Tracers (2015)

Taylor Lautner, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adam Rayner, Rafi Gavron
Wanted by the Chinese mafia, a New York City bike messenger escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger.
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The Two Young Stars are Much Better than the Movie6/10
The two young stars, Canadian beauty Marie Avgeropoulos and Taylor Lautner, are both considerably better than the material.

Which is a back-handed compliment since the material is pretty terrible.

What you have here is a targeted-to-young-audience "street drama" with pretensions of being an action thriller because of the backdrop of Free-Jumping. In fact the closest antecedents would be the "crime dramas" of the 1940s. Sort of.

That is a lot of ambition here and very little in the way of delivery.

There are problems galore. The script is all over the place. Sometimes it thinks it is a rom-com. Sometimes it thinks it is a Van Damme knockoff. And sometimes it thinks it is West Side Story.

The free-jumping scenes are over-directed. What that means is that while the film tries to maintain a "street cred" sort of realism, the action scenes are so well choreographed you might think you were watching a music video. This creates dissonance, which does not help the viewer experience.

And the action climax, the last 10 minutes which is where most films get to shine, is actually weaker than the first 10 minutes, where the romance starts. Which is hardly a great recommendation.

Bottom line: the two stars deserve better. Much better.
A tepid action thriller without much thrills5/10
Surprisingly, this seems to be inspired by the book, Tracers, by J.J. Howard. Although, it is not listed as an adaptation, the book and the movie follow the same plot. Taylor Lautner acts in a low-budget action movie that seems to take the Direct-To-DVD route. Unsurprisingly, the trailer is unconvincing. Perhaps, the trailer didn't show much except pointless parkour scenes. So when I watched it, I have already lowered my expectations. It turns out that the movie is just borderline entertaining. Calling it an action thriller is an overstatement.

The story: Taylor Lautner acts as Cam, a bicycle messenger, who is in debt. One day, he knocks into an attractive female, Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos). And guess what, he becomes interested in what she does: parkour. If you are wondering where the story is leading to, for the first hour, it is leading to nowhere. You see Cam training hard and falling for Nikki. There is no sense of threat and there is no life-threatening or thrilling action scene. The last half and hour sees Cam realising what he has involved himself with. The action plot catches up late and it becomes rushed and pointless. It is almost for the sake of action sake, a character turns into a 'villain' and gives Cam the chase of his life during the climax. The parkour and chase scenes are not too bad however at times, they are marred by extremely shaky camera work. Acting wise is just passable. Music is serviceable during the action.

Overall: It is screened in Singapore's cinemas. I would say the shaky camera work and tepid action storyline are not worth the watch on big screen. It is disappointingly tepid when it is classified as an action thriller but if you are able to overlook at its classified genre, it may be worth a watch on a rainy and boring day.

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A whole lot of puffing4/10
He's handsome, she's gorgeous. He owes money lenders a lot of money, she's has some dough. It's your usual boy- meets-girl flick, but this time, there's a lot of running around and jumping, all in the name of parkour.

The only thing that kept me awake was the action, which, after awhile, got a bit blase.

Lautner's character may have got into trouble because his desire to pay off his debts, but it certainly doesn't absolve him from using ill- gotten wealth to clear them.

2 out of 5 stars

Not enough a comeback for Lautner5/10
The story presents a common used plot line of a desperate loner who gets cornered into learning a new thing or skill only to get betrayed by his mentor at the end. The movie shows really nice parkour action. The freestyle bike and chase action is also not bad. What really reduces the action's quality is for me the way the movie uses the camera to capture those action. The overly zoomed and overly unstable camera movements may look good to the common shootout or hand to hand combat. But it cuts away great parts of the parkour moves. Taylor Lautner doing a good chunk of the parkour moves is really something nice for this movie. It really adds the authenticity. Too bad that the other cast don't really balance his acting well enough
I really enjoyed this movie. It did exactly what it intended to do, entertain. The pace was just right for me. The character relationships were, for the most part, believable. I don't think they set out to win an Academy Award, but more to make a quality action film of this genre that would entertain a wide variety of tastes. The ladies will like this along with their men. The only weak spot was the character of Miller and that was more the writing than the acting. Also I cringe when an actors lines have to explain the plot instead of the story itself doing the job but that was very minor in this case. Marie Avgeropoulos is new to me and I want more. I rated it 9 because I got more than I expected. Truthfully I hope there's more. I can easily see how a series of films based from this could be possible.