Made of Honor (2008)

Comedy, Romance
Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin McKidd, Kadeem Hardison
A guy in love with an engaged woman tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor.
Sharp performances by Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan can't save this forgettable, formulaic chick flick from its comic failings.
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Waiting Out "Made of Honor"7/10
Okay, after 10 minutes of "Made of Honor" it is crystal clear that best friends Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) are madly in love with each other, and should be together. Tom and Hannah are beautiful and good people, but apparently not smart enough to figure this out now. So we have to wait it out for the next couple hours. Yes, this is formulaic romantic comedy, and taxing one's patience. Further complicating our pain, the fleet of writers—Adam Sztykiel, Deborah Kaplan, and Harry Elfont, depict Tom and Hannah literally on paper as smart, charming, and engaging, except for this glaring blind spot. However, despite the narrative devices and clumsy direction from Paul Weiland, I was enrolled by a scene with Michelle Monaghan. As Hannah, Monaghan looks wistfully at photos of her and Tom on her cell phone. She resonates with a sense of sadness and regret. Later Dempsey as the clued in Tom implores Hannah, "Please don't marry him…"

A lot of "Made of Honor" is over wrought and contrived; however, Dempsey and Monaghan's charm make you wait it out. Dempsey is the handsome engaging player lug-head, who underneath it all has a good heart. Michelle Monaghan is radiantly beautiful, funny, and smart. She is a younger Sandra Bullock. Monaghan is humorously vulnerable as Hannah, who is smart in settling for a relationship, because she fears she can't have what she really deserves. Monaghan is amazing.

We find that Tom and Hannah (Dempsey and Monaghan) became best friends as a result of Tom's college high jinx. Today Tom is very wealthy as a result of an idea he had for a cup holder sleeve. Hannah is the passionate art curator for the museum. Tom and Hannah are best friends with killer chemistry. Hannah is Tom's go to date for his father Thomas Sr.'s (funny Sydney Pollack) numerous weddings. The count is up to 6. Even Thomas jokes to Tom, if Tom doesn't marry Hannah, he'll make her number 7. Hannah, being Tom's tolerant and patient best bud accepts Tom's one night stands with hot women. She is even versed in his rules for sleeping with the same woman on consecutive nights. Tom also has his buddies, including solid Felix (Kadeem Hardison), with whom he plays basketball. Tom seems to have the perfect life. Then following Tom's father's wedding reception, Hannah tells Tom that she has to go to Scotland for 6 weeks on business. Tom facetiously says, "What am I going to do without you?"

During her absence, Tom starts to get a clue about Hannah-- being the one. So he decides to tell Hannah, that they should be together when she returns. However, Hannah returns with great news: She has fallen in love and is getting married in 2 weeks in Scotland. The guy is Colin (dashing and charming Kevin McKidd), who is a Scottish Duke and apparently the perfect guy. Really. Tom and his crew later get a glimpse of this at a ridiculous pick up basketball game experience. Anyway, Hannah asks Tom to be her Maid of Honor. Tom accepts. His bud Felix reminds him that he can "steal the bride" from inside the wedding. Predictably the rest of the Brides Maids are annoyed with Tom, particularly Maid of Honor runner-up cousin Melissa (angry Busy Philipps), who Tom slept with once.

For the most part "Made of Honor" is by the numbers romantic comedy. It does manage a touching turn, because we really want to know why Hannah ends up choosing Colin. It is transparent to us that Colin is the perfect guy, but he is not the perfect guy for Hannah. Fortunately, Dempsey and Monaghan's charm and chemistry for the most part wins over "Maid of Honor". Sydney Pollack provides welcome comic relief and staid fatherly advice. Kathleen Quilan is great in the supporting role of Hannah's mother Joan. Too bad she doesn't have a bigger role. But she has a moving moment with Monaghan as Mom talks about Hannah's late father.

"Made of Honor" is enjoyable for what it is: cookie cutter romantic comedy. We can suspend our disbelief, because Dempsey and Monaghan are great together.
Same plot, different cover3/10
I have stated before how much I hate romantic comedies, at least the one's that are the same concept over and over again, just different actors, but I had a chance to see Made of Honor for free today and I figured, why not? I mean, the thing is that you really have to give movies a chance, sometimes, you never know, your doubts are put behind you and you find yourself enjoying the movie. I mean, I love Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan, both great actors and are a lot of fun to watch on screen. So together it seemed like this movie might have stood a chance, but unfortunately once again, this is the exact same movie that we've seen five million times. I know that to people who haven't seen the romantic comedy genre, this is new, but Hollywood is just running out of idea's sadly. This story is no different from any other romantic comedy we've seen.

