Scenic Route (2013)

Drama, Thriller
Josh Duhamel, Dan Fogler, Miracle Laurie, Christie Burson
Tensions rise between lifelong friends Mitchell and Carter after their truck breaks down on an isolated desert road as they start to attack each other's life decisions with unwavering brutality.
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Wow, this was impressive8/10
With a score of 6.1 when I started to watch, I wasn't expecting to much. Well, it's proved once more. Scores on IMDb can't be called trustworthy and they can bias your opinion.

Both Josh and Dan deliver some hilarious and profound acting! With a story not to far fetched and delivered at a steady pace, this movie was actually quite entertaining. It kept me interested throughout and had me on the edge of my seat. It's safe to assume you can easily empathize on what these guys have been through. Not to many plot holes and the ending was satisfying too. It makes you think about what one should do when you end up in a situation like this.

Also it reminded me of me and my best friend. There were quite some similarities. I will recommend this to friends, that's for sure.
Scenic Route-- SXSW9/10
I saw Scenic Route during SXSW on Friday. I had no idea what to expect besides a mohawk. I was blown away. The acting, dialogue, and desert scenery combine to make this an awesome movie. The deeper meanings and plot twists will keep you thinking about the movie and its implications for days. The group I saw the movie with was still talking about script and interplay between the actors two days later. In fact, I want to see the movie again because I think there are subtle things I may have missed on the first viewing that may make me appreciate the film even more. It really is a unique film. If you are tired of movies that seem to copy old ideas, then this movie is for you. I highly recommend it.
This Movie is a Treat - I see why Duhamel is on the rise9/10
Saw Scenic Route at Sxsw in Austin. So well written, the movie manages to pull off being by turns dark, funny, and suspenseful. The dialog is great and the story takes the relationship of these two buddies in the desert (a surprisingly captivating setting) to some really interesting places. There were scenes that were laugh out loud hilarious, and I wont give away any of them but the plot takes some turns I sure didn't see coming.

This movie is smart, very well done and most importantly a pleasure to watch. Actually want to see it again when it hits the theaters.

Really impressed with Josh Duhamel. I guess I wasn't aware that this guy has some serious talent. After watching him in Scenic Route, I can now see why his star is rising. He nails it.
A Compelling Journey through a Hellish Desert of Both Mind and Body.9/10
I had the pleasure of attending the world premiere of Scenic Route on the first night of Austin's SXSW Film Festival. This disturbingly powerful drama was very well-received by the crowd. The film was both well-written and well-acted. This is the story of two thirty-something guys who used to be close friends, but have drifted apart in recent years as they have struggled to find themselves as adults. Both men are evidently lost within themselves long before their truck breaks down in the desert. The story could easily have been cliched, but instead their struggle to survive against the elements becomes a journey of self- exploration and rediscovery. They begin to turn on each other as they confront the uncomfortable demons within their own deeply troubled selves.

Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler show new depth as actors in this film. Kyle Killen's script is far better than his deeply flawed script for the The Beaver. The only major flaw appears to be one unnecessary flashback scene that takes the audience away from the stark dry desert that has in and of itself become a character in the film. Although, it is never stated where it is set, the credits reveal that it was filmed in California's Death Valley. The Q&A with cast makes clear just how difficult it was to film under conditions of wind and extreme temperatures in the desert. The dramatic journey of the Scenic Route is compelling and entrancing. While the film can be difficult to watch at times and will certainly be far too dark for some viewers, its journey through a physical and spiritual desert is overpowering. I recommend the film to all viewers who want to be challenged by a dark and disturbing journey. I really hope that Scenic Route gets wider distribution so that it can be viewed by a wider audience.
A fantastic movie that is very much worth seeing but won't get the audience that it deserves. I highly recommend. I say A-8/10
"You stage a breakdown in the middle of the desert so we can talk?!" Mitchell (Duhamel) and Carter (Fogler) are best friends we have started to drift apart when they decide to go for a ride. When the truck they are in breaks down in the middle of a desert they start to argue about the directions their lives have taken. The argument starts to escalate and their friendship is pushed to its limits. Before I start I have to admit that the plot doesn't seem exciting or interesting at all but this is a perfect example of you can't judge a book by it's cover. While the plot isn't all that intriguing the acting is so brilliant that it gives the movie a tenseness and excitement that the idea alone can not. You really begin to feel for the friends and are so invested in them that you find yourself living and dying with them with every passing minute. It's to talk to much about the events without giving something away because each event builds on the one before it but I will say that this was a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend this. Overall, one of the best "under the radar" movies I have seen in a long time and another movie that won't get the audience that it deserves. I give it an A-.