Aloha (2015)

Comedy, Drama, Romance
Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray
A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and reconnects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watch-dog assigned to him.
Meandering and insubstantial, Aloha finds writer-director Cameron Crowe at his most sentimental and least compelling.
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I Want To Have Romance With All These Women.I wish they were lesbians.10/10
Aloha is a Great Comedy and Romance with irresistible women and great acting.

Aloha movie tells the story of a shameful military defense contractor (Bradley Cooper) who is rehired by an old boss to supervise the launch of a weapons satellite in Hawaii. Upon his arrival he reconnects with an old love (Rachel McAdams) but finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to an Air Force pilot (Emma Stone) assigned to watch over him.

If you are looking for a perfect Romantic Comedy and if you love sexy women,see Aloha.
This isn't really a rom-com9/10
This isn't really a rom-com. It's the story of a broken man trying to pick up the pieces after a contractor-deployment injury left him 18 broken bones; there's a line in the plane in the first few minutes that indicate he might have lost more, which changes the entire story and nature of possible romantic encounters. Romantic attachment is part of the story but it's way more serious than rom-com. The kind of comedy isn't as light as the "com" in "rom- com" either.

It's a strong film with a light mystical side to it, courtesy of a magical child-character and Emma Stone's character.

Peripherally it sheds light on the privatization of the military, and gives the viewer in inside view of Air Force culture in a place cut off from the mainland.

The acting is solid, the plot is inextricable from the setting, and there is a pretty clear plot.
Feel Good Movie10/10
It is not often that I see a movie that leaves me feeling good, but this one did. The characters were likable people. The relationships between the characters were interesting. The plot was simple and sweet. It is a romantic comedy, so it's easy to see how things are going to turn out, but the ending was still a pleasant surprise. There are plenty of things throughout the movie that made me laugh.

I love the cast. Bill Murray is an all time favorite. Rachael McAdams is adorable as always. John Krazinski is handsome and silently funny. Emma Stone is beautiful and goofy. Bradley Cooper is hot and complicated. What more could you want in a romantic comedy?
Ignore the media on this one9/10
As a film maker and former film school professor, I have a lot of my students as friends on Facebook. Many of them, most notably ones of Asian descent, came out full of vitriol and condemnation of this film, many of them before they had even seen it, as did a lot of the popular media.

IGNORE THEM! This is Cameron Crowe back in form. The film in no way disrespects Hawaiian culture or ignores its aboriginal and Asian populations, in fact it celebrates them. Emma Stone as a character named Allison Ng ("My dad was half Chinese and half Hawaiian... so I'm 1/4 Hawaiian") had to be played by a white actress in that she is referencing exactly that desire of some white people to pawn themselves off as ethic. She does it marvelously.

In fact the whole cast is amazing, with a script that absolutely sparkles, especially in its frequent nods to non-verbal communication. The last, most moving and completely wordless scene is worth the price of admission. Danielle Rose Russell's performance in this scene is breathtaking, and she is completely luminous through out, even though she has only a handful of lines.

Others with only handfuls of lines who make the film really shine are John Krazinski, Bill Murray and Alex Baldwin. The three leads are all amazing, with Stone a little over the top (tho appropriate for her character) and I think this is as good a work as Rachel McAdams has ever done.

I have to admit that the plotting of the whole military contractor subplot had a few too many little deus ex machina bows tied around it, but it was all maguffin for the beautiful insights into human heart and its connections anyway. And not nearly as preposterous as the embarrassing Elizabethtown.

I put a lot of store in IMDb ratings, and I have never seen them as far off the mark as they are with this film. I am a progressive, and expect cultural respect from Hollywood, but this may be another sad case of the hidden ability for random accusations of political incorrectness to cow the media.
Aloha is a Hit Worthy of the Writer/Director of Say Anything9/10
Cameron Crowe's authentic voice and epic lack of cynicism is as refreshing in Aloha as it was in his cult classic Say Anything. That this masterpiece of the emotional journey of life and love is panned by critics is a testament to how jaded, broken, cynical and pathologically narcissistic the gatekeepers of taste and political correctness have become. Emma Stone was a brilliant casting decision, and she delivered with all the energy, enthusiasm, and intensity of a roman candle, a perfect counterpoint to Cooper's darkness. She illuminates him, and by the end of the movie he finally sees himself, his life, and her in the fullness of that light. For folks whining that Stone didn't look Asian I submit that we are all mutts in this country and there are many, many people whose ethnic heritage doesn't register visually. What Stone brought to the role should be evidence enough of the brilliance of her casting. Anyone who saw Crazy Stupid Love would see this as a no-brainer. Emma Stone, hands down. The chemistry with Cooper was perfect, and Cooper is emerging as THE leading man in the very best of contemporary cinema. Rachel McAdams and John Krasinski were an amazing duo of supporting actors. Krasinski's solid performance as an emotive but speechless husband was another real treat. Stellar comedy cameos from Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, and Danny McBride. IGNORE THE CRITICS, this is a GREAT FILM !!!