Big Hero 6 (2014)

Animation, Action, Adventure
Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, T.J. Miller
The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.
Agreeably entertaining and brilliantly animated, Big Hero 6 is briskly-paced, action-packed, and often touching.
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  • 07 Nov 2014 Released:
  • 24 Feb 2015 DVD Release:
  • $217.5M Box office:

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With the Action of Marvel, Emotions of Disney, and Comedy of Both, Big Hero 6 is a fantastic film for anyone.9/10
Back in 2009, Disney purchased Marvel Comics for four billion dollars. Shocking and surprising the world, many fans of both sides were curious whether Disney would make an animation film based on a group of characters from the comics. Three years later, Director Don Hall approached John Lasseter on making a film with Marvel Characters and found the Big Hero 6, a comic book series that even the most well known of comics didn't know who they were. In fact they were so obscure that Marvel themselves even forgot that they had the characters.

Marvel gave Disney the liberty to change the characters so that they could be seen as a Disney Animation Film. And the result is simply refreshing.

Big Hero 6 is a beautiful film, showcasing how much animation has become. The east and west coast mash up of San Fransokyo combines to make such a spectacular scenery, that the city may as well be a character to the film.

The cast is also fun to watch. One annoyance films try to do is by shoving the diversity of characters in your face. Big Hero 6 doesn't do that, instead the focus is on the characters themselves and not the diversity, making it enjoyable to watch. One of the biggest highlights is the girls of the cast. I took my 3 nieces with my friends and I, and they loved how they were smart, enjoyable and didn't need to fall for a man. The cast is truly relatable, whether you are precise like Wasabi, positive like Honey Lemon or just a guy who loves media like Fred.

Of course the star of the film is the robot of Baymax. Any scene that he is in steals the show, whether it is his introduction or his care for Hiro and Company.

The Villain by far is one of the best villains in recent Disney history, he doesn't sing, dance or monologue, he simply gets the job done.

The film showcases the action greatly by giving large scopes and music that fits exceptionally well. Emotionally, the film captures the audience by showcasing the bond of brotherhood between Hiro and his older brother Tadashi, as well as his friend Baymax who is like a Surrogate brother to our main hero.

A strong lesson in this film, is that family can be more than blood related, you have friends, who become part of that. That really showed how much I cared for the loved ones around me, especially my older brother who is in the military, creating robots and fixing medical equipment.

If there was one complaint I would give, I would've like to see a little bit more about the rest of the team. Other than that, Big Hero 6 is a heartwarming tale that captures something for the entire family.

Big Hero 6 is another showing that Disney can continue to make great films after the juggernaut that was Frozen. This film showcases that the Disney Revival (Films such as The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck-it-Ralph and Frozen) is not over yet, and I cannot wait to see what the next film has to offer.
Don't waste your time. To me it looked like a mash between Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Kung-Fu Panda. That's about it. The plot is contrived and full of childish, simplistic cliches, too many to number. Disney is on its war path destroying anything remotely decent. Turning the magical "The Snow Queen" by G.H. Andersen into the abominable "Frozen" wasn't enough apparently. I'm cringing at a thought those butchers may get to one of Miyazaki's classics one day.

(Spoilers) The plot had many questionable spots, but my biggest question was why for the love of God Hiro couldn't make the second neuro-band to try and take back control over his microbots? He went at length to turn himself and his clumsy friends into the super-heroes, but somehow decided that building an army of his own microbots was a waste of time? I don't even want to point out that 4 additional heroes were utterly useless and goofy, and why even mention the fact that Hiro appears in so obviously intellectually superior to any other character in this movie, yet he wanted to go to school and study. Robert Callaghan is chosen to be a villain because his daughter presumably died during failed experiment by Alistair Krei (what a silly name, Aleister Crowley was definitely an inspiration so we would think he's an ultimate evil), but of course she hadn't died.

Baymax is as cute as Dupey and speaks like Dilbert. He's the only slightly meaningful character but thanks to such a predictable, contrived plot even he becomes annoying. His looks are a mix of Kung Fu Panda and Marvin from the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I wonder if his brain is as big as Marvin's. In the end this cute inflatable fella sacrifices himself of course (wow!).

