So This Is Christmas (2013)

Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Eric Roberts, Vivica A. Fox, Lexi Ainsworth, Titus Makin Jr.
Ashley lives in the fast lane until a handyman invades her life and she's directing a Christmas play for underprivileged kids. She runs into her ultimate soul mate. They may live happily ever after unless her step brother gets her killed.
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  • Deborah Foster, Richard Foster Writer:
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Note the contrasts in reviews6/10
Quite the unique film because even though (towards the end) it clearly brings a character to a life-changing decision of repentance and faith in Jesus (even exercising faith for a miracle), doing so in a clearly better fashion than most Christian films, the movie isn't "preachy," as was claimed by several reviewers who can't resist their obsessive compulsion to show their contempt for Christianity and that contempt provoked their unjustified panning of the film.

Part of the evidence for that is that I approached the movie convinced it was a Christian movie but about 4/5ths of the way through, I found myself wondering if I had drawn the wrong conclusion that it was a "Christian movie" because of the repeated use of foul language (including the "F" word) and the somewhat risque dressing of Lexi Ainsworth, while there had as yet been *no form* of gospel message presented. (Note the contrast between my claim and those who mocked it and judge for yourself.)

That reveals the less_than_honest denigration of the movie as being "preachy."

To viciously lambaste an entire movie because one hates Christianity so much one can't stand to hear a character humble himself for the hurt and harm he's done and cry to God for forgiveness is a bit over the top.

The acting is frankly better than most Christian movies, though, of course not on par with a $30,000,000 budget and the experienced professionalism that brings. Lexi Ainsworth's acting was excellent and her performance gave a quality to the film that it would not otherwise have had, though Cassidee Vandalia also did a very fine job.

It seems this movie is geared to the unchurched/non-Christian and labeling it a "family film" was an error. Many parents would not want their young children watching this film.

Unless you despise any mention of the Lord Jesus *at all*, I don't you'll find the movie offensive at all regarding its Christian agenda. It's not overdone, regardless of the claims of the rabid atheists.
So This Is Christmas Is Awesome10/10
So This Is Christmas Is An Awesome Movie. Life is about choices and this movie exemplifies this to the point. I like the Christian theme and the point of cause and effect through choices in life. I enjoyed the plot and setting as well. I want to see this movie again in order to catch anything I might have missed. I enjoyed the camera angles, the lighting, and the script writing and can tell this movie is made with love of the art of movie-making. The humor was subtle and played well with the story as it unfolded. The preaching of His word was subdued and yet came to point perfectly in a message of Love. The cast worked well together and flawlessly. I definitely want a copy of this movie for our home collection. I will make the addition personally to our school's library. This movie will become our families new Christmas classic.
Great movie with real life lessons9/10
So This Is Christmas is a great film! We loved it! We can't wait to see it out in theaters so all our friends can see it too! I loved the fact that it was a blended family with a black mom and white dad. It is so appropriate for our world today, yet you don't see it much on movies or TV. I really loved the Christian beliefs added, we need more of this in our movies today! The movie was heart wrenching, funny and serious, so you had several emotions throughout the film, which in my opinion makes a fabulous movie! The actors did a great job bringing the characters issues to the light and learning from them. I could see the pain they all were facing and it was real!!! Great job!
Well done, Thoughtful and discussion worthy.10/10
In the "olden days" we used to watch movies together and then discuss them with our families, especially at the holidays. This is a great one for discussions between youths and adults.

Kids are exposed to so much these days regardless of how parents may try to protect them or whether everyone gets a trophy. They have so much access to information of all sorts and are exposed to problems most of us weren't in our youths. They may not know what to do with all the information, misinformation and feelings about information. Some of them learn the hard way that NOBODY'S life is "perfect." This film gives everyone a problem. It's an excellent vehicle for helping your kids explore not only the problems featured in this story, but also helps parents or other adults set the stage for open discussion on life's touchy subjects.

May be a little R-rated for the wee ones. Still, if you've ever wondered how to bring up subjects surrounding the idea of losing to win, this well-acted, well-directed and well-filmed movie is an excellent starting point. Bravo to the cast and crew!
A great family movie with life lessons10/10
Great movie! Really enjoyed the storyline.People can relate because there are so many families dealing with issues such as these today,very thought provoking.The actors were very good and brought their characters to life. Mac and Jonathon played by Brian Massey and Justinh Avery were excellent!!! would love to have seen more of Jonathan( Justinh Avery) quite a talented actor.His performance demanded your attention. A natural in front of a camera.I hope to see more of his work in the future.The scenes between he and Ashley(Lexi) were very real and sweet.I also thought Eric and Vivica did a really good job on vocals. This is a great family movie, I would not suggest appropriate viewing for younger children.