Lemon Tree Passage (2013)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Jessica Tovey, Nicholas Gunn, Pippa Black, Tim Phillipps
A couple of Australians introduce three American backpackers to the local legend of Lemon Tree Passage where a ghost of a motorcyclist warns young drivers to slow down. After seeing the ...
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Logic sucks2/10
If I may say, this movie is nothing but scary and shocking images.

The time-line goes all over the place, screenplay makes no sense, scenario was appalling.

Basically no story that makes sense.

This movie is an insult to common sense.

That't about it.

To rectify this basic flaws would seems impossible to be done. Maybe with a believable story-line, retaking of some of the scenes, an just about OK movie can still come out of this mess.

But then again, what do I know. I never made a movie before.

The fact is, I can't enjoy this movie. Maybe you can...
Not Completely Irredeemablemable3/10
The primary failing of this movie is a lack of communication. There's a lot of great atmosphere and sound design -- I found myself legitimately creeped out by a couple of scenes.

The problem is the movie is too in love with its own mystery, to the point where up until the last ten minutes, you're not quite sure what's going on. There's no identifiable villain, no motive, just a bunch of seemingly unrelated events mixed with hallucinations, flashbacks, and generic jump scares.

You can't ever quite be sure what's really happening. In some movies that's a benefit, but Lemon Tree Passage really could've thrown the viewer a bone earlier in the movie. Without it, a lot of this feels like nonsense. Occasionally spooky nonsense, mind you, but still nonsense. It gets boring when you you aren't provided a reason as to why anything is happening.

The answer to the movie's great mystery has almost zero payoff, too. It hardly even feels like an answer, and is more of an excuse to have a somewhat non-sequiturial slasher flick.

It did make for marginally fun riffing with friends, but even then, it was largely just a lot of exclamations of "WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?"
Little surprise horror.5/10
So close to give this one a solid 6, but I rated it a 5, tho I think it deserves a 5.5 overall. Why such a good grade? Well because it is confusing, has more to offer, quite a dark tension, the only thing that killed it for me, was the plot. In the end, you'll get to see what this is about, a subject used 1000 times at least!

Thus, I approve to the execution, the style, acting, it has a lot of things you've seen before, many familiar horror scenes, but they did make the most of them and about 80% of the movie, everything is a blur. It keeps you guessing and has a lot to offer for such a little production. Once the end approaches, you kinda anticipate where it is heading and it really feels like a tired old formula, but, you did get so far, so most likely you'll find the strength to watch it till the credits. Anyway, it is a good movie, I enjoyed it, far better than most, overall, a cute little indie production.

For a "in the woods" horror, I think Lemon Tree Passage is definitely a "try it once" movie, because it is a nice add-on to such productions and it would be a shame to let it pass unnoticed. Quite glad I got my eyes on it, don't expect a master piece, but surely some good ol' fun.

Lemon Tree Passage has a lot of the old, in a new mix, that manages to offer 90 minutes of good time! I think most of you will agree on that. Remember, I did grade it a 5 star, so I'm not head over heals impressed here, but considering the budget, the plot and so on, I think it did OK.

This film is stupid.1/10
Don't bother with it-its really a stupid movie with a plot that doesn't know where its going and poor acting and its all a waste of time. I didn't even bother to see the entire film. I watched an hour of it and then I was absolutely finished with it. Its a shame in the sense that it had a promising beginning but as it unfolded it became evident that the people making it couldn't even decide on a plot line as one plot line gives way to another and then the whole thing merges in a nonsensical dogs breakfast. Usually Australian films are a bit better than most but not this one. Junk cinema. If I compare it to some other Australian horror films-Wolf Creek-Rogue or The Tunnel from 2011, this one doesn't even come close to matching the former titles. There is nothing worse than watching a film disintegrate before your eyes and this one does exactly that. Pitiful film making.
don't' waste your time1/10
Okay so I'm forced to write a real review as there are only 1 or 2 which are from someone close to the movie crew. So this movies might be OK if you'r a teen male under 16 and you saw less than 100 movies in your life. If you aren't then don't bother. it's a pure waste of time. Why ? well all the cliche and stereotype are here. The funny thing is one guy starts telling a story " on a dark and stormy night" and they reply : "what a bunch of cliches"..Oh irony :) It takes too long to develop. Just the 2 first minutes perspire bad student movie. It's a copy of a copy of a copy of a bad movie.. no imagination just the kind of movie you do in school to learn how to direct and place cameras. But This movie is not made to be shown anyway it's one of those project that are paid by subvention so the crew is paid doing it and then no matter it does 10 or 1 million entries they wont get more money anyway. It's just excuse to get public money and have a salary doing something. In France that kind of system exist as well the result is 83% of produced movies have less then 10 000 viewers. concerning the scenario well , one can write the synopsis in 3 minutes. that's the kind of story you already saw thousands of times , nothing new here. a big AVOID tag !