Project Almanac (2014)

Sci-Fi, Thriller
Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D'Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista
A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.
Project Almanac isn't without wit or originality, but its thin story and irritating found-footage camerawork ultimately make it difficult to recommend.
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  • 30 Jan 2015 Released:
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What a horrible job of Directing and The DP should be Fired3/10
I was looking forward to this, but it failed in a big way. The direction was horrible and I don't know who this guy had to sleep with to get the job, but this film is not good. It gave me a headache. He must have missed the first two semesters of film school about telling a story and basic camera moves. Directing 101: Establishing shots, masters, tell the viewer what they are looking at to comprehend. The camera work was a true nightmare! This technique is alright as an effect for one maybe two scenes, but makes a mess of a film when done this way from start to finish. Due to the camera work, the film failed to tell the story. I'm pretty sure the story was good, but with such bad camera work I couldn't tell. I have a hard time with camera work that gets in the way of telling the story, which happened here in a major way.

When this film comes out on DVD I might put it through stabilization software and see what actually happened.

THANKFULLY THE CAST WAS GOOD! And this films saving grace. They were a good group of actors, and the stand out were the girls. The brunette was wonderful as was the blonde (sister), both solid actors, whom I'd love to work with them both on a show.

If you want to watch an entire film of really crappy camera work rivaling Americas Funniest Home Videos, this film is for you.
Great found footage8/10
Found footage movies are often pretty predictable and sketchy, but project almanac isn't. Unlike other movies of this genre, the pace is kinda slow, which is appropriate for the story. When you build a time travel machine, it is normal that it takes multiple attempts before it works. Even though sometimes you may wonder why the characters are still filming their journey, it's not disturbing enough to prevent you from focusing on the plot, which is a good thing. There's also a good love story and some funny moments, in addition to a breath taking last act. I'd compare it to the Canadian movie Chronicles.

Overall you'll have a great time watching this movie, even more if you are familiar with this genre.
Far-fetched, Yet Under-appreciated8/10
These days, time-travel films tend to be overused and become more convoluted in terms of story and pacing. In the unforgettable spirit that are the Back to the Future films and The Terminator, there has never been a more proper, creative way to look into this particular movie genre. With Project Almanac, so much paradoxical mayhem is happening those don't matter. Though not innovative, it does provide an intricate, yet vibrant method by crossing "time-travel" with the "found footage" genre.

Now, the plot about a small group of friends experimenting on an unfinished temporal relocation device (i.e. "time machine") proves helpful and beneficial to their own respective lives, but could also lead to serious repercussions on future events when misused.

From what I've learned through H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, leaping through time is no easy feat and when these average high school students stumble upon it, you feel their intentions seem sketchy. It's a splendor for avid time travel fans and since the "found-footage" genre typically features a cast of unknowns (save for Sam Lerner and The Goldbergs' Virginia Gardner) I felt it could've done better if the "shaky cam" feature was minimized. Yet, it gives a nice touch on chronicling the high school lives of main character David and his friends. The characters as a whole, however, felt generic as any teen would be like in everyday life (i.e. outgoing, unruly, and sometimes poor judgment), but the actors made me feel so immersed into the events that I overlooked those since they all reminded me of fellow colleagues I hung out with in my college days not too long ago.

To close, it was entertaining and very engaging. The various time-travel movie mentions and camera edits were crafted amusingly to keep the story going, and the various paradoxes had me literally sitting at the edge of my seat wanting to see the end result.
Atrociously Bad1/10
I have never seen a found footage film I didn't enjoy. This was the exception. Narrowing down specifically what it was, I'd have to say was the lack of suspense. The film spent too much time developing the storyline to try to make it believable, and by the time the action started happening I think I was disinterested. I was so disinterested in fact that I didn't even care what happened to anyone, for better or worse, which is very rare for me. I like most movies, even bad ones. Additionally the main themes of the film didn't seem to fit with each other, it was like they were trying to do too much at once and were all over the place. I did see it in large format which may have ruined it for me. If you're thinking about seeing it, avoid the super- sized screens.
i had doubts going in but i ended up liking it8/10
I just finished watching Project Almanac and if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised being that I had low hopes going in. it's another found footage movie, so if you are sick of them you might not enjoy it very much. Also if you're already not into time travel or science in general you might leave the theater with a bad taste in your mouth. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit and if I had to compare it to another movie I would say it has a strong feel of Project X and Chronical mixed together with the bases of it being more scientific then social(Project X) or supernatural(Chronical). You'll spend more time than usual feeling happy for the characters as they're having fun rather than the usual dose of drama every five minutes to keep people chewing their finger nails wondering what's going to happen next if Marie finds out Tony was talking to Marisa behind the bleaches and all that teen nonsense. it had a few mistakes but it's a movie so get over it. If I had to say one bad thing about it, I couldn't. I love science, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and for me it was an easy line drive down the middle of the plate knocked right out of the park. Personally I would give it a solid 8 out of 10 but if you're not a science buff you might be looking more at a 6-6.5 out of 10.