After Earth (2013)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Jaden Smith, David Denman, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo
A crash landing leaves Kitai Raige and his father Cypher stranded on Earth, a millennium after events forced humanity's escape. With Cypher injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.
After Earth is a dull, ploddingly paced exercise in sentimental sci-fi -- and the latest setback for director M. Night Shyamalan's once-promising career.
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SAVE YOUR MONEY! Horrible!1/10
First, I am a HUGE sci-fi fan and love most sci-fi movies but this was just wrong on so many levels. Bad acting.... No plot.... Story was all overthe couldn't get a good understanding of what was going on in the movie. Graphics & visuals were so,so. I would wait for DVD/Blu Ray and even then I would avoid this movie. I feel like they made a movie just so Will Smith's son could star in it. Save your money. Trust me, you will thank me! I almost walked out of the theater at one point because it just wasn't worth sitting through anymore of its. ..... ..... ..... Nothing else to say. Just save your money! Why Will Smith? You had a pretty good rep on movies now you're starting the Tom Cruise slide into just making a movie cause you think you should.
Kitai Litter3/10
This film is not recommended.

Father doesn't always know best, the latest result being After Earth, a
vanity project that Will Smith has concocted for his son, Jaden. This
wobbly sci-fi tale of survival will certainly test both Mr. and Mr.
Smith's star power. Director M. Night Shyamalan, the man who
continually keeps falling from grace, one film after the next, is still
tumbling further from his talented beginnings, although here the
director crashes and burns.

This is not to say that After Earth is hopelessly cliched, it's just
hopeless. Shymalan's well- made film has some striking imagery, mostly
of panoramic vistas, but his ill-conceived screenplay (co-written with
Gary Whitta) keeps this exercise in filmmaking rather earthbound.
Adding to that, his main star and one of the film's producers, Papa
Smith, pushes nepotism to its limits with this unoriginal dreck. (He is
also given story credit for this silliness.) It's not just that this
film has no Will power, it just has too much of it, both on screen and

Will Smith plays the fearless Cypher Raige, a no-nonsense military
commando sent on a mission with his newt of a son, Kitai, played by
Jaden Smith. Cypher is disappointed with his son's lack of achievement
as a cadet and their relationship is a bit strained, just like the
acting. The Smiths obviously look the part and act the part with the
same stilted delivery. Like father, like son. Unfortunately (for us),
they crash land on the apocalyptic Planet Earth. Cypher is injured with
two broken legs, but pain is not an option. However a better script
would have helped matters. Kitai must now go into rescue mode, wearing
his amazing technicolor space suit, fighting beasts and creatures along
the way to becoming a man.

On his journey of self-awareness, Kitai contends with imminent peril:
giant baboons, poisonous leeches, carnivorous tigers, and such. He
needs to deal with the fluctuating below-freezing temperatures and an
active volcano too. Life is hard. Kitai even battles a monster called
the Ursa, a predator that hunts by sensing fear. (If the creature could
instead sense the smorgasbord of bad acting on its plate, the Ursa
would never go hungry again.) The elder Smith underacts and speaks in
annoying solemn platitudes while the younger Smith overacts in a
squeaky nasal voice that only a teenager can tolerate.

The art direction is mind-numbing. The futuristic sets are bargain
basement knockoffs of Disney World's Tomorrowland, circa 1960...very
unimaginative with an overabundance of Rubbermaid-influenced interiors
and enough flowing linen sheets to make one think that Bed, Bath, and
Beyond had given the filmmakers a cut-rate deal for some product
endorsements. All of the special effects are barely adequate and not
the least bit compelling. After Earth has a strange lethargic
listlessness throughout its short length. The film never builds any
real tension or suspense. It's just so dull and unrelenting in its

After Earth is the type of film that gives the sci-fi genre a bad name.
Shyamalan and the Smiths might want to use other aliases after creating
this debacle. Let's hope they refine their own survival skills when
making another film. After Earth is strictly Ursa Minor.

So dear moviegoers, heed the film's tag-line: "Danger is real, Fear is
a choice". You have been sufficiently warned about the real dangers in
viewing After Earth...Fear not, it's still in your control. GRADE: C-

Makes Battleship Earth look like a classic....5/10
I do not know what I want to say, but I want to say something so people won't waste money on this piece of whatever one wants to call it.

I am a big SciFi fan, yet something like that I never experienced. Was it the effects that ruined it, was it the lame story, the extra-lame acting of the second Smith in the movie, the directing of someone who got after Signs too much credit and couldn't deliver since (with the exception of the low budget Devil). I really cant say. Its just very disappointing and I wished I would not have seen it, not spend the time nor the money. But I wanted to know it for myself if the critics are right, since they are so many times wrong (in my opinion).

Well, they are right, and yet they even gave the movie way too much credit. Probably because of Will Smith.

The year is not over, but I do not think that After earth will be topped in the category for "the worst movie of 2013"!
Worth Watching Just So You Can Say You Saw the Worst Child Actor in History5/10
After Earth (2013)

* (out of 4)

M. Night Shyamalan's big-budget vanity project for father and son team Will and Jaden Smith turns out to be much worse than the trailer. In the film, the father and son crash land on the planet Earth a thousand years after the people were forced to leave it. With daddy's legs broke, the young kid must go out into the scary landscape to retrieve an item that will allow them to make contact with their own world. AFTER EARTH is without question one of the worst sci-fi summer blockbusters ever made. Part of the blame can go towards the director but his handful of haters can't put everything on him. The incredibly bad screenplay also deserves a lot of the blame but so do the Smith boys. I seem to say this after each of his films but it's clear young Jaden has yet to take an acting class and just keeps getting passes because of his dad. I'm sorry but he's just not got a talented bone in his body and he certainly can't show any type of emotion, which is something the story here called for. The fact that he can't act to save his life really kills every emotion that the film goes for and it turns these scenes into something rather laughable. Mr. Will Smith doesn't come in any better. Although I liked his more quiet, laid back style, it just doesn't work considering the screenplay has him sitting around simply talking to the kid. Where Will deserves a lot of blame is getting his son these type of roles, which he can't do and which will eventually make him one of the most laughable actors in Hollywood history. The first couple films he did were just embarrassing but no one has given him the word that he can't act and apparently no one has seen fit to get him into classes so it's really just getting worse. Still, Shyamalan didn't improve the film any as there's really no drama, no suspense and no tension. It also doesn't help that the screenplay is full of cliche moments as well as being 100% predictable. I will say that some of the visuals were good but certainly not good enough to sit through this thing.
Absolutely Boring and Pathertic1/10
I have been a Will Smith fan since Fresh Prince, but in the last several years his on-screen personae and talents have been severely lacking. It is with no small amount of regret that I must say this is the bottom of the barrel for Smith. The short version of it is this: Will has no personality in this movie whatsoever, his non-talented son Jaden is absolutely laughable as a lead figure, the plot drags along for seemingly unending hours with little or no excitement or humor or intrigue to keep our attention or interest, and the underlying themes and tone is nothing more that pure hype for the scientology church. I don't say this very often about most movies...but I seriously would like my $10 and 3 hours of wasted time and money back. This one is a serious stinker