Noah (2014)

Action, Adventure, Drama
Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins
A man is chosen by his world's creator to undertake a momentous mission before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the world.
With sweeping visuals grounded by strong performances in service of a timeless tale told on a human scale, Darren Aronofsky's Noah brings the Bible epic into the 21st century.
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Fragments of a better film put as a whole but none of them able to sustain or lift the final product5/10
I was very much on the sidelines but even I noticed some back and forwards over the film Noah. Some seemed furious that it was not in line with Biblical teaching while others seemed to take glee in the religious objections to the film; for me I don't really have a dog in that fight so the fuss did not interest me and the film didn't seem like something I wanted to pay £10 a seat to go and see. That said, I was curious to watch it because I found it hard to believe that Darren Aronofsky would churn out a blockbuster without something of interest in it.

The film wastes no time with adding flesh to the basic bones of the story and, if you're looking to get upset by the presence of fallen angel rock monsters, then the film serves them up to you right at the front. I guess if you came to see a bible story then this may upset you since the bible does not mention these creatures, but for me coming to a film, I really don't care what characters it creates or devices it uses as long as they work. From here we find Noah living with his family separate from men, tending to a nature that the others exploit – again an environmental message of stewardship that (oddly) upset those that proclaim the bible as the truth. As per the story, the message comes of the destruction of man and Noah along with his family and rock monsters, get to building an ark for the animals which will be saved to repopulate the world. It is quite the story and, if you are honest, were it not for the fact that it is lifted from the bible, it is a story that would pretty much get laughed out of any pitch meeting.

So it is to the film's credit that, although it is inherently senseless, it makes a decent fist of telling it. Given the resources available, it does this primarily by throwing effects and scale at the viewer. This works to a point and it is a pretty good looking film with some particularly memorable scenes. The main thing for me that offered interest was that the central character of Noah is essentially a religious extremist who is dooming a world of men to death because of something god told him. The film disappoint though because it doesn't do enough with this. It plays it straight and sets it up and there are points where you are not sure who is the "good guy" here since Tubal-cain is really just trying to survive death, likewise the obsession of Noah of ending man's time on Earth and only leaving animals. It doesn't work though because it doesn't go harder on this and instead of drawing us into the madness of his obsession and the terrible things he therefore stands by and watches, the film actually feels plodding and not entirely sure of itself throughout these aspects. On the other side of this, the film never throws itself into the "epic effects blockbuster" camp either and, while noisy and large, the action sequences don't really work either.

It doesn't feel like an Aronofsky film; it doesn't feel like there was much here to challenge or to be explored – or rather it does feel like there is, but the film doesn't go for it. The cast play it straight and professionally but not always to the film's benefit. Crowe in particular is a straight bat and even when he is acting in extreme ways, you feel like he maybe doesn't "get it" since earnestness is his consistent approach throughout. Connelly and Watson are both more expressive and I guess the idea was that their performances would be our way to experience the darker side of Noah's steadfastness. Winstone gives out a good series of gowls when called upon but again his weaknesses are more to do with the film not exploring his character and Noah better (to be fair though, I am so sick of his floating head on the TV encouraging me to gamble with mockney geezerisms that I wasn't keen to be stuck with him again here).

Noah is not an awful film mainly because it is basically lots of fragments of better films put together. So the spectacle is good at times but never goes for it, while the character piece is hinted at but not given over to in a way that really works. Everyone plays it down the middle of these and there is not too much of interest beyond the moment – which is a shame for a film so long and filled with such talent.
What an utter waste of time.

I am by no means a die hard advocate of direct adaptation of a book to the screen. So I entered the cinema expecting an enjoyable movie with solid cinematography, great storyline and good acting - to be expected with the director. Boy was I mistaken - granted the movie is extremely far fetched (next to no authenticity in relation to the book of the bible), what killed it for me was the serious inconsistencies with the character profiling, poor storyline and execution that made me want to leave the cinema midway. For example - Noah is portrayed as an earth loving greenie, protecting plants and life - point understood, but he easily kills people to protect another life? Further, later in the story he is battling internal turmoil as they hear the screams of the people of the earth? If his resolve lead him to kill humans without hesitation, why is his suddenly so challenged?

There was no clear cut message, no point to the movie and it seemed to drag on. If the director intended to slide off in a tangent, at least make it exciting to watch. Let me save you the waste of time and advise against watching it. Save your precious pennies and watching some worth your time.
A Refreshing Film Based On Noah's Ark10/10
Noah is a Biblical-inspired film based on the story of Noah's Ark.It stars Russell Crowe as Noah along with Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins.It was written and directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The story about a righteous man that he is singled out by God to save innocent life so the evil and corrupt can perish in a disastrous flood that will cover the earth.Encouraged by his grandfather Methuselah,Noah begins building an ark that will contain two of every beast and plant, as well as his family.His wife Naameh supports her husband and so does his two sons,Shem and Japheth.But his other son Ham isn't so sure due to the fact that he lacks a spouse similar unlike Shem,who has Ila. As birds, reptiles, and then mammals enter the ark, humans gather nearby, anxious for their own boarding passes. But they were tried to be stopped by an evil king Tubal-cain and his people,whose wickedness God intends stop.But once the waters rise, Noah faces new challenges.Among them is that he finds out that Ila is is pregnant and no longer barren and whether Noah wants to end humanity or not when they enter the new world.

