Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Emma Stone, Michael Douglas
A bachelor is haunted by the ghosts of his past girlfriends at his younger brother's wedding.
A retread of A Christmas Carol, featuring Matthew McConaughey in a retread of his Dazed and Confused role, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past lacks originality, humor, and any semblance of charm.
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  • 01 May 2009 Released:
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It has moments but once you know the premise you could write this yourself4/10
Lothario photographer goes to attend his brothers wedding. In the course of the evening he manages to ruin the up coming nuptials. That night as he tries to sleep he's visited by various ghosts who effectively show him, ala Scrooge, the error of his ways and the true love of his life. Unoriginal romantic comedy stars Matthew McConaughey who gives it his best shot but its not quite enough. The problem is that once you know the premise you can pretty much write the rest yourself. Okay you may not have come up with Michael Douglas as one of the ghosts Uncle Wayne (based on Robert Evans?), but you could probably come up with the rest. Its not bad but I couldn't believe that anyone would pay to see it. (Admittedly I wandered in from one theater to another when the movie I paid for proved to be a bust, so I can say I split the cost, but even then I feel a little cheated.) I will say in the films defense that the speech about why the wedding should go on is a great piece of writing. Its a wonderful romantic piece on why we should not run away from love, its probably the best thing in it, and one wishes that more of the film had been up to that level (a couple of other bits are almost that good but they are fleeting). The film has left me wondering about Jennifer Garner. Her role is unremarkable and she has no real presence. Yes she is adequate but there is no star quality. Is it the role? Is it her? I don't know. I'm left to ponder why she's a star. As for the movie, if you like this sort of thing give it a shot, though I'd wait for cable.
I really enjoyed it!7/10
I payed my money and saw this movie expecting a laugh and to leave with a smile on my face. I wasn't expecting Oscar acting, a great storyline or something that would leave a lasting impression on me.

The performances were good, I especially enjoyed Michael Douglas's glam OTT character. The main actors also impressed and I was drawn into their romance as the film went on. So much so that I shed a little tear at the end.

When I left the cinema I was smiling and during the movie I laughed out loud along

with many other people. I got what I paid for and had a good night.
Nont quite rom-com5/10
For a rom-com, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is as dramatic as it could be, more Dickens than Apatow. Matthew McConaughey as womanizer Connor Mead is type cast as a rake waiting to be changed into a loving human being, The plot with returning dead lovers to teach him a lesson about having feelings is not quite as exotic as it sounds, for it is a device mainly to show him as a callow youth squiring and losing the love of his life, Jenny Perotti (Jennifer Garner). The drama is the disaster he makes of his brother's wedding and the tears he witnesses from the women he has seduced and left.

Since we all know enjoying casual sex is a no-no for descendants of Puritans, the outcome of the ghostly apparitions' lessons is secure in cliche land. Following the party line about scoundrels getting what they deserve is ghost of Uncle Wayne, a sort of Gordon Gekko gone good, an oily ex-Lothario played with relish by another spot-on bit of casting, Michael Douglas. His flowing hair and Hollywood-tinted big glasses call to mind producer Robert Evans (The Kid Stays in the Picture). Although Uncle Wayne is a recovered womanizer, at least for now, his speeches about loneliness and broken hearts ring true only for the moment, but long enough to affect the hero.

It's an enjoyable film with a smart cast, a preposterous story but a serious message about true love and selflessness. Not quite a romantic comedy, but very close indeed.
Not that bad!8/10
Seriously what did you really expect from this movie its a romantic comedy! I'm so angry because everyone destroys this movie for no reason. I'm no big fan of McConaughey but in this movie i really felt he was himself the big lady charmer. Garner was absolutely fantastic she was awesome and beautiful. Now what i think about the movie. This was an enjoyable funny movie, not an academy award film but certainly a movie to watch. You don't need to be a big fan of Mattew McConaughey to see this movie, but it would helps. Little to no surprises in the plot, but then who ever sees romantic comedy for the plot? I had some good laugh. These two have great chemistry and are just amazing to watch. As the story unfolds you will laugh and cry at the brilliance of such an amazing storyline. A must see!!
I liked the movie8/10
The film started out a little slowly but began to move well. I thought that there was really good chemistry between the two main characters. I liked the film for its well conveyed message about commitment and what it means to care for people. In order to receive you need to give and vice versa. The film used Dickens as a clever vehicle for its plot and it worked for me anyway. I am not saying the film is a classic but it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours and I definitely would recommend it to people I know. I thought that the acting was terrific and the characters were well developed. I think the film is definitely worth seeing.