I can't believe Disney wasted 165 million on the production of this "movie", but couldn't write a decent story and think through the characters. What a shame. I have no doubt though many people will gobble this junk and ask for more. Sad, sad, sad!
Trying to be so much more than a cartoon...and fails miserably3/10
BH6 tries to be emotional, funny, dramatic and action packed all in the same time. But it fails.

Hiro, main character, is not interesting nor original. As if created from several other characters, he is too clever, too resourceful, too emotional to be lead character. He is like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, but not likable. He creates robots and stuff out of thin air, in no time, with no resources, and has solution for every problem. Not even once any of other 'heroes' had any input on course of action. That was boring to death.

Baymax is fun, and viewer gets all the fun in the movie out of his character.

Other 'heroes' are described only marginally. There is absolutely nothing that you can feel about them during the movie, since you don't know anything about them.

There were no time to get to know any of the characters - too much fighting, flying, even one ridiculous car chase, and one-liners to start to even care about anyone in the movie. Again, maybe Baymax.

If you want to see good movie, watch Wall-E (emotional and fun), or The Incredibles (action and emotional and fun), or How to Train Your Dragon (1st part, fun etc) or Stitch (and Lilo, you'll surely like those two).

BH6 is fast paced. That is its main...quality, if that is quality in these kinds of movies.

Even in the last scene, when Baymax must...part from Hiro, you don't feel anything. You just didn't have time to like those guys. If anyone of the other 'heroes' died in any of the fights, I doubt I could remember when that happened and who is missing - that is extent of detachment I got from the main characters.

Sorry if I disappointed anybody, but this movie doesn't deserve more than three stars.
A forgettable film with clichéd characters and story. A big disappointment.2/10
Sadly, this was a huge step back for WDAS. This was definitely no Frozen. This wasn't even Wreck-It Ralph. Heck, this wasn't even Tangled (and that film is dreadfully so-so, but at least it had Flynn and Maximus).

First, the title. This film should have been called Big Hero 2. All it was Hiro and Baymax… mostly Baymax. The other 4 main characters, which weren't main at all— more like secondary, had little screen time and no character development. The other 4 had their own personalities that were never given time to show on screen. They showed up at the beginning, then not until the middle, and a few chunks at the end. They all 4 served no purpose.

Honey Lemon was by far the worst character. She was one big cliche and she didn't do anything but act happy, talk about the color pink, and pronounce Hiro's name annoyingly. Her design was as bad as Rapunzel's; just oddly proportioned and cartoony. Wasabi in the original comics was Asian and is now black for the only reason of having diversity in the film. Fred was kind of interesting and seemed to be the only person who fit the superhero theme. Gogo had a booty, but was too underused. Hiro's aunt was more interesting and likable than the actual 6. Hiro was typical non-original in character but he had his moments. Baymax was supposed to be the saving grace but came off as annoying. He was the stereotypical robot who couldn't understand humans and their ways. A lot of his jokes were repetitive, dragged, and could have been cut. I didn't hate him, he had a good heart and good intentions and was sweet but the humor was annoying. Too much focus on slapstick and action and none of character development and little on emotions.

What irked me was the fact that the other 4 characters never got any time to get us to know who they were and to like them as characters and relate to them; No connection to them. The reason for them to become super was rushed and unoriginal: "Let's be heroes!"… "We're in!" And that's exactly how it happened. And do we always need the typical watching the hero learn to fly with funny results, like Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc?

The film also ended with a cliche. The typical, narration from Hiro as we see the heroes' race through the city…"Who are we? We're the Big Hero 6." What was really bad was when they were heroes they didn't do anything? Their first scene they were goofy and didn't really fight. Then not until the final battle scene the other 4 did not fight or help hardly and ended up captured and Hiro and Baymax saved them and they defeated the bad guy… again, Big Hero 6? Nope.

