Detention of the Dead (2012)

Comedy, Horror
Jacob Zachar, Alexa Nikolas, Christa B. Allen, Jayson Blair
A group of oddball high school students find themselves trapped in detention with their classmates having turned into a horde of Zombies.
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It's a teen zombie movie. Think "Breakfast Club" plus zombies7/10
It's a teen zombie movie. Think "Breakfast Club" plus zombies, less epic music (except for the Pixies' cover of "Where is My Mind?" by Nada Surf – Fight Club song for those of you who need a mental nudge). When I say it's "Breakfast Club" I mean just that: "Breakfast Club." It is heavy on the whole teen superficial archetypes thrust together serendipitously, and who must work together in order to get out of a predicament, all whilst learning about each other and themselves. This movie is similar, but instead of figuring out how to survive each other, they need to fight against a shambling horde of newly converted undead. This is the first movie review in RockRevolt Magazine. My reviews are more like a spanking, which sting at first, but when applied with appropriate follow-up, tend to be quite nice. I put everything I didn't like about the movie out there first, and then I soften that blow with what I did like. Let us proceed with that spanking now: Too Long. In this reviewer's opinion, the movie could have been shortened up. There were some brief moments that could have come out, that would have shaved off some minutes without having much impact on the overall delivery.

Jimmy? There could have been more to him; a little more substance. He was practically a prop, right up until his demise.

Holding the Head Effect. The effect was not as polished as I would have preferred. Since it was jarringly different from the other gory details, I would have done away with that particular scene, as it really didn't add a whole lot more, nor was it crucial to the story.

"I don't want to die a virgin?" Seriously? You are stuck in your school's library. The place is crawling with zombies, both inside and out, and all you can think of is…I take that back. If I were a teen in high school in a similar position, I would probably have the same mind-set. Move this to the plusses. Let us not die virgins.

Let's work on removing that sting now, and talking about some of the things that did work for me: John Hughes. I really enjoy some John Hughes flicks, so any nod in the direction of his classic films just hits me where I like it, even with zombies running around.

Visual Comedy. Call me immature, but I will laugh at the same thing a 13-14 year old boy will laugh at. The homo-erotic double entendre scene in which Ash and Eddie are trying to release the Kung-Fu grip a dismembered zombie arm had on Eddie's nether regions as they hump and thrust around just slays me. There were other instances that provoked the Beavis and Butthead giggling in me. I sported the "he he he he" quite frequently.

Ash. By far my favorite character. I could see such a character go awry with the wrong actor, but as portrayed by Justin Chon, I found him to be incredibly charismatic. What I particularly enjoyed about this character was watching his antics become the catalysts that propelled the story forward.

Classic Zombie Movie Salutes. Every once in a while, a reference to another zombie movie would pop-up and make me smile. There was no bigger smile on my lips than when the characters were huddled in front of a desk that had the sign "Savini Library."

There were many other reasons to enjoy this movie. If you enjoy John Hughes flicks, and zombie flicks, you will absolutely want to see this one. If you are ambivalent about one or the other, you should still check this one out. It's a movie that has an amazingly relatable story. How many of you are a dweeb with a hard-on for the cheerleader, but learned that you could save the day and get a girl that is like-minded and just as hot in other ways? I mean, not everyone can be a cheerleader or the school jock, but everyone is somebody, and whether or not you are slaying homework, zombies, or your day to day cubicle farm job, there is something ultimately cool about watching the under-dog save the day, and anyone can walk a mile in those shoes of that average man.

Off the soap box now. Detention of the Dead. Check it out. Take a date. If you get bored, you could always make-out, but I suspect you might actually want to watch this one.

~Alice Roques
A fun little treat for zombie lovers!8/10
I was lucky enough to see "Detention of the Dead" at this year's FrightFest.

Honestly, I went in not knowing what I should expect. I had only seen a couple teasers, and they really didn't do too much for me, so I didn't exactly have any expectations.

It's such a simple basis that happens to be taken beyond that. A handful of kids are in detention...when a zombie outbreak hits. At first, I was thrown off by how cliche each character was. We have the nerd, the feisty goth, the stoner, the good looking jock bully, his meat-head friend, and of course the hot cheerleader. It's like they were all taken straight from "The Breakfast Club". Then it hit me...this is the joke! Just like those preps in "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil". This feel and tone was supposed to be of the classic Hughs films...and it worked so perfectly!

The gore scale on this flick is great. For a movie that I hear had a low budget, they sure made due. The zombies looked sweet and there are some great and gory moments.

