Need for Speed (2014)

Action, Crime, Drama
Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Scott Mescudi
Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.
With stock characters and a preposterous plot, this noisily diverting video game adaptation fulfills a Need for Speed and little else.
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  • 14 Mar 2014 Released:
  • 05 Aug 2014 DVD Release:
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Best Authentic Race movie5/10
I saw this movie at a early screening. This movie was great. The best authentic no CGI fake cars or wrecks all, old school real cars getting destroyed and flying down the streets. It was fairly predictable to me though I am a HUGE movie fan over 5000 seen. Still it made me feel the way I felt the first time I watched Fast and Furious! I like how they had no stunt drivers and they trained Aaron Paul how to actually drive the cars to make it more real. They replicated the cars to ensure that if/WHEN they did wreck the cars they could truly wreck the cars with no CGI involved. Aaron Paul & Imogen seem to have great chemistry on screen that sells the story also.
I saw an advanced screening of Need for Speed at NAS Pensacola for free and went in with no expectations. I actually expected it to be really bad. But my hand to was awesome. There is not a dull moment in the entire movie. With a countless number of street races, police chases, and car crashes i was entertained throughout its two hour run time. But of course all of this time spent on the action scenes comes at the cost of a well thought out plot. It was pretty formalistic and predictable. but what did you expect from a movie based off a racing video game? There were no stand out performances by the actors but no one was bad either. Kid Cudi played the comic relief and he did a lot better than i expected having no prior acting experience. Overall if you're looking for a very intense and entertaining movie this is it. Hopefully now Aaron Paul wont just be remembered as "the guy from Breaking Bad". 8/10
Wouldn't Expect It To Be So Awesome!9/10
Well when I saw the trailer for the NFS movie, I thought "No just no, it's going to be terrible" - Then I saw the cast of Aaron Paul (Breaking bad) and Dominic Cooper (The History Boys). I loved Dominic in The History Boys and like most people enjoyed Breaking Bad.

But alas, having some aspiring actors isn't going to make a movie. Then I came here and found at the time a rating of 8.4 from people who had viewed the NFS pre-release. So at that point I thought, OK I'll give it a shot, worse case scenario it ends up being like a bad Fast and Furious rip off.

NOPE! Was amazing, never a dull moment, didn't have any scene that was just utterly pointless (which almost every movie does), the acting was fantastic, the action was intense, and the soundtrack and effects were spot on! As a movie it is great, but for someone like myself who grew up on NFS and loves car's it is EPIC. There's a great scene in the end, that anyone who has played the NFS: Hot Pursuit series will instantly go "Yep, this is really NFS!"

The only reason I wont give it a 10/10 is because of some minor plot holes - But nothing to bad, and most people wouldn't even notice. Otherwise brilliant, wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the next F&F Franchise.
I'm not even sure why I'm giving this a four. Really.4/10
Oh boy. Where to even start.

I suppose that first off I had way better expectations because I was a HUGE fan of Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad, considering it one of the most brilliant shows I have ever seen. I was let down. Thankfully, he wasn't the worst actor in this film. Every single other person was.

This is the first film I've seen that Imogen Poots had a lead role in, and I will probably never see one again. There were a couple of parts that I had hope for her, but it only lasted a few seconds until I was questioning if this was the first film she's ever been in. I was also unimpressed by Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi)'s performance. He is one of my all time favorite music artists and that is definitely what he should stick to, music. I guess it's not really his fault that the script was so awful and he was required to recite "joke" after "joke" that they were trying SO HARD to make funny (failed immensely), but I figured he'd have the balls to say "I'm not reading this crap on camera." As far as the other actors and actresses, it would be a waste of my time to even say anything about them, because it is nothing good. I don't even want to get started on Michael Keaton's washed-up performance.

The entire movie flip flops between emotional scenes (which are anything but) and action scenes. None of this flows at all. The scenes where you're supposed to feel some kind of connection between characters does not succeed. Nothing builds you up to them and they're all really awkward and you will feel no differently about anyone or anything going on in the film. The action scenes seem like they were thought up last minute and felt very rushed. It was like they had a five minute time limit on each one or else someone was going to murder their family.

I guess one positive thing was the visuals, which were alright. That's probably where this movie is getting rated anything above a seven, it's from the gear heads (no offense to anybody.) There were some pretty bad ass cars that were nice to look at and some of the action scenes were done nicely (looked nice) aside from feeling hurried.

To wrap this up, this is one of the cheesiest and most predictable movies I have ever seen. I called everything that was going to happen in almost every scene because it's been done hundreds of times in hundreds of films, all executed in the same way. I'm still not sure why the synopsis starts with "fresh from prison" because how prison affected his life is touched nowhere in the movie. I know that isn't a big deal but for some reason that just bugs me.

If you must see this movie, make sure someone else is paying or you have a free rental up for grabs from your local video store.
What else did you expect?10/10
I walked in the cinema expecting fast cars, street racing, crazy cop chases, drifting and explosions and that's exactly what I got!

This film is called "Need for Speed" and is based on a video game. This alone tells us not to expect character development, genius plot twists and memorable dialogues. This films delivers exactly what it set out to deliver.

If you like fast and beautiful cars, this is for you. If you like crazy stunts and cars chases, this is for you. If you enjoyed getting chased by the cops in the video game, this is for you.

Go to the cinema expecting the above and you'll have an excellent time.