There was definitely a lot of creative license taken in re-telling the story of Noah that some Christian may find confusing or absurd.Nevertheless,the recreation of the Old Testament story is definitely an epic.Some may find the changes in the story outlandish but others may find it a great way of updating this timeless tale into the 21st century audience.We get to see how the story of Noah is told on a human scale and deeply explore the personalities involved in the story.Give credit to the cast for their great acting particularly Russell Crowe,who does a magnificent job as Noah; together with his co-stars like Jennifer Connelly,who plays his troubled wife,Naameh and Emma Watson,who plays the complex Ila.There was great visuals in the movie especially from narration of Creation and the Great Flood itself.It was definitely a great visual extravaganza.It also presents challenges especially to some audience especially what they want to do if they find themselves in place of Noah's shoes as to whether to end humanity or not.The tension in their family particularly between Noah and his sons as well as Noah and his wife,Naameh about what the Creator wanted him to do emphasizes that.Atheists may fully appreciate this film especially when the theory of evolution is somewhat put in place when the story of Creation was being narrated and God is somewhat not a main character in the movie.But for Christians who want more about the moral,philosophical and theological implications of the story of Noah based on their religious beliefs,one may find it disappointing.Nevertheless,I would consider this film entertaining and fun to watch with an open mind and isn't looking to refresh Noah's story based from what is written in the Bible.
No, no, Noah2/10
I've been an IMDb lurker for several years and this film was so poor that I felt motivated to write my first-ever review. It's bad on so many levels, I'm not even quite sure where to begin...

Storyline: This film probably represents the biggest rick-roll I've ever seen. Naturally, when people see a film about a great flood, titled Noah, the automatic assumption is that it's a re-telling of the biblical story. This film cynically exploits that expectation and then drops a hammer on the bewildered audience. I believe most people who watch this film will recognise that something is deeply "wrong" in it's portrayal, but they're less likely to realise that the fundamental reason is because the director has flooded (pun intended) his movie with imagery and references based not in Christian theology, but Gnostic mysticism. I'm not Christian, so I wasn't offended by this perspective on a theological level, but that didn't lessen my disappointment on a cinematic level at all.

Special effects: Wow. Just... Wow. The effects in this film wouldn't look out of place in Jason and the Argonauts, or The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. If you're not familiar with either of these (much better) movies, it's possibly because you weren't born when they were produced, way back in the 60's and 70's. In any case, it saddens me to know that in 2014, effects of this standard are deemed acceptable for general release. But as soon as I finish this review, I'll be dusting off my Magnavox for a quick game of Wipeout just to complete the sensation of time-travel.

Acting: This film sports a strong cast with some of my favourite actors and most of them discharge their duties as well as might be expected given the script they're stuck with. I did feel there was some overacting with some of the more emotionally loaded scenes, but overall, I'm more disappointed with the cast for accepting their roles than how they actually played them.

Conclusion: Dear reader, I implore you. Go for a walk. Read a book. Call that friend you haven't caught up with for ages. Do anything but watch this film. I didn't pay to watch this mockery, but I still feel cheated. My OH slept through most of it and I feel jealous. If you avoid it altogether after reading this and other reviews, then I can at least feel like I've done my good deed for the day.
Worst movie ever!1/10
Even though I had read a number of critical articles about Noah, I went anyway on opening day. I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. Even giving it that benefit, it was one of the worst movies I have seen. I was not expecting a completely Biblical account of the Noah story, and knew that additions to the story would have to be added, since the Bible version is quite brief. However, who would have thought that would mean weird talking Rock creatures, which looked like they came from a Transformer movie. And the area where Noah lived was totally barren rock....until he planted the seed Methuzalah gave him, and immediately an entire forest shoots up out of the ground, to supply wood to build the ark. When the "flood" came, instead of it starting to rain, huge columns of water were shooting up from the ground. What's with that?

I was especially looking forward to the animal scenes, since the Humane Society commended the director for not using any real animals in the filming. Well, that was more than obvious! Computer animation has come a long way over the years, but this movie apparently used one of the earliest versions of CG. It looked totally fake, and all occurred in about a minute.

The acting was terrible, including Russell Crowe. And the script was even worse. After a very climactic scene, where he almost killed the twin babies in a state of rage, he explains that "All I saw was love." I almost left at that point!

If one reads all the reader reviews, I think it will become apparent that most of the viewers agree with my comments. At the end of the movie, our audience spontaneously let out an audible groan. I have never heard such negative comments as people were walking up the aisle.

Save your money!