Sex Tape (2014)

Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper
A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.
With neither the conviction to embrace its smutty premise nor enough laughs to function as a worthwhile rom-com, the flaccid Sex Tape suffers from cinematic impotence.
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complete boring garbage1/10
I can't remember the last time I wanted to walk out of a movie; there are times I fall asleep but it's rare that I'm suffering enough to actually leave. I felt that way within 15 minutes of sitting through "Sex Tape" and it never improved, it just kept getting more agonizingly crappy. It was bad enough that I don't think I can ever look at Cameron Diaz again and certainly will never go to another one of her movies. Jason Segal... that'll take a while as well. The writing was unimaginably boring, like a bad drama trying to be a comedy. Painful. Was there some reason that the best friends' kid had it in for Jason Segal's character, because I never figured that out. Can't imagine what they were thinking. Just awful massive fail.
One of the worst movies...1/10
I don't like to be negative, but I feel obligated to help save the rest of the world from wasting their hard earned money on this movie. This is just about the worst movie I can recall ever seeing in my entire life in the movie theater, and I have seen more movies than anyone I know. There were about 10 minutes of this movie that I can honestly say were funny, but the remaining 84 minutes were just complete and utter agony. The movie takes the concepts of silly and campy to new lows. The movie is laden with deliberate and unintelligent attempts at campy humor, but every attempt falls flat. The concept behind the movie was great, but the execution simply does not measure up. Disappointed! Can I get my money back?
I'll keep this short, sweet, and simple because this movie didn't.1/10
So the re-team of 2011's Bad Teacher which I did like very much ends up three years later to make a film that is so outdated with a story that no one cares about. But that is the thing we never can go to a comedy to see the plot because the best comedy limit there plot just enough to add clever jokes to keep you in the seat the you paid for. Well guess what this movie fails at every inch of trying to be like the 2010's Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey with them meeting a bunch of colorful characters that you would rather see in a funnier movie. This is one of the worst films of the year because of course it is boring flat and dull but not even that justifies how bad it is. At least at flipping least The Other Woman was kind alive and bright with it being funny because I can see what people like in that movie. But this is just gosh awful with nothing to convince you at least a single point of being funny smart or even enjoyable because the actors don't even give it there comedy all with nothing to do except run this tired plot into the ground that goes no where.

Do I like comedies? Heck yea. Good ones. But this is just not it.

But people complain that nothing goes on in Neighbors but at least that is a film that is alive and knows what it wants to be with a great team up and execution that makes me dying laughing but this is just one word awful. This is one Sex Tape that will not make anyone enjoy so do you all yourself a favor and go see TF4, Apes, or anything else please because this crap beyond belief.
Why would you even make a sex tape if you're just going to delete it later? Usually a thing like this would be kept as a memento or something. Also only rich white people would buy all their friends ipad 2's. With also very stale jokes already being thrown at us that cannot even get a smirk out of you or me for that matter. If you enjoyed this movie good for you, and your bad sense of humor. Already unbelievable, you'd expect more from four writers including Jason Segel who has read scripts before. I guess this was just for a quick buck (out of our pockets of course)and to not bring anything new or refreshing.

Praying they give this useless film and the actors Razzies. 1 out of 10.
A really poor comedy2/10
Sex Tape tells the tale of a couple who, as the title suggest, make a sex tape and it gets leaked. Now this is a perfect example of a great concept that morphs into a really bland and unfunny movie. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal play a bored married couple trying to spice things up. For the sake of the film, these characters are needed but the actors in the roles are surprisingly typecast at this point. Jason Segal plays an R-rated version of his How I Met Your Mother character and it doesn't exactly benefit him at this point because these are the roles he is now stuck in. He's very good at what he does but this is the one film where his performance grows weary about mid way through. Cameron Diaz isn't much better either, while she does generate a couple chuckles it still isn't nearly enough to help it. The supporting cast featuring Rob Lowe and Rob Corddry do generate most of the laughs, it again doesn't make for anything of a redeeming quality. Jake Kasdan directs from a poorly executed screenplay that features a great idea and glimpses of its genius in some of its twists but they are not enough to set this comedy apart from the million other R rated comedies that have come and gone. Much like Bad Teacher, this film has maybe two good scenes while the rest become bogged down with useless crude jokes for the sake of having a R rating. Overall, Sex Tape marks another disappointing comedy with its overtly crude for the sake of being crude scenes and flat performances.