Implanted (2013)

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Justice Leak, Robert Pralgo, Beth Keener, Jason Turner
When your memory lies, how do you find the truth?
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Boring bad movie!2/10
I really had my hopes up, and thought this is going to be a good movie. To bad, couldn't be more wrong. After 20 minutes I thought damn I want to turn off this movie, but I am someone who never ever turns off any movie! So when it did made me feel like this, I knew this was a total bust! It starts out slow, it has bad boring music which looks like it repeats itself continuously. The actor is pretty okay, but the screenplay is so bad! The conversations are boring, and looks like its written by my nephew who is 5 years old. The whole story of the movie had some potentional, but they screwed it up pretty bad. You know the plot twist, and the order is not logical, which is like the most recent movie "enemy". But there you understood the movie, and that was beautifully screenplayed. This is a screw up, and at the end of the movie I thought wtf! Please do not waste any time on this movie, its the first movie ever I gave a rating of 2.