McFarland, USA (2015)

Drama, Sport
Kevin Costner, Ramiro Rodriguez, Carlos Pratts, Johnny Ortiz
A cross country coach in a small California town transforms a team of athletes into championship contenders.
Disney's inspirational sports drama formula might be old hat, but McFarland, USA proves it still works -- especially with a talented director and eminently likable star in the mix.
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A Boring Movie.1/10
McFarland, USA (released in Canada under its original title McFarland) is a 2015 sports drama film directed by Niki Caro and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

Based on the true story of a 1987 cross country team from a predominantly Mexican-American high school, McFarland High School, in McFarland, California, the film stars Kevin Costner as Jim White, the school's coach, who leads the team to win a state championship.

The film is boring and is not worth seeing.

Don't Believe Critics who have been paid off to speak positively about movies.
Routine and clichéd, but not without it's moments.6/10
'MCFARLAND, USA': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Disney's sports drama flick, based on a true story, about the high school coach of a Mexican-American cross country team, in a small California town in 1987. It stars Kevin Costner as the coach and was directed by Niki Caro (the director of such other critically acclaimed films as 2002's 'WHALE RIDER' and 2005's 'NORTH COUNTRY'). It was written by Christopher Cleveland, Bettina Gilois and Grant Thompson. I found the movie to be pretty routine, and cliched, but not without it's moments.

Costner plays Jim White; a high school football coach who's forced to relocate his family to McFarland, California; after getting into trouble in Boise, Idaho (for being too rough on his players). It's a mostly Hispanic small town and Jim worries that, due to gang violence there, it might not be the safest place to raise his two daughters (Morgan Saylor and Elsie Fisher). He attempts to fit in, at the school, but once again gets into trouble; this time with the head football coach. After noticing what fast runners a lot of the students are, he asks the principal if he can start a cross country team. White then begins enlisting troubled, but very quick, students.

The story is an inspiring underdog tale, with a lot of heart, in classic sports film tradition. Costner is great in the leading role and the supporting cast, of mostly young unknown Hispanic actors, are all good too. The directing is decent, for this type of film, as well; but I think Caro's previous work is much better. While this movie goes through all the right motions, and does what it's basically supposed to, that's also (basically) all it does; there's nothing refreshing or original to it. I also found it quite boring, at times, due to it's cliched nature and tired overused melodrama. It's an inspiring story though and Costner is especially good in it.

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We've been here before but Disney knows the course well8/10
You can't swing a cat without hitting a "based on real life" sports story usually about inner city youth or a struggling neighbourhood. They are uplifting films and I have enjoyed many of them. Disney has done some of the best ones out there and McFarland, USA fits that bill. Kevin Costner is one of my all time favourites and the reason why I saw this film. He doesn't disappoint and neither does the movie. You can't be disappointed in the film with low expectations because you have to know what to expect. The film is clean enough for most families although our theatre had it listed as "G" Rated and I don't stand behind that at all. There was some minor cursing and the tone of the film is just a tad much to be G. It is still an inspiring story with great characters and while it does nothing to make itself stand apart from other films, it was well worth watching.

Kevin Costner should be known as the sports actor by now. Three baseball films, golf, football and now this. I would hardly say this is his best performance but its still a solid go. He brings a lot of heart to the role and complexity to a simplistic part. The heart and soul of this film are really the boys that he coaches to success in track. Ramiro Rodriguez, Carlos Pratts, Johnny Ortiz, Rafael Martinez, Hector Duran, Sergio Avelar and Michael Aguero are all very good and have terrific chemistry together. They are believable and show a ton of emotion and really make this story come to life. Together with Costner, it is the perfect blend of personalities to make this effective. Maria Bello is okay but completely underused and underdeveloped as Costner's wife. Morgan Saylor is terrific as Costner's teenage daughter. She shows a lot of talent in her role and I think she is one to watch as she is also very good in Homeland too.

Director Niki Caro gives a lot of heart to this film. You can see it and you can feel it. I think the only issue with this film is that we have seen it all before but don't let that steer you away from seeing it. If you enjoy this type of true life story or you want a good decent family film (with a little bit of bad language) then this is one you will certainly not regret seeing. Disney knows how to make these films and they will continue to be successful at it. This was as good as last year's Million Dollar Arm, maybe make these two a double feature. 8/10
A Really Good, but not Great Sports Movie.8/10
I'm not going to criticize a film for being too sappy, to me that means the film makes me smile even when it's not funny. While the film is cliched (like most sports films today), from the characters to the story it's very funny, and entertaining. The film is based on a true story so there's only so much room for originality, but it makes up for it's unoriginality in it's heart. Costner is good as the father/teacher/cross country coach, but the characters that steal the movie are the cross country runners in the movie. The film is funny, heartwarming, and filled with interesting characters. This is one of those films sports fans will love, so if that's your genre check this movie out.
You can't go wrong when you put Kevin Costner in a sports movie. Inspiring and inspirational. A definite must see!!8/10
"These are good kids, smart kids. They just need a chance at a better future." Jim White (Costner) is a football coach at a prestigious high school. After a halftime outburst he is fired and takes a job in McFarland high as an assistant football coach. When a disagreement strips him of that position as well he isn't sure what to do next. When he sees one of the students running he decides it's time for the school to have a cross country team. Fighting with the runners, parents and school he does his best to transform the students, the school and the community. In terms of movies there is really one sure bet. If you put Kevin Costner in a sports movie it's gonna be good. Even with those high expectations this did not disappoint. The movie is tremendously inspiring. While watching there is a way you want it to end, and you are right there training and running with them hoping for the outcome you desire. The only bad I can say about it is that I liked his other ones better, but only because I like football and baseball more than running. That in no way diminishes the greatness of this movie though. Overall, Costner proves again why he is THE choice for sports movie actors. I give this an A.