Aftermath (2012)

Action, Thriller
Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, William Baldwin, Andre Royo
Searching for a happy ending to a tale of unimaginable disaster and horror, nine strangers find themselves holed up together in a farmhouse cellar in rural Texas. The United States has ...
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It was just OK, didn't fully click with me5/10
The poster to the movie was far cooler than the movie itself.

It feels like the filmmakers allowed their love of Zombie films to influence the movie they made. The plot is about a nuclear holocaust that seem to come out of nowhere hitting on American soil and focuses on a handful of people who are dealing with the whole thing.

The cast of characters are all locked in a seller waiting for the radiation to clear up enough for them to surface. Like most small movies of it's caliber, the movie focuses mostly on the inner turmoil between the characters, who I did not find that interesting. This small crew also had to deal with others from the outside who minds have been altered do to what's happening on the surface.

Not much to the story but it did not need to be, but I my interest in the characters was lacking.
Horrible.....simply Horrible1/10
This movie makes "the attack of the killer tomatoes" seem like an Oscar winning movie anyone saying this is comparable to "the road" or that this is not a bad movie (because i've read the reviews here) is delusional. i've never written a review but for this movie i had too.

the cinematography was good,as well as the make up. but within the opening 5 minutes you knew this was low budget but getting past the opening scene where "hunter" (C.J. Thomason) is standing there listening to the radio broadcast about the impending war you just know this is going to be cheese. for a little while it seems watchable but around the 29:33 mark where Jonathan (Ross Britz) who plays a "nerd" (think the love child of screech from saved by the bell and Forrest Gump) when you blurt out a guffaw at the incredibly bad acting (facial expression and crossing of the eyes from a scene i would assume is supposed to be touching) as he care's to his "gran-unc" you know this movie is irredeemable....but i made it past that part. some other drama happens and well i quit at the 1:01:50 mark....i cite stupidity for my reason for quitting watching this tripe it's not worth watching....i don't even want to know how it ends

Eastlake Films,and LightWave Entertainment owe me $10. not for the purchase price of watching this, but for wasting an hour of my time,because making it a hour into this movie was work....and if i was watching movies and reviewing them for minimum wage thats what the cost would give me my $10
I loved it! This is a great movie!

So the nukes have dropped all over the world. The movie focuses on a group who hide in a basement and try to survive. Until the end there is not much more to it then that.

HOWEVER the acting is terrific. C.J. Thomason is incredible! Edward Furlong and Monica Keena are awesome too (for a change). The story and characterization really draws the viewer in and the direction is so claustrophobic and intense that you cant help but be moved by what happens.

I am a fan of the apocalyptic film so I really enjoyed it. I give it an 8
Incredibly well made...but awful.8/10
Tonight, I watched "Aftermath"--a tense and scary film about a small group hunkered down in a basement after a nuclear apocalypse. While it's a pretty good film, the film I expected to see was "Aftermath"--a film about a Polish-American man who is returning to Poland for a visit. Somehow, Netflix just released the film...the wrong film. I called them and they said that the company NEVER ordered the apocalyptic film...and others are apparently reporting that they, too, got this film instead! Well, I guess it was just meant to be that I saw the other film instead!

Both films were made in 2012--so I can understand the mix-up. The Aftermath I saw was directed by Peter Engert and stars a variety of talented but relatively unknown actors. This was a good thing, as the movie is about ordinary people and how they react to a nuclear war. Having Brad Pitt or Meryl Streep in the film might have been cool...but it wouldn't have worked with a picture like this.

When the movie, you learn that several nations have begun detonating nuclear weapons on each other. Exactly how and why isn't important-- what IS important is that somehow a chain reaction occurred and nations are now nuking each other! The film is set in rural Texas and even there they are impacted as soon bombs start detonating all around them. A young doctor, Brad (C.J. Thomason) is backpacking when the bombs start going off nearby--and he and a woman and her blinded brother rush to find supplies and shelter before the effects of the blasts kill them. Finding the supplies is amazingly easy as is a vehicle, but the shelter is another thing. Brad and his two new friends aren't sure if they'll ever find a basement or bomb shelter, as the first place they try results in Brad getting shot! He's going to survive but what about the next place they try? And, even if they find a shelter, what will happen when the folks that remain start to behave like they most certainly will.

If you are looking for a feel-good movie or a date film, then you need to keep looking. Not surprisingly, "Aftermath" is incredibly depressing and eventually looks a lot like a zombie movie in many ways. But that does not mean it's a bad film--and nuclear apocalypse, unless I am mistaken, SHOULD be incredibly depressing!! Christian McDonald's script is very intelligently written and SEEMS probable. While I am sure nuclear physicists and engineers would find lots of plot holes, it sure seemed real and kept my attention. I also appreciated it because it was a great look at human nature--at least for us pessimists who assume such a horrific event would be made even worse by many of the survivors and near-survivors.

In some ways, the film reminded me a bit of the classic film "On the Beach"--but without all the movie star cameos. In this 1959, the world also starts to slowly die because of a widespread nuclear exchange but too many of the characters seemed amazingly nice, decent and orderly in the face of certain death. I am not knocking it--it's a good film despite this. But it lacks the grittiness and ugliness you see in "Aftermath". Ugly, tense and awful--all good reasons to give this independent film a chance. However, also very good reasons NOT to watch this with your kids!! In fact, I really think it's perhaps too tense, depressing and bloody for many adults--but it STILL is a very good film because it never falls back on sentiment or cliches. It's worth a look...for the right viewers.
Do not watch1/10
We stuck it out on Sky Box Office.

Depressing acting, writing and a monotonous whirring noise in the background. Even the final action scenes were stilted by continuous freeze-motion captures. This works for NCIS every ten minutes but not in a movie every five seconds for a minute.

After twenty minutes, we no longer cared but watched it purely to see if anyone survived - there was little hope of it improving.

You never find out what happened to start the holocaust. You never found out how 24 litres of water lasts for a month for nine people. Or how one toilet bucket lasts ... But you cease caring.

After growing up with the threat of a nuclear holocaust, we were prepared to watch good acting. But there was none. Hunter was a powerful leader for the first thirty minutes, but after that seemed to lose interest.

Very disappointed.