Redirected (2014)

Action, Comedy, Crime
Vinnie Jones, Scot Williams, Gil Darnell, Oliver Jackson
Four friends - John, Ben, Tim and Michael - turned first-time robbers, get stranded in Eastern Europe through a series of misadventures and have to find their way back home. To do so, ...
  • 10 Jan 2014 Released:
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  • Jonas Banys, Lewis Britnell (dialogue editor), Emi Writer:
  • Emilis Velyvis Director:
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I honestly don't understand the high rating1/10
This was one of the worst high rated movies I've ever seen. Made me so mad, I gave it rating 1, just because it was so overrated. I mean 8,7 from 12.000 users? Have you actually seen the movie before you rated it? I read somewhere this is the first Lithuanian movie to be accepted internationally. Well, if it means this is the first Lithuanian movie I've ever seen, then it's probably right. It's a Guy Ritchie meets Emir Kusturica. The acting is very thin, though. It's full of Eastern Europe cliches, but it's so overt, it's not even funny. I knew what to expect in each of the following dialogues 10 minutes into the movie. I fast forwarded through certain parts.

In conclusion, if you want to see a bad ass, fast-cut, violent Brit movie, go see the Snatch. If you want to see an Eastern European movie, see the Underground. If you want to see a mix of the two, and a bad one if I might add, see this.
Another untrustworthy IMDb score4/10
I was really looking forward to this, especially after seeing the cracking score it had on IMDb... but terminal boredom set in after 20 minutes and I was wishing I'd watched something more interesting... like grass growing!

I try to like English films but this one was a total disaster!

I know I'm going to get a load of dislikes from paid reviewers but I wouldn't give this more than 4/10, and that's being generous!

Where do these scores come from, and how much do they cost to buy?

It's getting to the stage where I can no longer trust IMDb reviews and scores, as it's quite obvious that this score wasn't obtained in the normal manner (where people rate something based on how crap it isn't)

Do yourself a favour and watch something that isn't this.
loved it10/10
I never thought that a movie with such a small budget could ever be made so well. And it's not some haunting house horror, but a full caliber of action, movie. I will not say, that it reached an A level quality, but comparing this one with other E. Velyvis previous works, "Redirected" is almost brilliant.

The script on my opinion had few significant mistakes, but it did not stop me from enjoying the movie. Frankly, I couldn't stop crying while watching it, how funny that was from me. Though "Redirected" is orientated to the wider audience, I have to admit that there are some amazingly funny moments that will be understood only by a true Lithuanian (the scene with the emergency was crazy, but what is more crazy that it was actually based on a true story; or the old man in the forest making illegal hooch, witch is extremely popular in the country, I myself as a kid used to steal billets from there). The other east Europeans should also find something familiar.. :} but must not forget director uses lots of dark comedy. But overall I am pretty sure the West world will also enjoy the movie very much. They too will be able to recognize them self and how they look in the eyes of east ;] You know what, I can't wait to see it again.
Very fun and entertaining movie8/10
I think it's important to mention that it is probably the first "made in Lithuania" movie worth seeing for viewers outside Lithuania borders. As Lithuanian I would write whole 10 for it, but being realistic and thinking about international audience I will vote for something between 7 or 8.

Now about movie. Without spoiling anything: it's a criminal, little bit dark humor comedy about few English guys who decided to rob some gangsters and run to Malaysia. Everything went according to the plan except one thing- them flight was redirected to god forgotten eastern European country with unpronounceable name.

This movie took place in Lithuania and reflects myth and ideas about it, but in my opinion those myth would fit perfectly for any eastern European country and any viewer from there will find something alike in them homeland.

Because most of the audience will be from Lithuania there are some jokes that only Lithuanians will understand or understand it differently from the rest, but I think it shouldn't cause much problem for anyone.

I should mention that this movie is mostly in English, but also you can hear some Lithuanian language, some very "broken" English and even few words in Russian. Don't worry because everything is subbed. This kind of thing is done because in Lithuania older generation hardly speak English and it was the only way to show it. And also it's very fun to watch this miss-communications between main characters and natives. Maybe it will be harder for ones who do not understand Lithuanian language, but still it should be pretty entertaining because subs will let you catch the idea.

By the whole this movie is really entertaining and fun to watch. Maybe little bit to much nudity and curse words, but let's not forget that it is S rated move. Also some things shown are little to harsh and show eastern Europe from not the bright side, but this movie is not a documentary so it shouldn't taken seriously, it should be watched with little irony and wish to laugh at yourself (last part dedicated for eastern European viewers).

To sum up everything- if you like Guy Ritchie movies, if you liked movies like "Snatched", "Seven Psychopaths" or movie "Kiss kiss kiss bang bang" you will probably like this one too.
Once again disappointed.2/10
I got this movie one week ago and the rating was 8.9, today it is already 8.5, who knows how it will be 3 weeks from now. I seems as if people watch the trailer and and base their opinions on it. If this happened to be true Prometheus would have been the best movie of all times, well, it ain't. Bad comedy, they have tried to set the tone by using music on every scene which got obvious and boring quite fast. They also tried to use "The Hangover" for some part of the script and it was a nightmare.

In three weeks or less if people actually watch this movie through the end it could be a solid 5.7.