Wild (2014)

Biography, Drama
Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Thomas Sadoski, Keene McRae
A chronicle of one woman's 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe.
Powerfully moving and emotionally resonant, Wild finds director Jean-Marc Vallée and star Reese Witherspoon working at the peak of their respective powers.
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  • 19 Dec 2014 Released:
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don't bother2/10
This could have been a good movie. Unfortunately we were served a vapid predictable one instead. While the scenery was wonderful the plot was lost in the typical sex, drugs, sentimental loss, animal imagery and ego trip we have all come to know and hate. Nick Hornby's focus on the down side of the journey (what came before) left the cathartic experience (what came after) lost. The movie was boring and Witherspoon's mumbled dialog and good looks could not pull us out of the doldrums. The emotional manipulation was so obvious that it was with great relief that finally the film ended. If this is the best the American film industry can produce we should all turn our attention to other countries for emotional depth and real drama.
Dreck Trek2/10
Wild fails as a movie for several reasons. A movie based on a book should motivate the movie-goer to turn to the written word for more details. The impression I received from seeing wild is that the book is a self-serving portrayal of a self-destructive personality and some sort of redemption through a self-destructive hike. I suspect that the book uses the personal pronoun singular far too often. If the hike is the path to redemption, when did it occur and why? Damned if I know. We're told at the end that Cheryl ultimately has a happy life and take that on faith because the movie doesn't provide a clue.

Another reason the movie fails can be seen in the opening credits where Reese Witherspoon is listed as a producer as well as the star. That usually means that the movie is the star's ego piece. Wild is a prime example of Reese's ego. There are numerous shots of Reese's fanny, Reese having rough sex, Reese showing her itty-bitties in the shower, but you get the idea. Reese's need to have her bod always well displayed leads to being exquisitely coiffed after emerging from the trail. Reese spends weeks walking the Mojave desert in the sun, she has no tan. When she bares all (which is often), the only after effects of all the time outdoors is some pack rash. There won't be any awards for makeup for this film.

Give this a skip. There's better entertainment out there.
It has to be experienced in a theater (spoilers kept to minimum)9/10
It's amazing how much hate and contempt this movie and the book it was adapted from has created on IMDb. I had the pleasure of seeing this at the Fleur Cinema in Des Moines prior to reading about the movie on IMDb. For some reason I connected immediately with Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of Cheryl Strayed...and through that performance felt a kinship with Ms. Strayed. Odd, as I assume she is someone I will never have the chance to meet in person. Perhaps it was associating with an underdog who perseveres. The cinematography captured me as I was lucky to have spent summers in the area around the PCT and was stationed nearby as well in my early twenties. I never imagined myself actually hiking the entire trail John Muir style. I could drive from trail to trail in my trusty automobile with a wallet full of Navy pay and drive back to civilization and sleep on a nice safe spongy Navy bunk. The film as a whole: the combination of directing, filming, acting, brought to me just how difficult it would be to attempt to hike the majority of the PCT. Just the courage to begin the journey was awe inspiring to me. I personally still can't believe Ms. Strayed actually did this, to me it's a monumental achievement...something I'd be proud of my entire life. That she undertook this journey after suffering so many tragedies and personal misfortunes in her life is even more impressive in my opinion. If you view the forum on here you'll encounter many people who don't understand why this film or book were ever created. Obviously these people have absolutely no clue what it takes to undergo such a mission, or journey, or life experience...whatever you choose to call it. To me, the end of the film, where Ms. Strayed comes out on the other side and experiences with what I believe is pure joy, relief, and peace is the reason for the film to be made. I don't really care what other people feel, it's Ms. Strayed's story...I just hope she was as pleased with the film and Ms. Witherspoon's portrayal as I was.

I may be an old dude, but I hope to one day walk the same trail with friends...albeit on a slower time frame. Just so I can see and experience what she did, and find out about myself some of what she came to realize at the end.
Not possible to invest in this character or story2/10
Impressions of "Wild":  00:01:00 – Already tired of her whining.  00:09:00 – Wondered aloud: "Is anyone really that stupid???"  00:19:00 – Dawns on her that nighttime is dark. Doesn't bode well.  00:20:47 – She has the first of certainly many temper tantrums because she failed to familiarize herself with her own equipment before she started.  00:22:00 – Goes out on a remote trail for solitude and then complains about the lack of people.  00:23:17 – Quits already by catching a ride back to civilization for a meal and a shower (8 days?)  00:35:26 – What the fxxx was the whistle supposed to accomplish??? Now I know that some people really are that stupid (caterpillar). God, I'm hoping against hope for Darwin's revenge.  01:00:24 – She's acting like a shipwreck survivor, on a deliberately chosen solitary hike. WTF?  01:02:11 – Finally, a glimmer of hope – overt misanthropy!  01:43:00 – A genuinely funny moment – song in the head.  01:50:37 – What?!? No idea what she was mumbling about at the big climax on the bridge. In the end, she lives. Unbelievable.

Should have just Googled "Pacific Crest Trail" -- more useful, less painful, much faster.
I Don't Care What They Say...I Really Liked This Movie!7/10
I am really surprised at all of the negative reviews here. But then I remember, this is IMDb. Enough said there. I enjoyed this movie very much. I don't think it was anything more than the story of one woman trying to find a way to move forward. This movie is not a political statement about feminism. This is ONE woman's story of regret, healing, and ultimately about forgiving herself so that she could move forward. Is this movie boring? Only if you need CGI and superheroes to call it "exciting." Do people do really adventurous things like taking off alone on a thousand mile trek on foot? Yeah, they do. And most of them actually survive. People have been surviving for thousands of years by striking out on their own without any previous experience or "training." Many years ago I did something very similar to what this woman did in the Sierra Nevadas. Looking back now I know I must have been crazy to do something so unplanned. But it was something I felt I had to do and was also stemmed from a tragic loss. I thought Reese was very believable in this role. The constant flashbacks that seemed to bother all the other reviewers did not bother me in the least. The flashbacks were the unfolding of her life taken in little pieces and in sync with the memories that were ignited within her on her journey. So contrary to the other reviewers, I liked this movie! The soundtrack was right on target with what was happening in each scene. The scenery was stunning, but of course it would be if you've ever been in the area. On foot. I happily gave this movie a rating of 7 out of 10.