Pacific Rim (2013)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day
As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.
It may sport more style than substance, but Pacific Rim is a solid modern creature feature bolstered by fantastical imagery and an irresistible sense of fun.
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A Darn Good Time at the Movies8/10
Within the opening 15 or so minutes Charlie Hunnam's voice-over establishes the reality of a future where monsters (the Kaiju) repeatedly invade earth, to stem this humans have created giant robots (Jaegers) to combat them in increasingly badass iterations. This opening does a great job in conveying the scope of a film which is big, not just regular big, but like, Jason Biggs in 1999 bigg. entering the cinema from a world where these events rarely occur is initially a lot to throw at the audience, but it's handled so effectively and without tongue in cheek that it quickly becomes a world I had a blast experiencing. Maybe it was the incredible effects shots of robot related destruction used as a throwaway shots, but what I think really sold the opening sequence and the film as a whole is the enthusiasm Del Toro clearly has for the story he's telling.

The cast is essentially a rogues gallery of TV's better dramas playing variations on roles they've nailed in the past (see: Elba, Hunnam and Klattenhoff) and some inspired casting of It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day who, as should be expected provides some effective comedic relief. Added onto this the score comes courtesy of Ramin Djawadi who's masterful use of themes on Game of Thrones is carried over to this film for some great emotional cues and many a rad motif courtesy of Tom Morello on guitar.

It's appropriate Del Toro has a Frankenstein adaptation lined up as a follow up project as Pacific Rim can at times can feel stitched together from all the sources of inspiration the film has. This comes from many areas such as Japanese manga, the personalities of the actors from previous films and the imagery of robots destroying buildings which transformers ran into the ground. But Del Toro succeeds time and time again at allowing these disparate elements to fit together believably by way of some very confident filmmaking. I could easily take issue with the oft hammy dialogue and macho relationships but where the film succeeds in other areas and revels in creativity trumps the dissatisfaction one could take from these scenes. I also found Hunnams character a tad lacking in charisma and internal conflict but whatever, it's not the end of the world. Oh wait, yes it is hahahaha¬Ö

The films successes go beyond its imagery and continued invention within battle scenes as the script is very economical when it comes to pacing. The films battle scenes are so engaging and exciting due to clearly established stakes present which left me devoid of the "action fatigue" transformers loves to throw my way. And although the Kaiju battles seem to never be in short supply, the film essentially follows the rule of three when it comes to battle sequences and left me oh so satisfied.

In conclusion, I give it points for being one of the funner summer blockbusters in recent memory, for being an original property and for its sheer tenacity to exist which all amount to what is just a darn good time at the movies.
"Pacific Rim" looks great but lacks everything else a movie needs to be good2/10
"Pacific Rim" is going to be a hit with fanboys all over the planet. It's the type of movie that they feel obligated to love because of what it's about and who made it. In this case we have a movie about alien dinosaurs (Kaijus) fighting giant robots (Jaegers) directed by Guillermo del Toro (filmmaker who most Comi-Con attendees think can do no wrong). Sounds like it should work on every level doesn't it? Yeah, well it doesn't!

Alien monsters named Kaijus come up through a rift in the Pacific Ocean (Get it, "PACIFIC Rim"). Giant robots steered by military officers are used to battle these ferocious extraterrestrials. Our military must join forces with the world's most annoying scientists to find a way to seal off the portal between our world and the dimension they come from.

Let's start out my review on a positive note. The CGI in "Pacific Rim" looks great. The aliens and robots blend very well with all their surroundings.

And that's the only thing I can come up with positive about "Pacific Rim." As a whole, the movie is absolutely unbearable to sit through. It escapes me how sequences of robots and aliens fighting each other could be so uninspiring that I literally dozed off at points.

The design of the Kaijus are completely unoriginal and nothing we haven't seen before in a dozen other sci-fi movies. The Jaegers are basically souped-up giant robots that resemble what we've seen in "Power Rangers" dressed in "Halo" armor. Booooring.

Now we move into character development. The entire middle of the movie is one big, long, drawn-out attempt at developing characters we will feel emotionally tied to. I completely understand the writer's motivation for doing this.

The problem is that every character in "Pacific Rim" is so annoying you actually want them to die or exit the screen as quickly as possible. Add to this the fact that not a single one of the actors seem to give a crap about their stereotypical role in the film and you have a serious problem. In a nutshell, the acting is absolutely horrid.

"Pacific Rim" is a tired conglomeration of cliches we've already seen in way better movies in the past. There are so many recycled ideas mashed up in it that you could almost put them down on a call sheet as bullet points. Character who lost his brother in a past battle and retired? Check. He's being called back into duty by his old military leader? Check. Military leader gets a chance to be the hero and sacrifice himself in one last battle? Check. Military leader gets to give long rousing inspirational speech just like the one the President gives in "Independence Day?" Check. They're all here for your predictable enjoyment.

Let's just call "Pacific Rim" what it really is. It's Guillermo del Toro's failed attempt at making what he wished was his essential "Ultraman vs. Godzilla" homage. As I was running out of words to use in place of "unoriginal," I came across several synonyms that describe this movie to a tee: dull, unoriginal, corny, heavy-handed, humdrum, ordinary, phoned in, stale, uncreative, unexciting, unimaginative, unimpressive, uninspiring, uninteresting, and uninventive.