The villain was pointless, no needed, and not even cool, bad-ass, nor interesting; again, no real purpose. The villain's reveal of who it was, was OBVIOUS and the villain's intentions on why being bad was cliche. The way to defeat him was also obvious and (spoilers) the sacrifice from Baymax was seen a mile away so it wasn't sad, plus, you knew it wasn't going to be the end of that character.

The only good thing the film had was the beginning with Hiro and his relationship with his brother, Tadashi . You could feel the relationship between them. They were great together and it was touching. Loved that. Then after 15-20 minutes the film went downhill… and never stopped. Also, the opening was not a good way to get kids attention. It was unusual and did not have a Disney feel to it. In fact, this film was not Disney at all; it felt more MARVEL.

With two female characters, none of them can be considered strong female role models at all. They weren't on screen enough; they served no purpose, and didn't really do anything in the film.

The story was unoriginal, uninspiring, and full of one cliche after another. The characters were the same. This film was forgettable and as the days go I will forget it and as the years pass many will forget this film which could have been more, but was just about a silly robot and nothing more. The song "Immortal" made for the film from Fall Out Boy was also unforgettable and a generic today rock song. All I recall is the word Immortal used over and over. I can't remember any other lyrics or how the beat goes. The after credits scene wasn't necessary, but more proof this was not Disney but Marvel.

I didn't hate the film at least but it was close to being that. This won't be like Frozen, where people had multiple repeat viewings. Most people, and kids, will probably see it just once and maybe twice, but even Baymax won't get them to keep coming back like Frozen did, because the other characters just weren't there. I saw it once and that was enough. I don't care to see it again and won't own it any time soon, sadly. A boy next to me fell asleep on it. I noticed that kids only laughed or enjoyed Hiro and Baymax but didn't seem to care for the other 4. Best moment of the night was the beginning. During the Disney logo credits, a little girl behind us shouted with excitement. "Is this Frozen?!" Best part of the night. I am thankful I didn't have to pay to see it and that I got this film out of the way fast. I am thankful for the free passes.

"BIG HERO 2", gets a 2.
Fun to watch but that is all the film has going for it.3/10
Big Hero 6 has a lot to live up to, after last year's crazy phenomenon Frozen.

Sadly, this film did not live up to previous Walt Disney Animation works.

Big Hero 6 has its cute and fun moments but for being something of substance it lacks many qualities for being a great film.

The weak points are the story and characters. Hiro, Tadashi, and Baymax get plenty of development but they are the only ones. The rest of the group of high-tech nerds, get little development and sadly, are just all cliches: Tough girl, comic nerd, Totally Spies blonde girl ripoff.

I am a nerd, geek, comic book loving, anime loving, and super hero loving girl. I hear a lot of reviewers give this film high rates because they say they are nerds/geeks and they love that nostalgia/culture thrown in the film. But... just because you like nerdy things does not mean you have to like all those things. I find it odd and impossible that one person categorized as nerd/geek has to automatically like Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. I myself love Marvel and Who but I have grown tired of Star Wars and am no fan of Harry Potter. People keep getting upset when I say something negative about this film, yet they never give me a good reason as to why they feel this film is so amazing.

A few friend of mine love Disney but said they thought Big Hero 6 was cute or fun, but don't see owning it anytime soon. And that is what this movie is. A good one shot viewing and not a long lasting one.

This film just did not get to me. I felt it was like every other "hero" film. The story was simple and just went all over the place at times, with a few "plot holes" such as the ending with Baymax and the whole villain thing.

In the end, Big Hero 6 was entertaining to watch, like Transformers but it also is as much an actual film as Transformers, meaning, all pretty effects and no real story or characters to look up to.

Sorry but Disney dropped the ball this time. I applaud them trying something new, but, I feel as years go on this will be just a cute little film and that is it. Nothing truly remarkable about it.

And I did watch the whole film, I understood it, I wasn't bored or having ADD moments as some defenders I know have whined about.

I like movies. I know what I like and dislike. I study film and even help friends make some at school. I prefer story, plot, and character over CGI, explosions, and unoriginal ideas.

The cameo was cool. I admit that.