Pure Country 2: The Gift (2010)

Drama, Music, Musical
Michael McKean, Bronson Pinchot, Cheech Marin, Jackie Welch
Three angels bestow the gift of song to a young girl, who must follow a series of rules in order hold on to it during her rise to fame and fortune.
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Heartwarming movie with great songs!8/10
Just watched this movie today, since it was recently on a movie channel over the weekend. It was family friendly and contained great country music! The plot was a bit predictable, but I teared up at the end and the movie had a great heartwarming message. I watched it with my 7 year old daughter and it was great that the movie reinforced the fact that lying, being unfair and breaking promises are all bad things to do in life. The lead actress has an Amazing voice and I am not quite sure why she isn't a huge country star--she should be! The one thing I agree with, is that the title is not quite right. It is nothing like Pure Country and calling it a sequel just isn't correct. I think if this movie was given a new title, than it would have been received more. All in all, a good family movie with great songs and good acting (in fact, I think the acting was better in this one than the original Pure Country). Enjoy!
NOT, Pure Country 25/10
**SPOILERS** I only watched this film because it was titled Pure Country 2. As a fan of the original Pure Country, this film is just sad! It had absolutely nothing to do with the the original film. While this is an OK film, please don't watch this thinking it will be another Pure Country. The only thing this film has in common with the first film is country music and George Strait has only 1 1/2 minutes in the film, even though IMDb has him listed as a main star of the film. Watch this film for what it is and not for what it is not, Pure Country 2. Also IMDb don't list people as first billed, when they have less the two minutes of screen time. George Strait: 1 1/2 minutes of screen time. Dean Cain: 45 Seconds of screen time.
Why is This Called Pure Country 2?5/10
Generally when you label a movie as a sequel (hence the "2" in the title) you set up the expectation that it will be a continuation or, at the very least, contain some of the characters from the original film. Since this movie bore no relation to the movie "Pure Country, I am at a loss to understand the title.

Yes, George Strait was in both movies. However, in the first he played a fictional country singer while in this sequel he played himself in a much smaller role. That is the only tie in. That being said, this movie could have easily had a different title and used a different well-known country singer without changing the plot.

Speaking of plot, this one was saccharine, corny and predictable. My husband sat through it with me and kept saying, "okay, now this will happen next." It was sad to see so much talent -- Michael McKean, Cheech Marin, Bronson Pinchot, even Dean Cain -- put to waste.

Katrina Elam has a great voice and I enjoyed some of the songs. However, unless you want your teeth to fall out from all the sugar or you're looking for something to put you to sleep at 3 am, avoid this movie.
My 367th Review: Beyond schmaltzy - even Country fans are going to see through this hokum2/10
The original Pure Country is a fun sentimental romantic movie with some great honky tonk and ballads - not so this new version. It has a low budget Heaven Can Wait meets new country vibe that is pretty darn awful.

The plot is the first fault with angels and a gift of voice that is beyond corny in its representation, the second fault is the corn does grow as high as an elephant's eye - we just get all the country cliches and though the original has some heart, this has only saccharine - and almost comes across as,(take a deep breath), fake. Nearly anyways.

All in all, I was kind of looking forward to this; the original is actually pretty moving and with its "A Star is Born" plot moves along nicely - this sequel is just a mess.

I'm loathed to say it, but maybe you should give yourself the real gift this one time and give this a miss....
Uplifting, good music6/10
I stumbled across this movie on HBO. I don't normally listen to country music, but I really liked Katrina Elam's singing, plus she's great to look at. Her acting is decent, plus she had some similarities to Bobbie Thomas, having gone to Nashville to make it in country music. The plot held my interest, kind of corny but uplifting. Bobbie falls for a rodeo cowboy, but the movie is so wholesome they don't even kiss. The three angels added a light hearted element to the movie, and country fans will like seeing George Strait's brief appearances, although fans of the first Pure Country will be disappointed that this movie isn't a continuation of the original. All in all, a good movie for families, Christians, country music fans.