Niko 2 (2012)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Kari Hietalahti, Juha Veijonen, Kari Ketonen, Elina Knihtilä
Set right before Christmas, Niko the reindeer must deal with his mom getting re-married and his being tasked with looking after his little stepbrother.
  • 12 Oct 2012 Released:
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  • Marteinn Thorisson, Hannu Tuomainen Writer:
  • Kari Juusonen, Jørgen Lerdam Director:
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Pep talk for broken home kids not very Christmassy1/10
I put this on for my little girl never seeing the first one, and I never paid attention before but wow a lot of movies now a days are really pushing the single parent spotlight or broken home spotlight-is it that hard to believe that two people can stay together that we even make reindeer have broken homes in kids movies?! Never saw the first Niko movie and have no interest in seeing it or ever having my kid see this again. I was expecting a Christmas movie but got a pep talk for kids of broken homes whose parent is dating someone new. Spent so much time on that that I dunno when the Christmas part took place aside from the beginning when the reindeer were doing practice runs for Christmas eve-only thing Christmas like I saw-course eventually I cheered inside for bath time so I could turn this movie off (before it was over) so I don't know if they ever got to Christmas stuff after they were done pushing their broken home agenda.
generally speaking, sequels aren't as good as the originals. but this sequel might be an exception9/10
now, i really did enjoy "Niko and the Way to the Stars", i thought it was really cute, funny and endearing, and Finland really knows how to make lovable animated movies. okay, the story was a little bit predictable cause we've seen it basically over 100 times before. but overall, it was still a really cute movie.

"Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble" is the sequel to the movie and it follows the story of Niko, who knows how to fly now. but he finds out his mom Oona's gonna get married with another reindeer (not Prancer, Niko's real dad). so now, he's gonna have to look after Jonni, his little stepbrother. but problem is, they hate each other like a lot. then, Jonni gets kidnapped by eagles who work for White Wolf, Black Wolf's sister. She wants revenge on Niko for her older brother's death. now, it's up to Niko, Julius, Wilma and Tobias to save Jonni, defeat White Wolf and go back home.

yeah, we all know that sequels usually aren't as good as the originals. usually sequels can really screw up and leave everybody booo-ing. but luckily "Niko 2" isn't one of em! even if the story's familiar, "Niko 2" was even cuter and more endearing than the original. i'm surprised that i liked this one a little more than the original. it had good animation and great comedy. i laughed in this movie more, it had good comedic timing. there wasn't any part in "Niko 2" where i was laughing so hard that i was like crying. that never happened, but still a really funny sequel. and a couple of times in the movie, i was like "i'm tearing up". like i said earlier, it was endearing and it did the job pretty good.

so, u might find the story a little familiar and predictable, but in the end "Niko 2" was a fun sequel with good animation, good comedic timing, lovable characters, and it was cute and endearing. if u have little kids and if you're bored, take your kids to this movie. i promise, you'll have a good time.

Typical sequel5/10
I quite liked the first Niko movie. It had decent animation, great characters, original idea and a storyline that managed to keep me invested and then some. I've seen it once or twice since and solidified my opinion: it's more than decent Christmas movie, not a classic, but still enjoyable and kid-friendly. I'd happily recommend it to all families.

And then there's the sequel, which follows the traditional way of offering more of the same, sans the novelty. In this case Niko is once again being forced to play the rule of a headstrong child with short temper and no patience whatsoever. It's a common cliche that the main character in a sequel seems to have learned nothing from his previous adventure, and this is true here as well, which is immensely aggravating. And when the storyline pretty much mirrors the previous film, this film can pretty much kiss goodbye to being as good as the original.

Luckily the film makers got a few things right. I complain about Niko having learnt nothing, but there's the mitigating factor that he's still a kid, so he still has lots of learning to do. He should have learnt at least something, though. The rest of the cast though remains pretty much the same. They're not amazing, but they're solid. The same with animation. Nothing groundbreaking, but it looks good, though a bit uneven, as numerous studios were involved in the process, so the quality wavers a bit from time to time.

The biggest problem is the story. It's just not as good as the first one, mostly because they tried to recycle the same plot, but with different enemies, which rarely works. There's a subplot concerning Niko's new stepbrother, but it's also very tired and cliched. Not horrible, per se, but not very good either. You can pretty much guess how it'll go from the first minute of it.

So that's this film. It's nothing spectacular, if anything it's a bit below average, but it's harmless fun and it's not going to hurt or upset your kids. It's over an hour's worth of semi-decent family entertainment. If you can, watch the first one, as it is much better, but this will do in a pinch.
Niko 3 please9/10
The beautifully animated Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble (2012) is a sensational animated feature from Finland. While I cannot compare this film to the first one as I have not seen it, I could proclaim that this animated feature is not your typical Christmas movie!

This Christmasy animated feature touches on issues from separated parents and extended family which not many creators would include in family or festive movies, especially those intended for children. In contrary to popular belief, it isn't a negative or depressing theme at all. In fact, it is quite endearing to watch how these characters accept or get along with each other!

Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble (2012) is also fun and amusing. In the beginning, it may appear to be childish for those who are not into family films but truly, this animated feature has the ability to charm the hearts of all ages with its lovely characters! Yes, the plot could be a little confusing to those who have not seen the first one as there is no flashbacks or mentions of incidents from the previous movie but the friendship and family values are strong in this film so it is great for family movie time!

Most importantly, what we can learn from this animated feature is that there are certain things that we shouldn't take lightly of and we should be honest in serious matters especially one lie can lead to another and it won't be easy to correct it later. Our lives too, are not just about us, it also about people around us and there is a huge responsibility in everything we do.

In short, Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble (2012) champions the importance of a happy heart and we should too, always keep ourselves and everyone we love, happy. That is the most important and the best present ever one could give to anyone!

PS. Super glad that I went for the movie at EUFF and found another one to add into my favorite list. I love this movie because just how many family films intended for children out there that are actually adorable and touches on important life issues and taboo topics? Niko 3 please.