Zombie Massacre (2013)

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Christian Boeving, Mike Mitchell, Tara Cardinal, Ivy Corbin
A bacteriological weapon developed by the US Government to create a super soldier - spreads an epidemic...
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If their was a 0 for this movie i still don't think that it would serve justice to how God Awful this movie is. For a 1,000,000 budget it was money that should have been spent on helping the poor. The special effects were horrendous, the make up/character costumes etc was just horrible and the acting.................The acting has to be thee top 5 worst i have ever watched. The characters in this movie over acted, had no expressions with their assigned characters, and the character lines/dialogue were just plain stupid and had me shaking my head during the whole movie. The stupid little girl that was the daughter of one of the main characters in this movie just had absolutely no acting skills at all. This movie should not have ever been made, produced or even thought of.
The only Apocalypse here was the movie1/10
Definition of Apocalypse: An event involving destruction on a catastrophic scale. This movie was destroyed by: 1) A truly lousy script. 2) Acting that was not up to school play level. 3) A director who couldn't remember the few lines he had to "act" 4) Characters that a seven year old could have given more depth to. 5) Special effects that wouldn't have made it into a 70's B movie. 6) A lack of continuity throughout. 7) A last ditch attempt to fix the movie with a semi nude scene. Well it didn't fix it, it just made it worse as it made no more sense than the rest of this truly awful movie.

There was one thing worthy of note and that was the make up. The Zombies did look as though some time and effort had gone into them except for when we got a close up on their hands which looked as though they had come from the local joke shop horror section.

Not so much a B movie, more like a Z movie. Don't watch it, you will never get back the 80 minutes you would waste on it.
Here it is not only the rotting zombies that reek...3/10
As far as zombie stuff goes, I generally eat it all up, raw, pardon the pun here. But more than often the stuff that is released in the zombie genre is something that shouldn't necessarily have had seen the light of day.

As is the case with "Apocalypse Z" (aka "Zombie Massacre"). I can only guess that they opted with the "Apocalypse Z" title because of this summers major release "World War Z", especially if the movie is originally titled "Zombie Massacre".

And as much as people whine and complain about Uwe Boll's movies, then I don't have a problem with his movies, direction or production. However, everyone is allowed a swing and a miss every now and then, and this movie sure was a miss.

The storyline is so simple and non-interesting that it is painful to behold as the cast try to stumble through a script that is founded on absolutely nothing solid or serious. A small town has been infected with some kind of toxin that turned the residents into flesh-eating zombies. And a group of hired mercenaries is sent in to clean up. And that is basically it.

What the movie does have working for it in its favor is the make-up and special effects. The zombies do have some really nice-looking gashes and wounds. That was the best part of the entire movie, sadly so.

There were some really bad mistakes throughout the movie as well. Especially as the mercenaries kept on pointing out that they were low on ammunition, but had no problem squandering it on groups of approaching zombies. And I must admit, that it is the first time in my 38 years to have seen a zombie get hit by an empty metal cannister and fall down (dead?) and stop moving. That was just downright idiotic.

As far as zombie movies go, then "Apocalypse Z" has nothing interesting to offer, unless you enjoy pointless stories, bad dialogue and an overall lack of purpose behind the motivation of the movie.
I'll just use some numbers.3/10
General production quality?

Originality: 2 out of 10, mostly for the awesome American accents.

Acting: 3 out of 10, what's with the awesome American accents?

Setting: 0 out of 10. Wait, we're not even in America? But the accents!?

Filming: 5 out of 10. Overall production value was relatively high. They actually wasted money on this!

Special effects: 4 out of 10. Mostly CGI. The crap directors think they can get away with..

Makeup: 7 out of 10. Best part of the film by far.

Action: 3 out of 10. Pretty slow action.

Entertainment value: 4 out of 10. Overall not the most terrible thing I ever watched.



4 out of 10 for the two old mercenaries. Good or bad, they got into their parts.

2 out of 10 for the main hero. Dull as sandstone.

1 out of 10 for the bad guy. Just.. completely out of place.

0 out of 10 for the sword-bearing-anime-spin-off-wet-dream. This just screams fetish. It was almost insulting (Commander, sniper, bombs expert and.. ninja?).

1 out of 10 for the professor's "doe-tah" (in non-American accents, it's pronounced as "daughter").

5 out of 10 for the hick. Ya gotta have at least one hick! (best American accent)

1 out of 10 for the hick's mute girlfriend. Lame.. and mute. (no accent)

8 out of 10 for the dog. Best actor by far.

-------------------- Overall score.. 3.2
Why do they make something like that?1/10
This is the first time I bother to write review and I only do it because I am absolutely outrage by this terrible movie. They say Budget: $1.000.000 (estimated)but still waste of money.

John Dunn said "There was one thing worthy of note and that was the make up. The Zombies did look as though some time and effort had gone into them except for when we got a close up on their hands which looked as though they had come from the local joke shop horror section."

I like B movies, SciFi low budget but..... This is one of the worst movies I have ever "tried" to watch. I wonder why they make something like that? Is it a joke or.....are they plane stupid. It is a complete waste of......everything, note even funny just boring crap. Acting -10, story -10, ideas -10, initiative -10 and I could go on like that forever. Absolutely nothing to be positive about, sorry, absolute misery.

I get to vote from 1-10 (but I would give it -10 if it were an option)