Exists (2014)

Dora Madison Burge, Samuel Davis, Roger Edwards, George P. Gakoumis Jr.
A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.
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Eduardo Sánchez embarrasses both himself and the viewer3/10
Oh dear. Eduardo Sanchez hang your head in shame. The only person who comes out of this with any credit is Mike Elizalde and the makeup department. Now and again I see a film so bad that I'm compelled to open an IMDb account as a warning to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the film where it finally happened. I don't mind 'found-footage' films at all, but this really pushes the genre past the limit of remote believability. Why would you just sit there and not help when your friends are under attack? The main character, Brian, even films whilst his friend is dying next to him without lifting a finger. We're in a camper van about to be pushed over a cliff. Should I get out, or should I film it? Guess what he does? The dialogue is beyond embarrassing. The characters are awful and unlikeable. By the five minute mark, you'll hate them all and you've got all the characterisation you're going to get. They hit a Sasquatch in the car and even capture it on film. You or I would probably turn around, but not these guys. Off they go to the creepy, remote cabin. They film it on a ridge overlooking them. Are they bothered? Nope. Let's go swimming. I only just scraped past the skin-crawling section where Brian starts filming himself making monster noises in the woods in the middle of the night. If this film had been 15 minutes long, that would have been more than enough. It's one redeeming feature is the close-up of the creature at the end and that's why I lifted it up to 3 out of 10. After sitting through the c-list cliches, the makeup is surprisingly good, all things considered. Other than that, this is very, very annoying.
Should have been better...6/10
The movie left me more confused than entertained. Sanchez has proved himself not once, but three times as a master of the horror genre. When he announced he would tackle Bigfoot, I thought for sure he would bring his usual flair to a "been there done that" premise. What makes his films great are the emotional weight and deep characters that give purpose to the surrounding action. That is exactly what is missing in Exists. It isn't necessarily a bad film, but its generic, an almost worse crime. The characters are not only "by the numbers," they are badly written "by the numbers" characters. For the first half hour, the characters act so stereotypical that I wanted them all to die, and fast. Girls whimpering "OMG what is that?" as they huddle underneath their man's fully toned arm. "GET AT ME BRO" the man cries with defiance. Seriously? Luckily, once Bigfoot does show up and the film sees some casualties, it does pick up some speed. The characters react alright to what is happening around them, and you could tell it was Sanchez by the haunting music and emotionality brought to the film when a character does die. We don't care about who dies, but these people sure do, and that makes me feel for them a little more. It's not enough, though. The film still lacks that raw ingredient that every film needs. The found footage only works in spots, and is glaringly misguided in others. I have a feeling it wasn't originally written to be found footage and was only morphed into that during the development process. Some cameras magically appear out of nowhere in the woods. Where did it come from? Whose camera was it? It's not logical, and it brings the film down. I actually found the style to be degrading to the quality of the movie. Sanchez has style and I wish he upped his game. Now, let me talk about Bigfoot. Well, he's awesome. I haven't seen a film where he is so terrifying. He moves and looks just like he does in all those photographs you see. When he howls and rampages, you just want to curl up in a ball. He's that scary. I expect more from Sanchez, and this was a disappointment overall.
Not Bad, Not Great.5/10
I've seen several big foot movies. The best of them all was The Lost Coast Tapes. Exists is a good big foot movie, and unlike The Lost Coast Tapes, this actually shows the monster. That could be a good or a bad thing, depending on the costumes and special effects used. The Lost Coast Tapes did a great job while not showing the creature, and Exists does a good job showing it. There's not really much imagination needed when you think of what big foot looks like; tall, hairy, ape or man-like.

I gave this movie a 5-star rating. The acting was pretty good, as were the big foot costumes. When the camper is thrown down the hill, it looks like the people were really inside.

Some things annoyed me, such as in the cabin, there was a perfectly good cellar that the people didn't use until they had absolutely no choice. With a monster that is huge and powerful and looking to kill, I think they all would've moved down there immediately after finding the cellar.

Also, when going through the woods, trying to be undetected, Todd kept talking, and Dora wouldn't stop calling for Matt. Morons. One last complaint. I am so sick of the camcorder POV for these movies. Virtually the entire movie was through the camcorder. They could've done this movie just fine without doing that. Still, all-in-all, I was entertained watching it.
The Bigfoot Project7/10
Eduardo Sanchez, the creator of The Blair Witch Project, once again reunites himself and his crew deep into the woods. Instead of being attacked by a ghostly witch we never get to see, we are introduced to bigfoot.

After seeing the trailer I was so wanting to see this movie, even though I already knew what to expect, the typical found footage movies. It's nothing short of cliche and repetition. However, this film did actually scare me a little bit and kept me on the edge of my seat.

As a found film footage it doesn't really bring anything new to the, except for a few things, which are pretty good. It's one that will keep you jumping, keep you entertained and definitely keep your heart racing in several scenes. I liked the several Blair Witch throwbacks that were sporadically throughout the film. It was a really cool way to give homage to the movie that made his career.

I have read mixed reviews on this, and as always I don't want people to take my word for it, experience it for yourself and see what you think about it.
Messing With Sasquatch: The Movie6/10
-From the director of The Blair Witch Project comes a film about, and I kid you not, five teenagers who are on a cabin getaway and are hunted by Bigfoot. The teens must survive and find a way to escape in this interesting found-footage film.

-Exists is one of the most cliche movies I've ever seen, but I didn't really expect different. Especially because it's a film version of the Messing With Sasquatch commercials.

-The story is pretty cliche. There are five teens, the white leader, the black tough guy, the blonde, the smart girl, and the unlikable cameraman, who are at this cabin for some reason and nobody knows they are there. And then Bigfoot.

-The tone is pretty creepy, as much as I don't like found-footage films. It's still effective and it has a theme of 'you reap what you sow' which I found compelling. The pace is also pretty good. They get straight to the point, but they also miss some opportunity for character development.

-The acting's not worth anything in this. Everyone fills their horror stereotypes well, which means they are all not good.

-All you see of Bigfoot himself is pretty much what people would claim is Bigfoot in, well, real footage. So effective. He does also show up at the end, which is rewarding. Good job makeup team! -The music is eerie, but at one point I was wondering if it was even necessary.

-The scares are meh. The jumpscares are not scary, but the suspenseful elements are suspenseful.

-The film is rated-R for language really. It has some moderate language throughout.

-So Exists takes a super-cliche premise and makes an actually interesting found-footage film about Bigfoot. I found myself enjoying it. I will say that if you like the style, Exists is worth watching on Netflix/Redbox. I am only going to give it a 6.5 for its unoriginality and acting though.