Lottery Ticket (2010)

Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughton, Loretta Devine
Kevin Carson is a young man living in the projects who has to survive a three-day weekend after his opportunistic neighbors find out he's holding a winning lottery ticket worth $370 million.
There's a worthwhile message at the heart of Lottery Ticket, but it's buried under stale humor, tired stereotypes, and obvious clich?s.
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Very good movie8/10
3.6 rating? Must be my white brethren. The movie, as a morality tale, clearly makes the cut. Even though nefarious characters lend a hand, the overall message is still pretty clear: You need the community to see you through. Who's going to help you through the greed and missteps of your neighborhood.. Opie?? Sure, there were some things that were unrealistic (oh, gimme a break scenes). But the film still entertained, and communicated the eternal truth: that winning the lottery doesn't change you, it changes the people around you. Ice Cube was great, as was the entire cast. Hats off to the director, actors, and writer of this film.
Meh attempt at trying to recreate Friday5/10
Bow Wow has proved time and time again to be a charming performer from movies like Johnson Family Vacation to a starring role in Like Mike. In Lottery Ticket, he proves it again, playing Kevin, a foot locker employee who wins the lottery much to the surprise (and delight) of the whole town. That said, Lottery Ticket is a hit (and mostly) miss attempt at trying to make Friday for a new generation. The cast including Loretta Divine, Mike Epps, Brandon T. Jackson, Terry Crews, Keith David and Ice Cube is so charming that it's disappointing that this film doesn't perform the magic it should. There's some moments of really sharp humor in this film, and you will laugh for about 30% of this film, but 30% of a film compared to a $10 ticket just doesn't balance out. The film especially loses edge when it gets cloyingly and unnecessarily sappy and sentimental. That said, these moments of sharp humor made me not completely hate the film. It has those moments where I realized this could have been a very funny film and I respect that. See it if you were planning to see it, but if you weren't there's really no reason to see it.
Lottery Ticket5/10
In 1995 Shad '(Lil)Bow Wow' Moss had an uncredited roll in Snoop Dogg's Murder Was the Case: The Movie straight-to-video short film. Since then Bow Wow has been in movies such as Like Mike (2002), Roll Bounce (2005), and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

Bow Wow has never really established himself as an actor like some other rappers (ex. Will Smith), which is not to say he never will, but in this particular movie, he doesn't offer anything different than he does in his other movies. But in this movie he's good, he is exactly what his character needs to be.

Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder) is good, he has some funny lines.

But this movie isn't a Friday rip-off or anything like that. It's more about the choices Bow Wow makes after he realizes he wins the lottery. And the choices he makes are pretty interesting.

I recommend this movie for someone who doesn't mind turning off his brain and just watching a movie.
Not a winning ticket5/10
Lottery Ticket is not much of a winner either as comedy or caper. It's predictable as Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) wins $370 million in the Lotto and for a three-day holiday weekend must escape trumped up traps from people who want the ticket, his sperm, or his generosity.

Bow Wow's is a passive, reactive role, where his exuberant, rapper persona seems on hold in favor of being just neutralized by the circumstances. He appears to be a nice kid from the projects caught in a wealth vortex with nothing going for him, not even strong convictions about what he'll do with the windfall.

As the film's hero, he doesn't have the depth to make us care. From what I've heard about his circus-like celebrity life, this film could serve as a metaphor but lack the manic madness of his reality. Director Kevin White keeps the projects feel to the location, albeit at times romantic when people have joyful conversation, clothes and colors are clean and bright, and barely any garbage can be seen. The production looks more like the sanitized Tyler Perry films than Spike Lee's neo-realism.

Similarly, Lottery Ticket can't seem to make up its mind if it wants to be benign or brutal. The scenes with relatives and friends are full of good banter, but on the street with goons it can be bloody tough. The church service is an example of the bi-polar production: It opens with spot-on satire of a goofy, out-there pastor and ends with dark visitors upsetting the service.

I had hoped for a more imaginative script, something beyond the street vernacular, with a plot not so linear and cliched. As for Bow Wow—Boo Hoo.
Just obnoxious and stupid...But not that terrible5/10
Now this is far from being a good movie, but I find the score people are giving it is a bit harsh...sort of. I mean yeah if you seen the trailer to this movie, you basically seen the whole movie. But watching how it gets to those points was kinda fun to watch, although most of the obnoxious characters just really started to get annoying. And the stupidity of some of the characters got really annoying, I mean at first I decided to just go with it, but the stupidity was just too much at times. I will say the main highlight of this film was Terry Crews, love that guy in just about any movie he is in. Rental at best, if your in your teens and with a group of friends it's okay as well. Not as terrible as I thought it would be.