Home (2015)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez
Oh, an alien on the run from his own people, lands on Earth and makes friends with the adventurous Tip, who is on a quest of her own.
Colorful, silly, and utterly benign, Home is a passable diversion, but there's no shortage of superior animated alternatives.
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  • 27 Mar 2015 Released:
  • 28 Jul 2015 DVD Release:
  • $171.9M Box office:

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I went to see a preview of Home at the weekend and it was excellent!

Dreamworks' casting of Jim Parsons and Rihanna worked exceptionally well. The two roles they played had a great chemistry, proving how well both stars worked within their roles.

The film exposed how well Rihanna coped with voice acting. Not only was she able to carry the humour contained throughout the movie, but she was also able to convey emotion through a particular vulnerability in her voice, which made Home even more of a pleasure to go and see. She also contributed to the movie's soundtrack, with many of her songs playing during the film.

As expected from Parsons' character, he was as funny as expected and really brought forward the quirkiness of the alien species invading Earth.

Full of laughter, Home had elements of a lot of genres, including sci-fi, action, adventure and, of course, comedy.

I recommend Home to anyone who wants to go out and have a great time.
More than I expected. definitely worth seeing. who knows what others are talking about.10/10
I went into this movie actually expecting very little based on having seen the trailers. We weren't even entirely sure what the movie was about other than an alien and a little girl. However, it was date night with my fiance and as I'm a fan of Big Bang Theory we decided we would give it a shot. We were very pleasantly surprised. We were in a large fairly full theater especially for a Sunday night. People responded to the jokes and the actions of the characters how you would expect. The playing with words and the consistency and playfulness of how the Boov speak just puts a smile on your face and makes you fall for the adorable characters. You also can't help tapping your foot to the soundtrack which worked very well to set the atmosphere throughout the entire movie. What really surprised me though was the adorable characters and everything that was used about them to build a consistent and well thought out story with a wonderful and moving message. While they fell flat in the trailers we had seen they were very lively and cute in the actual movie. They were a lot of fun and they made you feel for them. Especially Oh played by Jim Parsons. While different in many ways, in some ways it kind of reminded me of Lilo and Stitch. Especially the family message. Definitely a worthwhile movie to go see with or without kids.
Satisfactory CGI animation for youngsters7/10
The Boov are a race of annoying idiot aliens who spend their time fleeing enemies: they are "hiding" in plain view on Earth, having taken over the cities following relocating all the humans in Australia, except teenage girl Tip. Oh is an even more annoying and idiotic Boov, to the extent that he is ostracised by his own people. He and Tip are thrown together and form an initially reluctant partnership to help each other: Tip is looking for her mother and Oh is trying to recall the cosmic email party invitation he sent which will let their enemy know where the Boov are hiding.

This CGI animated movie is full of colour, action and humour, and colour is particularly well used. The two central characters, Oh and Tip, are nicely designed and well realised. The voice talent is good - Rihanna does well as Tip - and if I were to be critical, I would say that the individuality of Jim Parsons' voice does rather overpower Oh's personality at times.

But this is good fun, especially for youngsters (who, after all, are the intended audience).
Great Animation, adventure and comedy .10/10
Assalum Alaykum.

This is a great animation,adventure and comedy movie. I am not surprised it is number 1 in most countries around the world.

Escaping from their enemy the Gorgs, the Boov have found a new planet to call home, Earth. Guided by Captain Smek (Steve Martin), they start their friendly invasion of the planet, relocating the humans to other parts of the planet while the Boov inhabit their homes.

In this movie the series of incidents are great from the beginning to the very end and believe me all the scenes are wonderful,the adventure is pleasing and the comedy is totally entertaining.

The lovely surprise is that the great singer Rihanna acts in it.
An Excellent Adventure with some good lessons to learn10/10
I had not really high expectations on an animated movie, my son would probably enjoy something like this way more than me I thought. Huge Fail. The movie was from the beginning great and not only for kids. It is a feel-good movie for all ages. It is about family , friendship and that being different or just being yourself is not a bad thing at all. I found the movie throughout entertaining and very often funny.

The Boov's are just too funny in particular Steve Martin as the voice of Captain Smek, whose firm leadership of the Boov people is undermined by his ridiculous fascination with human artifacts such as bubble wrap . He reminded me partially on King Julien from the Penguins of Madagascar.

But even if you are not touched by the great story you will certainly love the Soundtrack. The whole movie was perfectly set and is for me the best Dreamworks movie since a long time. Take your kids and watch it on the big screen, they will love it! and you too, guaranteed.

Verdict: A great story meets perfect cast and nothing can go wrong on this alien/ human road trip movie.