I feel like this flick is also a gift for us zombie fans. It is packed with homages and references that made me giddy.

I heard a lot of complaints from people, at Glasgow, that it wasn't scary. Here's the thing...I don't think scares were their biggest priority. Is it filled with tons of amazing zombie gore? Hell yes! Awesome zombies? Yes. But I think this is more-so a...dare I say light hearted(?)...comedy...that happens to be centered in a zombie apocalypse.

The cast was great. Jacob Zachar (Eddie) has yet again created a wonderfully likable nerd character. I found myself both feeling embarrassed for Eddie, at times, and rooting for him. Alexa Nikolas (Willow) was so likable as the feisty and intellectual goth chick. I kept thinking...I'd be sticking with her, in this situation! Justin Chon (Ash) was so completely ridiculous as the stupid stoner...but I loved every second of his screen time. Everyone was great.

As funny and gore packed as this movie is, it actually has a lot of sweet moments, and in a zombie works!

I cannot wait to own this film!
Schools out, zombies in....6/10
Having run into a swarm of questionable and dubious low-budget zombie movies the last couple of months, I really had no particular high hopes for "Detention of the Dead", but I was genuinely surprised.

The movie starts out well enough and drops the action right in your lap almost right away. I enjoyed that and it was great not having to sit 30 or 45 minutes into the movie before action starts to happen and the movie to pick up pace. "Detention of the Dead" starts off in a high gear and keeps going at that pace.

"Detention of the Dead" has a good amount of comedy to it to make it a worthy addition to the genre where you would find "Shaun of the Dead". While it is not as classic as "Shaun of the Dead", "Detention of the Dead" does manage to leave a good mark on the zombie comedy genre.

The effects in the movie were nice, though not as gory and detailed as that in George Romero movies or "The Walking Dead". But still, for a movie of this type and budget, then the effects and make-up was quite alright.

The characters in the movie were nicely detailed and equally well performed by the people hired for the various roles.

Story-wise, then the movie didn't really bring anything new to the zombie genre. But still, it managed to take already established lore in the zombie genre and put it to good use. There were some nice enough, although cheesy, references to be seen here and there, so stay alert.

"Detention of the Dead" is a good addition to the zombie movie library of any zombie aficionado.
A Zombified John Hughes Medley7/10
7 students end up in detention, but not all are getting out. Darwin's Theory is embodied in the form of a zombie outbreak. But, who exactly IS the 'fittest'? The nerd, Goth chick, jock, cheerleader, or the chillaxin' stoner?

This was a very watchable and fun spoof. The characters were absolutely stereotypical, and admitted it. However, they were also engaging. I find few horror comedies/spoofs that hit the mark. Most are boring, muddled, or juvenile with characters I don't care about. Though this film has some preteen humor, I found it to be overall a pretty good flick with good acting.

There were a couple of shots/camera angles that were impressive as well. They kept the action fun, without going in an overly 'artsy' direction. I think the vision was cohesive, with good pacing.

A lot of the other reviews have pointed out the very obvious "Breakfast Club" references and direct riffs. Students in detention, end up in the library. Nerd guy has the hots for the popular girl. Popular girl gives a speech on how hard it is to be popular, etc.

However, I also easily spotted nods to Sixteen Candles & Some Kind of Wonderful. I'm sure there are others that I didn't catch. They also directly reference Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Night of the Living Dead and the zombie movie genre in general.

Obviously, this is a film that didn't take itself too seriously. But, it was committed to being a good mashup of horror and teen angst dramedies. Well worth a watch.
some good and bad parts6/10
A perfect example of how you could ruin a gory start of a zombie flick into a love story. I have no problem to bring in love into horror but here it overruns the death. And that's the major problem with Detention Of The Dead.

It has been compared with Shaun Of The Dead (2004) but on that part I don't agree. I never laughed with the jokes because they were again for an American release very childish. The farts, that has to be in every US comedy, how stupid is that. On the other hand when they start talking like in The Breakfast Club (1985) then again I prefer The Breakfast Club because it do has funny situations but here they are trying to make it funny with the sexy cheerleader known for sucking off every guy on school, the nerd falling in love with her and finally does, that's one you see coming from the first minute but hey, there's the weirdo, the goth chick who falls for the nerd and of course the muscled guy who dates the cheerleader. But all situations are so predictable that it even becomes a bit boring.

The final is a bit better because the zombies are coming in again. Still, the zombies looked rather good and some attacks were really messy and even sometimes gory. An ideal flick to start the evening while necking some brewies with your pals.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0,5/5