Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Action, Sci-Fi
Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleeson, Bill Paxton
An officer finds himself caught in a time loop in a war with an alien race. His skills increase as he faces the same brutal combat scenarios, and his union with a Special Forces warrior gets him closer and closer to defeating the enemy.
Gripping, well-acted, funny, and clever, Edge of Tomorrow offers entertaining proof that Tom Cruise is still more than capable of shouldering the weight of a blockbuster action thriller.
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Clever, intense Sci-Fi spectacle; offers nearly as much humor as it does excitement along with a great, unexpected turn from Tom Cruise9/10
Wow - this was unexpected. The trailers had me believe that after 'Battle L.A.' and 'Oblivion' this would be yet another bleak, action- packed, special effects driven Sci-Fi blockbuster about an alien invasion - what the trailers failed to convey almost entirely is that over long stretches, this is also seasoned with nearly as much humor as 'Groundhog Day'. That it would invite comparisons with the Harold Ramis/ Bill Murray classic was obvious, given the time loop premise, but I never expected to what extent those comparisons would actually be justified and that this film would really tap into a similar kind of comedy. Luckily, it is all the better for it.

Most unexpected of all, the main reason the comical aspects during the first half of the film work so well, is Tom Cruise's character, Major William Cage. This is easily Cruise's meatiest role since his turn in 'Magnolia' as Frank T.J. Mackey; forget his usual stern, poster boy heroes: here he plays an entirely different character – and he really seems to relish the opportunity. I won't give away too much, but be prepared to chuckle and laugh when you see a new side of Tom Cruise.

Yet while this is not nearly as bleak as the trailers suggested, it certainly isn't a comedy either. And it absolutely IS an action-packed, special effects driven Sci-Fi blockbuster about battling an alien invasion (the trailers got that right), albeit one with a funny bone and great characters. Speaking of which, the rest of the cast is also very good, especially the gorgeous Emily Blunt. It seems that no matter what she does, she always comes across as genuine and real; here she succeeds in portraying her character - a tough, seasoned soldier other soldiers refer to as "full metal bitch" (no kidding!) - with just the right touch of vulnerability to make her that much more believable. Bill Paxton and Brendon Gleeson are always a welcome addition to any movie, and while they are great (as usual), character-wise, they don't do anything here that you haven't seen them do before.

As for the Sci-Fi spectacle that the trailers promised, I'm glad to report that the film delivers. The battle scenes are beautifully orchestrated (not the Transformer-style blur where you can't make out anything anymore), and there are moments when the intensity of the fighting recalls the landing on Omaha Beach in 'Saving Private Ryan' - without the gore, obviously (after all, this is PG-13). The design of the aliens - the production design in general - is incredibly well done, although I would lie if I said it was something ground-breaking and new the way the first 'Matrix' was (it IS breathtaking, though).

So my verdict: With one of the most inventive (adapted) scripts for an original (mega-budget) film in a long time and the best Tom Cruise we've seen in years, 'Edge of Tomorrow' will have you chuckle and laugh nearly as much as drop your jaw in awe: this is what Hollywood should take as a blueprint for exciting summer entertainment henceforth. 9 stars out of 10.

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Tom Cruise meets his Groundhog Day with a surprising, well told story and energetic entertainment9/10
Edge of Tomorrow (EOT for me) will be the most surprising blockbuster of this year (maybe along with X-Men: Days of Future Past) for doing its job so well that beats every expectation about what it has to offer. A storyline about one man that is shown to us doing the "same" things every time could be dull. But EOT has a thoughtful script full of turns and fun that entertains and allows to Cruise to do new things inside that particular Groundhog Day.

I wont spoil anything because the movie is full of valuable twists, surprisingly good chemistry between Cruise and Emily Blunt (Full Metal B**ch) and it has an involving script aside of the spectacular action sequences. The first one in the movie is totally amazing. But the rest is as that good. The movie clearly develops in the action and the riveting pace. It offers what a great blockbuster should be and it reaches that superb goal.

Also Tom Cruise gives his best performance in so many time. Maybe, I'm not joking, this is his best performance ever. For the first time he is not doing an smiling hero. He is a coward. He is a scared and inexperienced soldier who has to learn to be more skillful (and to escape from his personal loop) every time he returns to the "same" day. And Cruise is wonderful in that role. You really don't recognize him. Forget his frequent smiling, his heroic or possible macho topics. This could be a new and groundbreaking role inside his career even if you are not a big fan of him (I'm not going as far as saying that this is his best movie or the most enjoyable one of all, but this movie could be one of his best ones too). And when a movie has a star doing his job properly and much better than expected, a great script and a riveting pace (the movie is never boring) the whole concept has the job done. And that's the case of EOT. Also the stellar performances from Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson are truly good.

In fact I'm glad that this one came after "Oblivion". That one was good, but this one is different and much better. Don't expect "Oblivion 2" or its same style because you will be wrong.

Please, trust me and go to the theater to enjoy this wonderful, original and surprising entertainment. It delivers much more than you could expect, delivers the best Cruise (in so many time that I personally think that this is Cruise at his best) and delivers a clever story with a good twist. Enjoy!
Hoped for a good movie .. got an amazing one instead (No Spoiler)10/10
After watching the trailer i was really hyped about the movie because of its theme and potential to be a really good movie. But on the other side i knew how bad the most potential good movies in the past ended up. I was scared that they screw it up and give us another Oblivion or Ilisium with much cgi-effects and bad story and no real story and/or characters.