I'm giving parents a warning in closing. There's no way any child under the age of 12 will sit through "Pacific Rim." Absolutely nothing exciting happens for 45 minutes in the middle, at which time they will get uncontrollably antsy and beg you to leave. This won't bother you because you'll be ready to run out of the theater screaming by then anyway.
Pacific Rim pays tribute to modern cinematic technology by proving to the world a blockbuster no longer requires decent actors and scripts1/10
I went into the theater expecting to see a cartoon for adults and that is exactly what I paid for.

Guillermo Del Toro is an extremely talented director, producer and above all an extraordinary artist. Pan's Labyrinth gave justice to his talents and "The Strain trilogy" exemplifies his talents as a creator and innovator of interesting mind-grabbing stories/plots.

However, Pacific Rim was a horrible movie not only because it lacked substance (a clear plot, climax, resolution), but because it proved to audiences everywhere that Hollywood no longer requires decent actors and plot-lines to create a blockbuster movie.

The only intricacies and attention to detail that could be found in this movie was in the CG design of the so called Jaegers (Robots). Yet, the movie served to ignore the basic human sense of sight when most of the movie took place in a dark setting. It was a metaphor of how the movie itself was a black hole of cash and talent with all the darkness sucking and robbing people of their investments and experiences.

An episode of Beast Wars that I watched as a young child had more substance and gave more satisfaction to its audience than this movie. Pacific Rim is a destruction to the art of cinematography in that its business model lies in providing the awe-factor, shocking the audience into believing the movie is great with bling. Expensive jewelry doesn't make a woman more beautiful, it just proves that she has the money to afford it, and that is exactly what Pacific Rim accomplished.

The movie is just a failure of epic proportions and the fact that it rates a 7.9 on IMDb just proves that we, the collective audience, have just stopped caring. Movies no longer provide us with mind-blowing catharsis, they are now just a means of blowing off steam.
Just terrible1/10
This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. Sure it has crazy creatures battling it out in the oceans which is just fine with me but so many elements just let the movie down. It could have been so much more.

Why did the drivers of the Jaegers need to actually be in the Jaeger at all? and why are the controls linked to massive mechanical devices, surely this would be electronic. And the head is fired onto the Jaeger via some massively complicated lift type procedure? Yet they can clearly just get out the head when needed?

It took 8 days of tanks and planes to take down a Kaiji but one shot into the eye from an auzi clearly causes it some distress? ONE SHOT?

The oceans are about 4 stories deep, which seems to change or the size of the Jaegers adjusts during the movie.

What's with every bit of steel needing to be rusty except for Ron Perlman's shoes? and massive bulkhead doors being used for the living compartments.

The acting, sooooo bad.

Let's send the helicopters to go and pick-up the two survivors, but lets send 20 helicopters, that makes much more sense, especially since this is a military program that has been shut down so ready access to dozens of helicopters becomes easier.

They can build Jaegers with some sort of amazing sword device that comes out of nowhere but forget to tell the drivers?

Charlie and the professor, just random cast choices there!

It's set in the future, some things are hi-tech others are retro rusty junk, it doesn't make any sense.

There's just so much more. How this movie gets a 7.8 is beyond me. Don't waste you life and avoid at all costs.
Pacific Rim goes berserk with a great sense of wonder, camp and old-school action.8/10
We all carry a great sense of wonder. It seems to hide away as we get older, but was always strong and persistent when we were children. We could sit down and really make something out of nothing physical, or tip our toy-box all over the floor and just go mad. Pacific Rim is Guillermo Del Toro at his most unleashed. He's been given the toys for his sandpit and has gone completely bonkers, but he has also created a sense of wonder from completely nothing.

The plot is simple. Kaiju (monsters) from another dimension break through to ours and wage war on the planet and us humans must do what we can to stop them. So we build giant machines called Jaegers. General audiences are doing the worst thing by comparing this to Transformers or Battleship simply because of some simple image traits. Well I'm here to tell you that you're way off and also working comparisons in the wrong league. Del Toro has crafted an insane amalgamation of Sci-Fi, old-school thrills, special effects and brilliantly entertaining set pieces that all meld together in beautiful harmony, with just enough satisfying human moments and arcs that carry a nice balance of emotion and camp. It all blends well with the loopiness of it all. Its Guillermo Del Toro's trademarks turned up to 11, all while going nuts and having fun with his toys.

There's just so much to love, that not even some minor pacing problems or a couple of sub-par performances can destroy the experience. Mainly its in the lesser background characters, but for me I'd say that Charlie Hunnam doesn't quite shine in the lead. He's certainly more than commendable, but he just doesn't break out here. Idris Elba steals the spotlight with a look and a bellowed delivery and its amusing to watch and Rinko Kikuchi has such an incredible skill with her mannerism and in her eyes, that's its a shock that she isn't in more films. Ron Perlman comes and goes and works his usual incredible moments.

Pacific Rim is triumphant above the rest of the blockbuster herd. It knows what is missing from the norm and just goes crazy with it. Its a big, giant load of awesome fun. Prepare your jaw muscles, because you'll be smiling throughout.

(Hint: Stay a couple of minutes into the end credits for an awesome additional scene)