The Encounter: Paradise Lost (2012)

David A.R. White, Bruce Marchiano, Gary Daniels, Robert Miano
Seven years after the world's most devastating tsunami in Thailand six strangers find themselves trapped in a beach side resort on the brink of an oncoming hurricane. Each of their hearts ...
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I'm obsessed with10/10
Christian films. They're so wretched that they've become a guilty pleasure for me, which is why this gets a ten. I have this awful tendency to hand out tens to movies which are so bad they cross the line into total awesome. It's a problem and I should try to stop, but I'm not there just yet.

Over time and many, many terrible, pretentious films, I've learned that David A.R. White is the cream of the crop when it comes to the bizarro world of Xtian filmmaking. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to a very good friend of mine, but why should you care about that? I know you don't, I'm rambling. Anyhow.

I saw the first 'Encounter' when digging through instantwatcher's Faith and Spirituality section looking for documentaries and soon after that I was hunting down these things like a junkie looks for a fix.

The sanctimony drips from the screen, the awful dialogue sometimes ripped directly from the Bible so as not to offend the faithful, the preachy nonsense--all of that's on display here. It's sort of like watching a Jack Chick tract come to life, and in my opinion there's absolutely nothing bad about that. All these films lack are cartoon devils yelling HAW HAW HAW at the folks unlucky enough to burn in never ending hellfire.

If you want to watch something so terrible that it might make you giggle, check out the wild and wooly world of Xtian film. Watch this movie! It's exciting, it's ridiculous, it MIGHT EVEN SAVE YOUR SOUL.

But watch out for the characters named Deville! And no, I'm not making that up.
I was disappointed with this sequel - but loved the original5/10
I can't say it was a bad movie. I just can't say it was an original or good movie. I think that's what disappoints me with it.

The original Encounter was like a parable. I didn't take it literally, and the simple staging worked well with the metaphorical presentation that made you think about you and your personal relationship with your savior. This one drowns in scenery and detail. We have the Boxing Day typhoon in Thailand as history. We have a whole background story of action from a mafia movie, the drug dealer, the cop, etc. We have the lush and lovely background of Phukett, Thailand and those beautiful beaches. Worst of all, we have the not at all well done fight scenes. All of that distracted from the beautifully simple message of the original.
Bad Message1/10
Well, I guess we should all get saved in our young teen years and then live life like we want to without worrying about Hell since evidently the message in this movie is that you can do just that and still make it to Heaven. Since when did accepting a gift from the God (Eternal Life) become a forced ticket to Heaven even if you serve Satan from that point on?

The first movie was good, but this movie is trying to appeal to worldly views and Hollywood views of God that everyone makes it to Heaven so long as they cried "Lord Lord" (Matthew 7:21) at one point or another in their life than they are guaranteed a ticket to Heaven, period… because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and we have to treat our congregations and brethren with kid gloves so not to offend anyone because our society is stuck on the pacifier and won't read what the Bible says. Not everyone who cries Lord Lord will enter into heaven but only he who DOES THE WILL of my Father who is in heaven. I am pretty sure doing Heroin and dying of an overdose is NOT doing the will of God. And just because you cried Lord Lord at the age of 14 and asking God into your life and then living for Satan and dying in your sins outside of the will of God would be a big disqualifier. Also, the movie takes about "Free Will" if you ask Jesus into your life and then you are FORCED into heaven even after living for Satan and worshipping Satan, than the movie contradicts itself. People like to bring up how God promised eternal life and it wouldn't be eternal if you could be "unsaved". Yes, God promised eternal life, to everyone, and it is up to you where you want to spend it. People like to bring up how in Roman's it says "nothing can separate a Christian from God's love". This passage which is a common defense for eternal security has nothing to do with it because if the Christian stays a Christian or not God will love them. In John it talks about how nothing can remove a Christian from God's hand and this is true, because as the movie talked about, you have free will and you must chose to leave God and to turn your back on him and follow Satan and the path to eternal torment. In essence, you will not be removed from his by force; you will choose to leave it under your own free will by accepting Satan as your God.
Jesus is Love!7/10
OK, so this sequel wasn't as gripping as the first one. It didn't dispel as many misconceptions as the first movie either - with the only exception of gently suggesting that Asian beliefs are not of God and followers of that will Not receive Salvation, Nirvana, Enlightenment or ever lasting life.

This movie is also extremely slow paced compared to the first film. Also, the scripts seems to hurry along with each character receiving their revelation or Epiphany. The only characters that had a good Q&A with Jesus was the Junkie and the Hotel owner. The drug dealer's and hotel owner's wife's revelation were Luke-warm at best.

Will be interesting to see if the next sequel can do better. Would also help if it had some star power. The first one had quite a few stars - Sting (the superstar pro wrestler) and Jaci Velazquez.

All in all - an enjoyable and enriching experience. God Bless you all and have a blessed 2014.
Paradise Lost and Found8/10
I just watched Paradise Lost and, I admit, I cried a few times. I liked it just as much as the first (maybe even a bit more). The conclusion was a lot better than the first. I know that the characters were different from the norm of what you'd see at an American cafe, but each character represented the experiences of multitudes of people around the world: empty and addicted to drugs, believing that...pain is an illusion/that through thousands of lifetimes, one can get redeemed, selling drugs to get rich, sold into sexual slavery, full of bitterness, sadness and despair/losing one's faith due to loss of a child or loved one, etc. Good to see David A.R. White playing the role of the police officer in Thailand. That Jason Statham-esque scene was well-coordinated by the way!