movie year. And hopefully this will not be the last installment of the Taken Franchise.

Verdict: If you want to see a great Action Flick with interesting Turns and the best Taken so far this is not a movie you want to miss.
The Third Time Is The Charm!!!10/10
A good action thriller rarely gives its hero a chance to catch his breath. The bottom seems to fall out from under Liam Neeson in the second "Taken" sequel with twists, thrills, and surprises galore. In "Taken 3," the 62-year old Irish thespian makes monkeys out of some rather nasty apes. This improbable but exciting, PG-13-rated, crime thriller differs from its predecessors. Not only does it take place in Los Angeles rather than Europe, but also nobody abducts anybody. Instead, "Taken 3" is a wrongly-accused, innocent man, murder mystery about husband accused of carving up his former wife. The first sign an action franchise is on the ropes is when the producers either start pulling the plug on primary characters or replacing actors. The Famke Janssen character Lenore St. John exits the action early on in this fleet-footed installment, and she ends up in the morgue with a slashed throat. Lenore won't make an encore unless "Transporter" writer & producer Luc Besson pulls a "Dallas" and resurrects this dame. Similarly, "Mission Impossible 2" actor Dougray Scott takes over the role that actor Xander Berkeley originated as Lenora's second husband, Stuart St. John, who appeared briefly in "Taken." Nevertheless, despite these changes and the ill things they usually bode for a Hollywood franchise, "Taken 3" surpasses the first two epics. "Taken 2" director Olivier Megaton and "Taken" scenarists Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen never let the pace slacken once they've established the premise and everything goes to Hell in a bucket. Neeson has to elude cops on foot, survive cars plunging respectively down elevators as well as hillsides with explosive results, swerve around cars and gigantic cargo container boxes careening down a freeway, and dodge a hailstorm of blazing lead. If you enjoyed the first two "Taken" movies, you shouldn't be disappointed with the third one. Personally, I liked it enough to watch it twice.

Things get off to a lightweight start with former CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson of "Nonstop") buying his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace of "Lockout") a huge, stuffed Panda bear for her birthday. While Bryan is planning to surprise Kim, Kim is staring incredulously at a pregnancy test and pondering her collegiate future. Bryan shows up with the Panda and a bottle of champagne. Kim doesn't know what to say except he is three days early. Our hero explains that he is struggling with the problem of not being predictable. Later, Bryan's former wife Lenora visits him at his apartment and complains that her husband Stuart and she are experiencing marital woes. She kisses Bryan in a moment of intimacy, but he breaks off the lip-lock. Eventually, a jealous Stuart asks Bryan to stop seeing his wife. Stuart tells Bryan he plans to go to Las Vegas the next day. Meantime, Bryan spends part of that day out golfing with some buddies. When he arrives home, Bryan discovers a knife on the floor of his apartment. Ignorantly, he picks up the knife, enters his bedroom, and finds Lenora sprawled in his bed with her throat cut. Before he realizes what has happened, two uniformed Los Angeles Police Department cops storm in with their pistols drawn. When they try to handcuff him, Bryan disarms them and flees. A furious foot chase ensues with Bryan charging down back streets, vaulting high fences, and scrambling through homes with the fuzz at his heels. Miraculously, relying on his ingenuity, Bryan manages to elude them. LAPD Inspector Franck Dotzler (Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker of "The Last King of Scotland") takes charge of the investigation. Appropriately enough, Dotzler is baffled when he examines Bryan's records and finds staggering information gaps. "The man is a ghost," he proclaims in frustration to his colleagues, and so he orders them to keep tabs on Bryan's twentysomething daughter Kim. No sooner has he eluded the long arm of the law than he informs Kim that he had nothing to do with his ex-wife's demise. Afterwards, Bryan takes refuge at a hideout and assembles the only four men that he can trust who worked with him in the CIA.

Director Olivier Megaton relies on multiple cameras to capture the no-holds-barred action throughout its nimble 109 minutes. Good action thrillers not only keep the hero leaping through fiery hoops, but they also keep the audience guessing. At least two major surprises take place during "Taken 3," and the villains qualify as homicidal hellions. During one kinetic liquor store shoot-out, Bryan eliminates four trigger-happy henchmen in a hail of gunfire. At one point, he has the fourth dastard on his knees with a pistol in his face. Bryan threatens to shoot the thug if he doesn't reveal the identity of his villainous boss. Rather than come clean, the thug snarls that he would rather die than squeal, tears the gun from Bryan's fingers, and shoots himself in the face. One of the biggest scenes involves our hero infiltrating the lair of a murderous Russian mobster in downtown L.A. who has several heavily armed goons guarding his premises along with a sophisticated surveillance security system. Naturally, Bryan has few problems circumventing the elaborate security system, but the Russian springs a few surprises on him when they tangle. Predictably, the police remain two jumps behind our hero, but they never let up on the pressure that they exert on both Bryan and Kim during their investigation.

Forest Whitaker doesn't have much of a role to work with, but he is a live-wire every moment he appears on camera, and he gets some wonderful mileage out of twisting a rubber band around his hand. Dougray Scott is exceptional as Lenora's complicated husband who is up to his ears in trouble with Sam Spruell's vicious, heavily tattooed Russian gunsel Oleg Malankov. Watching "Taken 3" is like watching the riveting Keanu Reeves' thriller "John Wick." These two movies amount to guilty pleasures with the accent on outlandish action sequences where the hero is not only outnumbered but also outgunned.