Tom and Hannah have been best friends since college, Tom is the player who has had every girl, except Hannah. She has feelings for him, but hides it and he doesn't notice, but when she goes to Scotland for work, he realizes how much she means to him out of no where. Hannah comes back, but she's got a new thing going on, she's engaged, and Tom's plan to tell her how he feels is now ruined when she asks him to be her maid of honor. But Tom figures that he has a good chance to point out that she doesn't know her fiancee that well and that her and Tom "truely" belong together.

The thing is, you can predict every moment before you know it's going to happen, it's sad when you could write a similar script, and just put different actors in it, there is a good chance that people will fall for it, at least it's good to have that kind of chance at making money. Made of Honor isn't the most horrible movie by any means, it had good intentions, but I would recommend if you really want to see it, just wait for the rental. As cute as Patrick and Michelle are, the chemistry is off and the script is just amateur. You've seen this movie five million times, believe me if you're into the romantic comedy genre.

Deep Six this Movie...5/10
Sometimes I'm literally amazed at the load of horse dung that comes out of Hollywood. This movie is no exception. This was clearly a formula movie, something produced to generate revenue and nothing else. I'm guessing someone in Hollywood was sitting around, trying to come up with new angles on old spins, and they blurted out, "Let's make a man the Made of Honor." Then they wrote a dry, bland, done a thousand times before script. The sad thing is, people actually pay to go see this stuff. Don't waste your time.

The acting is ho hum. The storyline is a mirror of so many other stories. And the overall intelligence of the characters and their life path decisions is insulting. And the ending…well, it's pure fantasy. Something only school girls' dream of. Which is probably the target audience for this movie.

When I watch movies like this, and yes, unfortunately, sometimes I do, it makes me wish they would have just donated the money to the homeless or the starving. It would have been money better spent. If you're going to watch this movie, get ready to do some serious snoozing. And maybe some "dejavuing" too. I give it a D. And that was being nice.
A romantic comedy with a guy's perspective7/10
I have to start by saying that I am not a huge fan of "chick flicks" but I actually really liked this one! I thought this had a lot of humor and it wasn't really cheesy humor, it was actually funny.

I saw this at a screening for theater managers and at first I wasn't even going to go. I wasn't expecting much from it, it just looked like another rip off of a hundred other romantic comedies. I was very surprised that that I liked it the entire way through and it kept my interest the whole time! Although I enjoyed the movie, it was not an original idea. The one thing I did really enjoy about it was that this wasn't a sad girl trying to get the guy like many other movies like this are, it was shown through the guy's perspective which isn't quite as over done.

I won't give out any details you don't already see in the trailer for the movie: Patrick Dempsy's character is great with women and his best friend is a successful intelligent woman. She goes to Scotland on business and Patrick's character realizes he has actually fallen in love with her now that shes gone. She comes back and he is ready to profess his love but there's one problem: she met someone else and is getting married! So now he is her "maid of honor" and has to try and stop the wedding. Like I said, not really an original idea but it is MUCH funnier and more interesting than most of the romantic comedies I have seen. Especially with him being maid of honor, its really hilarious.

If you are looking for an original movie that hasn't been done before then this is not for you. But if you enjoy romantic comedies and want a good laugh this one is definitely worth seeing. I watched it in a group of about half and half for men and woman and 90% of the people I talked to enjoyed it. I would see it again and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you don't like "chick flicks"!
this movie was so awesome1/10
man, i really enjoyed this movie, but then i tend to enjoy movies where actors phone in their performances. have you ever seen anyone look as bored as sydney pollack? how 'bout the scene where he repeatedly calls bogart a "pussy." such energy. you can tell he really wanted to say those lines.

also, i like how the way they get you to sympathize with tom is by showing him petting dogs. oh, you missed it the first time? don't worry, they use the same scene about fifty times throughout the course of the movie. it warmed my icey heart.

i also liked the relationship tom had with his male friends. being a man, i felt it was an incredibly realistic portrayal of male bonding and the kinds of friendships i have with guys. again, totally believable. it honestly felt as though all the male characters were actually ONE CHARACTER with their dialogue divided into four different speaking roles. because they all had exactly the same personality.

how 'bout that one guy, dennis? man, he is such a dude. such a stone-cold, rugged, savage dude. "i'm gonna go to a strip club and eat some meat, then get into a fight." way to tell it to 'em, dennis.

i also like how after tom and hannah got into a fight, all was resolved 24 hours later and they never mentioned it again. yep.

i think sydney pollack summed up this movie with one word (culled from the aforementioned, destined-to-be-a-classic "pussy" scene): "crap." but say it with extremely low energy, 'cause that's all this movie deserves.