Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Crime, Drama, Thriller
Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Bibb, Colm Meaney
A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.
Unnecessarily violent and unflinchingly absurd, Law Abiding Citizen is plagued by subpar acting and a story that defies reason.
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  • 16 Oct 2009 Released:
  • 16 Feb 2010 DVD Release:
  • $73.3M Box office:

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LOL worst ending to a movie that had the potential to be as good as Taken1/10
LOL so I went to this movie expecting 2-ish hours of non-stop righteous anger and awesomeness a la "Taken"... the movie built up pretty well with some flaws (why does he need to mysteriously need to escape from the cell and be his own accomplice?). And ended in probably the worst way I could possibly imagine. If I wanted to come up with the ultimate Hollywood BS ending, I could not have thought of what they pulled out of their *** myself. At some point the movie makes the conversion where Gerard Butler goes from good guy to bad, and Jamie Fox becomes the good guy... I definitely did not follow. Why would I want to see a movie where the morally bankrupt lawyer wins!? LOL that's so terrible it's worse than laughable; it's worth about 5 mins of laughing and 15 mins of ranting outside the theater after the movie ends (which I did btw). In a situation where the protagonists' wife and 10-year old daughter are raped and murdered, the entire system deserves to be brought down. If I go to a movie where the system screws over the little guy and that little guy comes back to dish out real justice, I absolutely, positively DO NOT want to see the "system" win in the end, regardless of any Hollywood-ed glossed over change of heart the corrupt lawyer might happen to have. I'd give it about an 8.5-9.0 until the last 15 minutes where it rapidly plummets to a 1.0 at best. Worst. Ending. Ever.
Great Movie just don't watch the end.8/10
I didn't have high expectations for this movie and only went because my friend made me. That being said I loved it. I actually wanted to applaud and cheer at one point and I never do that. Clyde now ranks as on of my favorite characters ever. Now for the bad part. Jamie Foxx was horrible!!!!!!! I don't understand why directors and casting directors like to put bad actors against good actors. It seems to be an ever increasing trend in Hollywood. we saw it in "the Italian job" and we see it here. Jamie's acting was the worst I had seen in a long time. He showed no emotion at all. I would have liked to see a better actor cast but hey who am I? Also, listen up producers, the ending was ridiculous!!!! I mean come on. you build this character up only for a huge let down. That was by far one of the most irresponsible endings to a movie I have ever had the misfortune to see. When I tell people to see this I am recommending that they leave at a specific point about 15min before it's over and imagine your own ending because no matter what it will be better. Endings like that is the reason people watch independent films. This movie could have been an all time classic but for Jamie Foxx and the writer's lazy ending. It still may because I loved most of it. I pray someday producers figure out that we want something a little different and allow things to end the right way, the responsible way for their viewers.

Thank you,
Did the director fail to see the irony.3/10
OK so the premise of the ending is that, although the justice system is flawed, you cant just kill people to get your own justice and you are becoming what you hate and it will lead to your demise. So how does the director explain then that Foxx, the supposed good guy of the film, instead of using the justice system he represents to hold Butler accountable for his crimes, does instead just murder him in his cell. How does that make him any different to Butler. But Foxx murdering someone is apparently OK and he goes on to have a happy life watching his daughter play the cello. Murdering someone because they are murdering because of the murder of other people. Irony anyone.

Its a real shame but the stupidity and lack of bravery in giving the film the ending it deserved just ruined it.
Great Idea, Poor Ending7/10
This is a great idea. A technical genius who is somehow able to commit revenge murders from his jail cell. He doesn't hide the fact he's a killer; in fact he announces each murder just before it happens.

Technically everything was possible and the method very cleverly hidden so I was kept in suspense until the last 20 minutes when the cat was let out of the bag too early. The ending is a let down. It's true Hollywood: Technically improbable, illogical, and in my opinion it spoils all the character development made until that point and wastes the opportunity for a much darker ending with a more satisfying outcome.

All that said I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone not disturbed by moderate violence. Go see it!
Great Start, Sagging Middle, Bad Ending6/10
The movie was not unlike other movies where you see the good guy go rogue after rough handling by "the system". But I really liked the development of the characters in the beginning, and I am sure I am not the only one out there hoping that the "Law Abiding Citizen" would be able to pull it off.

Then came the middle where plot points become strained, where we have to take a few leaps of faith and leave the world of genius for one of Hollywood. OK, I'm still there, taking the ride with you.

But then we get to the ending which destroys the film and makes it into brain pablum; mental oatmeal that anyone can digest but no one can get any flavor from. Mr. Genius buys several industrial areas -- but why? Only 2 seemed to be necessary for the plot. And why would Panama know the purchase prices? And down to the cent! Corporations don't need to share that information with foreign governments. Nix that link and this movie would have been more interesting. We're expected to believe a genius would leave the cleaning cart in obvious view in the hallway and right next to the area where he put the bomb? We're expected to believe the genius wouldn't have trapped his escape route. And we're expected to believe they transferred this bomb from Point A to Point B without setting it off and in record time, all while Foxx waits in the cell, and Scotty Junior brings up the rear, unseen and unheard.

I wanted Foxx's arrogant character to lose his daughter, to feel what this man went through, and then I wanted him to get away with it.

Anyone agree?