The Love Punch (2013)

Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Tuppence Middleton, Timothy Spall
A divorced couple scheme to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them.
In spite of a pair of extremely talented leads and a premise that should lend itself to entertaining action and comedy, The Love Punch manages to waste it all on a bungled attempt at classic caper cinema.
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Enjoyable Fluff7/10
I do enjoy a good British romantic comedy. My guilty pleasure I guess. They just make you laugh and feel good, just a little escapism and shouldn't be taken seriously. Being serious, well, that's for other films. Having said that, this movie has so many things wrong with it, it should be a huge failure, but oddly enough I loved it. I thought the two leads Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson were exceptionally well cast as they were so believable and likable. The other "good guy" Anglo-Saxon characters were good and as in so many other British films, the bad guys were French. I'm not sure how to judge their performances. The French accents were really dodgy at best and totally unbelievable, but this just added to all the fun. You know what? I must just watch this again, now.
Lighthearted fun6/10
A divorced couple lose everything and so they plan a robbery in order to recover what is rightfully theirs.

This is a light-hearted comedy through and through, the type we are getting more and more used to in seeing the former Mr Bond. One could go on about the insufficient storyline as well as the sheer impossibility of the break-in executed by utter amateurs.

Whilst I stand by the above but to judge it on that basis would be a miss and by treating it as a fun/cheerie comedy about a former couple who have to put up with another in order to salvage their pension and embark on an adventure it will suffice for a somewhat delightful time on the big screen.
A gloriously jolly romp10/10
23 April 2014 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - The Love Punch. A gloriously jolly romp starring Pierce Brosnan, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall and the marvellous Emma Thompson who is nothing short of a national treasure. This is a lighthearted tale based on a fairly serious premise of a company being taken over and and stripped of it's assets without a single thought of what's going to happen to the employees. With everyone having lost their financial security, Richard (Brosnan) makes a promise to sort everything out and with ex wife Kate (Thompson) he enlists the services of their neighbours (Imrie and Spall) and the computer expertise of their son to embark on an adventure to get back what is rightfully theirs. Set mainly in Paris and the South of France, this film keeps you amused throughout and the four main characters work splendidly together to the gentle conclusion. Great Weymouth reference too!!!
Three (and a half) decent actors collectively shoot their careers in the foot.1/10
It takes just 2 minutes to realise that you are just about to endure 90 minutes of seriously unfunny, ludicrously plotted and badly filmed "comic" action. Add in three actors that have done great work in the past - it could be argued that Brosnan's best work was as the non-speaking gunman in the final scene of "The Long Good Friday" - and you have a vehicle that careers over the cliff and buries them and all their previous roles five fathoms deep. I've had more chuckles watching the nth TV re-run of Carry on Camping than could ever be squeezed out of this mindless trash. Poor plotting, excruciating dialogue, gurning actors (Spall & Thompson battling to outdo each other) and a denouement that is expected from the first nano-second and duly (and cynically) delivered 92 minutes later. There was someone further down the row from me who was laughing like a drain but she had been wheeled in from the local alzheimer's nursing home. The rest of us were sitting in stony silence gradually getting more and more angry at the waste of our time and hard-earned money. I have never really felt so antagonistic towards the actors on screen as I realised our pockets were being picked and the money dropped into their bank accounts. By the end of the film I was stuffing my seat tickets into my mouth out of desperation. 12 hours later and I'm still fuming. (And by the by this is NOT just a film for the "oldies". I've viewed some wondrous films in my 66 years and my critical faculties are, I hope, still sharply honed to recognise quality when it surfaces. And equally recognise total tat when it bubbles to the surface like marsh gas. This is one of the latter.)
I am embarrassed for these two fine actors!1/10
This might "spoil" it for some, all discerning movie lovers, I'm sure! I will keep this short. First I gave it a "1" because I couldn't finish the thing and I have only not finished about 3 movies ever, of tens of thousands. I love these two talented actors and have no idea why they would put themselves in such a...trite, mundane, substance lacking piece.

Let me also say I never review, I just couldn't sit still for this one. I blame the director/writer. There is really no story here, just fluff, and not pretty fluff. My condolences to Pierce and Emma. Joel Hopkins must have gotten lucky on Last Chance Harvey, it was OK, weak, but OK, but this one...well, it's insulting.