40 Days and Nights (2012)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Alex Carter, Monica Keena, Alex Arleo, Alex Ball
When a colossal tectonic shift causes the sea level to start rising, a microbiologist gathers the DNA of as many species as she can, while the military creates an 'ark' in a desperate attempt to preserve life on Earth.
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  • 27 Nov 2012 Released:
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  • H. Perry Horton Writer:
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Absolute garbage - give it a wide berth1/10
Expectations can never be much above rock bottom when "The Asylum Presents" pops up on screen, but here they have plummeted to all new and uncharted depths.

This blatant rip-off of 2012 is simply atrocious. The acting is poor, the story is absurd, but the biggest flaw of the lot lies with the so-called "special effects." They are only special in that they are probably the worst I have ever seen. You don't for one moment believe that what you are seeing is real. Not even the slightest attempt has been made at realism. This is one of the greatest insults to movie watchers' intelligence that has ever been unleashed, and it should rather have stayed unmade.

In conclusion - stay away.
A Great Turkey-Time Movie 8 of 102/10
I think this is an 8 out of 10 in the category of funny-to-watch-but-aimed-at-being-serious turkey-time movies. I highly recommend it. For those who can't see this type of humour it is a 2 and not worth the time it took you to read this far.

I knew this was bad before I watched it. IMDb rated it 2.7 and didn't have a review so I figured it might be a hoot, turkey time, but knew it could also be just terrible and unfunnily so.

With that in mind I was pleased to be smiling fairly quickly and fairly often.

Right off the bat we have a girl floating in what should be rapid flowing water but is clearly stationary. She looks to one side in fright at the monster wave about to engulf her and is hit from the other side by what must have been a large bucket of water. lol.

And it just keeps getting better and better. This is not just bad, it is funny-bad. It is not camp, nor a parody, it is just plain bad to the point of humour.

At the 21 minute mark there is a boat scene that you can use as a benchmark. If that scene isn't making you laugh then give up.

Trying to figure out what is going on, why, and what it has to do with the dialogue creates suspense and the closer attention you pay to anything (dialogue, characters, plot, you name it) the more improbable it becomes. Many movies cast out seemingly unconnected segments which are brought together to form something coherent at, near, or just after, the end of the movie. This is not one of them but trying to keep track definitely fills out the literal lol moments, which, if you are looking, are everywhere.

Best of all the special effects rival those of Gilligan's Island - but with better graphics!

To sum up: I plan to see it again. The acting is funny, the dialogue is funny, the special effects ARE funny - this should be re-branded and released as a cult-comedy.
Do NOT insult your intelligence1/10
This film is such a travesty that I hesitate to honor it by calling it a film. An eighth grader from the slow learners class could have written the script and the acting is so bad that it could almost be mistaken for a spoof of a Science Fiction movie. It is so disjointed in the plot line that Ed Wood would have been ashamed of it. This is not Science Fiction, it is Science Stupidity. There are so many components that are impossible...literally impossible....like a huge military transport plane becoming air borne within 100 feet of it take off position. The science of the DNA specimens is totally bizarre, such as moths being necessary for pollination, but mid movie it becomes bees instead of moths. I hold EVERY SINGLE "actor and actress" in the movie in contempt. They are all wooden and over act every line they deliver! The experience of sitting through their hammy performances was almost enough for me to quit the movie before the end. Science Fiction is my favorite genre, but any more movies like this one and I will give up on Sci Fi, speaking of which this was so cliched and poorly done that I thought it was a SyFy original!!!
Real disaster movie2/10
I wonder how copies of this movie have not all been destroyed upon request from the actors... My favourite scenes in the movie were the ones where it was showing heavy rain, but you can see the clear shadow of lamp-posts and other objects, even the shadow of the actresses hair on their faces. You may also see that while normal people would try and wear something warm/waterproof in a bad storm, for the sake of showing Colonel Nipple's cleavage, she had to wear t-shirts even in the worst weather. And once out of the storm, her hair would be all dry, as well as her clothes. Brilliant! I guess it is actually entertaining catching these golden moments of the movie.
Dreadful in every way imaginable1/10
I'm afraid I have to agree with all three reviews here, 40 Days and Nights is dreadful and quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in a while. It is almost certainly down there with The Asylum's worst, and when they are bad, bad isn't enough to describe it. And while I'm mostly encouraging with reviews and ratings, I have seen a lot of bad movies recently. Visually, it looks terrible. The scenery is too compact and dully lit, while the special effects- which 40 Days and Nights is very heavy on- at best are artificial and at worst diabolical. Even the camera work is bad, even when the ship was on turbulent sea I never got that sense as it was all too stable. Shots of Monica Keena's cleavage fared a little better, but this idea feels like a low-budget film and Asylum cliche and feels very thrown in. And if anybody is fussy about continuity I guarantee that you will have a field day spotting all of the numerous errors scattered throughout 40 Days and Nights. The music does nothing to match the movie's mood either, while the dialogue constantly feels awkward and almost as if the writers had little to no idea of how to make a movie script make any kind of sense. The story is a major failing as well, there is never anything exciting, fun, suspenseful or thrilling, the events are incredibly predictable and rushed, the scientific errors- of which there are too many to list, though the ones involving the DNA specimens were the absolute worst- make the film ridiculous and you never feel the extent of what damage the storm will do. The characters are underdeveloped and obnoxious and the acting is either wooden or over-compensated, in Monica Keena's case it manages to be both. In conclusion, a real disaster on every level. 0/10 Bethany Cox