So i took my girlfriend and went in the movie with mixed feelings. But then, right from the beginning, i knew this movie would be fantastic. The first minutes really hooked me and i found myself in a funny, filled with perfect action and intelligent movie. You had the feeling like you were directly in it and you really feel with Tom Cruise from the beginning to the end. I don't like Tom Cruise in general but this role just fits him. Nobody who sees this movie could deny this. From minute to minute i was more and more in this fantastic story and wanted to last forever. But eventually the movie ended and i was really satisfied with everything.

Two main characters who played perfectly, a fascinating story well told and really fast and good looking action made it for me the best movie i watched in a while (and i watch pretty much movies). Even though i don't like to recommend movies because of different tastes I really want to do this with this movie. The story is well told and there are no boring repeatings. Even my girlfriend who normally don't like movies with much action liked it a lot and added Emily Blunt to one of her favorite actresses of all time.

Oh well, 10/10
Witty and thrilling summer blockbuster with Tom Cruise in top form10/10
You could describe this movie as a dizzying combination of Groundhog Day, Starship Troopers, Source Code and The Butterfly Effect. Edge of Tomorrow borrows from these films and while some of the individual ideas may not therefore be groundbreakingly original, the way they're combined and put to use in Edge of Tomorrow by director Doug Liman certainly is. As aliens have invaded Earth, humanity's only hope lies in a cowardly PR officer Bill Cage (played by Tom Cruise) with no combat skills who is sent to the front lines. His only advantage? A save point, sort of. Are you excited yet? You should be. I don't want to tell you more specifics about the plot because it's best to experience and discover this great piece of work yourself.

You have to love Tom Cruise as an actor, he always gives his roles a 100 percent and he's phenomenal in Edge of Tomorrow - Physical, funny and determined. I'd say this is his best performance since Collateral. Emily Blunt is fantastically badass as the poster girl of the war, Rita Vrataski. This is her first real action film and she knocks it out of the park. Cruise and Blunt also have great chemistry together. Bill Paxton and Brandon Gleeson give great supporting performances and most of the supporting soldiers have distinct personalities even with their limited screen times.

Edge of Tomorrow's world building is slick and credible. The CGI and the special effects are seamless and bring the great set pieces and the relentless aliens to life. The action is really exhilarating (the cool exoskeleton suits definitely help here) and the script is very witty and inventive as it needs to be when you're dealing with time travel (or time resets if you will). Despite its action thrills Edge of Tomorrow finds plenty of room for character development both for Cruise and Blunt. The script also manages to pull off some quite funny scenes (especially in the training segment). I also have to mention James Herbert's snappy editing because it's that good. The the situations could get old really fast if it wasn't for the fast-paced editing that concisely and freshly shows the differences in each repetition Cruise goes through. The pacing is absolutely relentless and there isn't a boring moment in the film.

The tone of the film is pretty much perfect for a summer blockbuster. It's not overly morose or gloomy despite the backdrop of an alien invasion. Instead it opts for wit, fun and action thrills. I was really gripped from start to finish and I had this big grin on my face when I left the theater. I really liked the other recent blockbusters in Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past but Edge of Tomorrow surpasses them both. If only every summer blockbuster was such good fun.
This movie doesn't think you're an idiot.9/10
When I saw that Doug Liman was directing and McQuarrie penning, I was interested. I liked Liman's first Bourne film over Greengrass-directed nauseating shaky-cam sequels. McQuarrie is a wonderful screenwriter, and these two seemed like a perfect pair.

I got what I hoped: a movie that doesn't treat me like a 10-year old. "Edge of tomorrow" is smart, entertaining, exciting and fun. It's an original movie as well, not a sequel or a remake (although I hear it might be inspired by a novel or graphic novel).

Tom Cruise - who plays a slightly different character than usually - is good, he always brings his best. He cares about his projects and demands to do as much stunts as possible. His passion can be seen here too and he is again a joy to watch, but this isn't a movie for Cruise to carry. Liman and McQuarrie carry this movie with smart pacing, transitions and that certain magic good filmmakers seem to be able to harness at will.

Emily Blunt isn't a useless sidekick, but a strong and likable character. Not annoyingly strong on the surface like some feminist ball-busting fantasy, but a real character and deserves every minute of her screen time. Bill Paxton was fun to see as a hard-ass sergeant, and Brendan Gleeson was good as well - even though his screen time is limited. All the main actors work well together, if a scene is shared.

The movie flows in an interesting way and it likes to surprise you. I'm not talking about forced twists, I'm talking about that special situation where you don't know what happens next. I've missed that feeling. I didn't have to pretend to care about the movie, I was interested in every minute of it. This happens rarely. And when it ends, you're satisfied. No setting up sequels, no ambiguous crap, just a solid, fitting ending.

Unlike Cruise's last sci-fi film "Oblivion", this is definitely an action movie. At first glance it may look like a generic sci-fi action film - and granted, sometimes (suits, aliens) it does - but there's enough personality of its own. Action looks good and the camera doesn't shake around senselessly. Also, the action never goes into that overblown mode where your senses get tired and you just don't care anymore. Well done.

"Edge of tomorrow" is a thoroughly entertaining film. It's "just" a summer movie, but it's a smart, fun and exciting summer movie. You don't have to make excuses for its shortcomings to enjoy it. It's quality filmmaking and certainly a positive surprise.

9/10, will buy on blu-ray. I recommend this to everyone. Avoid as much spoilers as you can.